Traffic Light Eating on your next shopping trip.

Hi everyone. I’m Rodney with the PATIENTS Program and here with Amy Abell my health coach for today and we’re gonna talk
about how to eat healthy how to shop healthy using the traffic light system?
Yes. Traffic Light Eating when you think of a
traffic light you’ve got green yellow red. Green means veggies go. All fruits
and vegetables are in our green light system we can eat as many of them as we
want. Broccoli high in nutrients it’s so good at helping us fight disease helping
us fight a lot of cancer and so many different uses. I love a good grapefruit.
Great breakfast alternative get up in the morning slice and a half. When we are
looking at our yellow light foods we just want to slow down meaning watch our
portion size. Show me your fits right now you can see
your fist is bigger than my fist cuz you’re a bigger dude than I am right so
you need to eat more food than I do. Where does this fall Black Eyed Peas?
This is a yellow light category so again with your yellow light foods
need them every day this one has a smaller portions. In moderation. They’re red
light boots cuz you want to stop. Oh yeah here we go
I already know this is a red Isle. Okay, good. Just go ahead and tell me why
shouldn’t be here. If you’ll remember those are high in calories but low in
nutrients they’re not gonna get us to that fighting disease giving us more
energy levels giving us that mental clarity. But sometimes we still want to enjoy these
foods. In moderation. Right so that’s why it’s a red light
we’re gonna stop okay and we’re gonna think do I need to make a better choice
or do I just need to change the portion When we move into the meats we are
talking about yellow light foods but they’re still healthy to eat every day
we just want to watch what? Moderation. Here are some boneless skinless breasts. Boneless skinless thighs. If someone else has done the work for you
that’s gonna jack up the price. I love a good grilled burger. This is a place where
it really for your health. Health purposes, yes. It really makes sense to spend
a little bit more. What’s awesome about frozen vegetables they still satisfy our
green light foods but having your frozen veggies, Is great to keep on handy. Do you learn something today? Green
yellow red go slow down stop. if we’re gonna focus on fighting disease if we’re
going to reduce our blood pressure if we’re gonna help prevent diabetes or
manage our diabetes.We can do it using the Traffic Light Eating System

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