hey guys it’s ANCA I still have a big forehead my eyes are down here welcome back to another round of trendy versus traditional I will be representing trendy I will be making a very traditional dish you read all of your comments read all of them and there is a lot of weird stuff in there one of the comments that we kept on seeing was I love burgers I have also never made a burger in my life that traditional might take this one I have some big ideas today that I will try and make happen I take back what I said about being confident you are cooking first good luck Thanks have a great time cooking a nice burger I can’t wait to try it okay so burgers I think I could have taken this in a lot of different directions but what really caught my eye was the ramen burger it was actually really popular a while back it became this huge phenomenon I love ramen and I love burger so ramen burger together as one just seems like a really cool idea I will at least try to make it taste as good as possible welcome to traditional burger land there’s not gonna be a lot of wild stuff going on we’re just making a burger simplicity is key here this is a table full of boringness but when they all come together something really special we should probably make the bun this is actually the ramen that the og ramen burger master uses folks let’s start with buns to start we’re gonna toast the buns trying to loosen it up a little bit we’re actually gonna keep it undercooked because we have to pan fry them later maybe 30 seconds would be enough Oh 30 that pan is heating up a little bit I don’t think we need any fats in there we’re just toasting that but once we take these out we’re gonna cut them in this mold right away no eggs or anything but I don’t want it to be too custardy instead this oops hold on 30 seconds take it out the starchiness of the noodles itself will actually help it clump together before you even start to come for me in the comments the produce is washed delete the comment that you have typed out this is washed we’re not going to show it on camera enough so we’re just gonna peel off a couple it’s not washed go ahead and retype it in give me five seconds I’m a joke here are the half cook nudes goodness their nudes the here are the half cooked noodles gonna put half of this in here to shape our first bun and see that it’s kind of sticky that’s good that’s the starch she’s got the lettuce washed I like the taste of the sticker I’m really falling apart here guys we’re gonna go ahead and save that sticker for later that’s the first one fold this together in saran wrap like this and then do the same thing I’m gonna wash this on camera cuz not gonna be taken for a fool anymore as I’m prepping the toppings here I think a big part of burgers but really any like sandwich vessel in particular our ratios you don’t only take a bite of a tomato you want to take a bite of a burger and all its friends so that’s what I’m gonna aim for here today it’s just like little thin pieces once you put it in here you need to find something to really press it down I’m using my hands right now but I’m gonna find something to put on top of this by the way can we talk about the button real good-looking toast on there you want it to stand up to the juice so we’ve got some pretty good juice defense here I happen to have a pickle jar that I stole from Chris I’ll return it to Chris later but sort of like that so it can help form that shape and then we’re now gonna put this in the refrigerator we’re gonna toss some bacon in that’s also going on the burger we don’t need a ton of Bacon’s isn’t a bacon sandwich Wow the noodles are chilling in the fridge there’s a couple more things we could work on like toppings and sauce caramelized onions could be a good touch because that’s actually what the original ramen burger does all I have to do is chop up this onion so I think anything with bacon on it will win bacon is just a delicious treat and when you slap it on to another delicious tree we’re talking success tell me so quiet you’ll notice there’s three pieces of bacon in here two for the burger one for the boy I need sustenance to get through this for oil in there ah I love this sound I guess we’ll cut in trunnion – we’re gonna keep it pretty true – like a burger you would order at a restaurant just like a couple couple hoops buffalo onion hoops a really time-consuming process but I promise it will be worth it Oh get this like caramel color this sort of like jam light consistency which I’m thinking we’ll be mixing in with the sauce that we’ll be meeting later the only thing worse than limp bacon is dirty lettuce and I’ve already done one of those things today and I will not do another I made a mess already but that’s important when you’re cooking it traditionally everything’s a mess it means you’re doing it right I’m gonna pull two of these guys out but I’m on a paper towel to get some of that grease off this is going to take a long while we don’t actually have enough power in this studio to have two stovetops going at the same time I am going to bring this into the other kitchen and try to cook it there the bacon grease that is in this pan is going to be our fat when we cook the burger is in the cast-iron skillet and I’m really excited for it let’s work on the sauce the sauce I’ll be making is actually sort of like a tar a which is the glaze or the dipping sauce that they usually offer it like Japanese barbecue there’s a couple of things that go in there this liquid is a combination of kombu and bonito flakes which is just seaweed and some fish flakes that’s kind of the broth that I made earlier on I’m gonna pour a little bit of that in there to give it some flavor soy sauce sake sweet cooking wine sure because you want it to be sweeter garlic and ginger there we go give that a good mix we are actually gonna let this slowly simmer until it becomes slightly stickier and slightly thicker we’ve got some toppings we’ve got our bacon now it’s just time to talk patties I’m gonna ask my wife to please turn off the video the Rings coming off mostly because I don’t want ecoli and other meat germs onto my nice wedding ring we simmered it for two hours but the actual sauce that they put in the ramen burger and I talked to chef cazel he told me take six hours to make that the ramen is a novelty but the sauce is where the magic really is which is why I’m really putting a lot of effort into this but a little bit of this into the onions so it gets immersed this will be our sauce with a condiment like this I think just one is enough if you put a little too much in there might get a little too crazy meat 85% lean to 15% fat if the ratio is any more lean then you’re gonna start to get towards a burger that isn’t as juicy and succulent the meat has been sitting out which is nice you never want to put like ice-cold meat into a pan it’s gonna seize up you want your meat – just relax this eyeball your bun this patty is 80% lean and 20% fat going for more fat here because it’s juicier there’s really no rubric to how big the patty has to be I want mine to be kind of the same size as the noodle bun we’re gonna make a little dent in the middle so that it doesn’t turn into this meat mountain I’m putting a little like pothole in here I’m not seasoning it yet I’m gonna actually wait for it to cook first before the patty goes into its hot little bed we need to season the ever-loving hell out of it put a little bit of this bacon grease into our pan here and she goes this is going in there we go look at that CID look it’s getting my face once you flip the burger that’s when you put the cheese on the cheese she just gets melty it’s like a big cheese blanket that goes around the burger the reason we’re using a cast iron is because it’s a pan that holds a lot of heat burgers done we’re gonna let it rest here you know what also is cool about meat that when you go to flip it it just comes right off it’s how you know it’s we’re good we’re good to go now that we’ve flipped what you think about that two slices of cheese once we get to around 6 minutes of this burger that’s when you whip out the piece de resistance little old thermometer so we are at where we want to be gonna go ahead and take this guy off just let it hang out here now for the noodle buns tada you’re the ramen buns they’re circular beautiful hopefully they’ll hold its shape we’re gonna pan-fry these now and in sesame oil I’ve earned myself a snack I’m sorry Inka but like bacon on a burger I’m gonna take these out now this one’s trying its best that’s one and that’s two and now for the cherry on top you know how ramen usually is served with an egg I was thinking a ramen burger could also have an egg so let’s get cracking I’m trying to not cook the egg yolk too much because normally it’s a soft-boiled egg that goes into the ramen while that’s cooking I’m getting a glaze to the burger this is why I said we don’t need to season it it’s gonna get this coating oh I did it I flipped it that is our egg fantastic we have on our components ready I’m gonna reset the table let’s get to plating where or my pickles my inspiration today is just a krabby patty whenever I see a krabby patty on screen just like that’s what a burger looks like I’m gonna be very careful here see I’m already Oh God are you kidding me how does that happen ketchup this is gonna be a disaster if you thought the mustard was bad come on oh my god what is happening right now that’s what I wanted but Gordon Ramsay I know you’re watching look away because that is horrific plating it’s time to assemble [Music] slightly messy but this is the I think that looks exactly like a krabby patty so then it’s so round up I’m so happy gonna finish my bacon I got a lot to clean up there’s an egg on it and you put bacon in yours I’m not feeling good I’m not feeling great either this is such a good-looking burger I appreciate that this is clearly the time intensive flavor bomb that it looks like we’re gonna have our friend Vic come in and he is going to tell us which burger he prefers the traditional or the trendy so Vic is gonna give up to five points for the look of the burger and five points for the taste of the burger and in the burger with the most points that’s the burger that wins Wow look at this I’ve had plenty of birds in my baby trust me but I’ve never seen one like this that one caught my eye right away this is gorgeous – I have ready oh that looks nice that’s a serious cross-section now the moment of truth Oh Prabhas if you do a ramen noodle soup together I made it a burger I’m gonna move on to the next one before we can get this guy in napkin here let’s get to this bad one this one looks like real classics to have into this bad boy it’s add juice oh wow don’t even get me started I think it is your job maybe a little bit more cooking I would like it but still super juice cheese was a little bit thick oh it was toasted on the bottom that makes it good but nice for burger number one looks solid for it’s just very beautiful you know very well constructed you’re the butt and I’m sorry Angus burger takes a cake I’m gonna give Angus five on both the flavor and the looks and the moment I walked in here I drew to that one it just looks complex and awesome and I love ramen I think Inga’s a winner for this challenge thus ends another episode trendy versus traditional type in the comments what you want to see next let’s do this [Music] you

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