Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. hello students today we are studying chapter clogged with the relation and mineral nutrition in that mystery topic type of diffusion we all know that diffusion is the movement of gaseous molecules from high concentration to lower concentration today we’ll be study what is the types of diffusion present. diffusion when I said it whenever we say or talk about diffusion we come to a simple definition it is the movement of gaseous molecules from higher concentration to lower concentration staying above you is diffusion but there are various types of diffusion available today we do sing what are those steps the two main types of diffusion that are available in nature are simple diffusion and fascinated in diffusion well as a simple diffusion it can take place on its own but it’s fascinating the diffusion lead heads from certain transport proteins as well as certain molecules simple diffusion is nothing but particles directly move across the semi permeable membrane semi palpable membrane is nothing but the membrane after cell wall or you can say plasma membrane so particles who made directly across the plasma membrane is nothing but simple form of diffusion movement of ions you can say of almost central division whereas when I talk about facilitated diffusion it takes place with the help of certain molecules during facilitated diffusion transport proteins basically help to transfer the particles across membrane facilitated diffusion is used to carry molecules or particles which are very heavy example ATP or adenosine triphosphate to carry it facilitated diffusion would be required now the three main important proteins that help in facilitated diffusion are CUNY pod protein simple protein and antipode protein when I say unipod protein it means it carries particle in one direction when I say simple protein they are they carry two particles in one direction and when I say antiport proteins they are nothing but they carry two different particles in two different apart from that facilitated diffusion could be of active type or it could be of passive type depending upon the amount of energy that is required types of diffusion now diffusion is of basic two types simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion doing simple diffusion particles move across the semipermeable membrane the membrane which allow the movement of certain molecules and this dis allow but never allow to meet of certain molecules across the membrane with the help of certain ions which could be NaCl ions they do not require any transport proteins for the movement neither they require any amount of extra energy or ATP for the moment facilitated diffusion or you can say the diffusion that helps or that takes place with the help of certain protein molecules in facilitated diffusion transport proteins help to move the particles across membranes from a region of high concentration to a region of lower concentration and those proteins that help in the movement of particles are unipod protein simple protein and the protein univille proteins basically help remove one particle in one direction whereas your simple proteins had to move two particles in one direction when I say antipode it means in opposite direction animal proteins move to different particles in two different directions example whenever you have to use microtubules microfilaments to carry anthikad proteins would play a very important role or you can say the movement of glucose distribution after the process of photosynthesis has taken place inside said students in this part of the chapter we have studied about the types of diffusion one was simple diffusion which did not require any protein another was facilitated diffusion which requires the help of protein I hope we all are clear with this concept of simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion thank you

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