Music What type of systems has Luxme supplied? The types of systems we supply include
bulk bag unloading, which is a popular system that is used for tubular chain
conveying, truck unloading, silo filling, and takeoff systems, receiving and
cleaning conveying systems, where product is received, either directly from the
truck, silo, bags, bulk bags, and brought into storage, or directly to cleaners and
then from the cleaner brought into storage for later processing. We also
provide systems that will take material from cookers into dryers, from dryers
into packaging machines, as well as provide systems that do some mixing of
ingredients, where we may fill silos with different ingredients, take off those
ingredients at different proportions that are layered into the conveyor;
provide inline mixing with our Luxmix® mixer, in order to deliver a homogeneous
product that will be later, either packaged or process, whether it be
cooking or brewing. Music

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