The Swedish Chef is back everybody.*yayy* Today we’re going to cook… (dramatic pause) LASAGNA!
(wow-like effect in background) But not just any lasagna! Dead meme lasagna à la Ugandan Knuckles everybody That’s right a new series 500 parts coming (To Marzia) stop zooming I can see you do it Basically I was gonna cook lasagna and I thought why don’t we turn it into a meme? So we’re gonna try and make Ugandan knuckles on lasagna. So let’s do this. Let’s freakin do this guys . so let’s do thi.. (laughs) hehehehehe Okay, step 1 wash your hands.
Dab on them germs. Step 1(.1?) we’re gonna make the mince Oh, step 1(.2?), turn on the oven. I knew that one. I’ve done this before okay? If you think that this is not going to go well. Step 1(.3) you chuck the onion. Now a lot of people don’t seem to know how to chop an onion based on what I did last episode. Everyone’s like ‘That’s not how you do it’ This is how you do it, okay? Unless you’re a moron. Now , the reason like onions is because of… The layers – thank you, Marzia – which is why We’re making, as you can see a really good c-chomp. [Pewdiepie] Such a backseat driver. [Mariza] Like this. [Pewdiepie] Yeah but that’s not how I wanna- [Mariza] Like that. And then you do it like that, so then you be like that! So Mariza doesn’t know how to chop an onion, apparently. Mm-hmm. This is how you cut onion. Okay, no big pieces disgusting by the way. I don’t cry Vikings – real Swedish people don’t cry. Now it’s time to Cook it. Yeah now in Sweden we use butter to cook our meals, not some stupid oil. Ignore everything! Now, we grabbed what we in Sweden call a “kastrull”. Dude, here’s the thing Why can’t they design? Like one of these for this called cutting board that like you can flip up the edges right so they can be poor the stupid Do you feel this? So basically right now we’re making like the bolognese Some of you guys were commenting that I’m using soy meat, like I’m some sort of soy boy. That’s not it at all I don’t understand Add the tomato thing [Marzia] Is that the blood? This is the blood of the Ugandan soldier Make the meme spicy we need some thyme And a tablespoon of rosemary. There we go Aaand a quattro everybody Now let that sh– mix it nice and good we’re basically just making Bolognese get some nice shots Gordon Ramsey always has nice shots That looks okay I guess Fun fact about lasagna. In Italy it’s not called lasagna It’s called what? Pastitio. Donde esta? Quel el emon… That’s not italian This is gonna go on lower heat Right Hello Next up we’re gonna use not soy milk To make the sauce some really good manly sauce Aren’t you are you lucky to have some shit amazing shef melt the butter and then you add The flour I think and a lot of milk, one liter of milk Really the thing about milk is that it boils when you’re not looking? It’s what my mama always said Shout to my mom And then you gotta keep whisking it Because It boils when you are not looking That’s right, you learn fast Marzia I gotta say, very good. Okay, I forgot you need to add one of these see that it’s boiling and I was looking I was looking mom I swear now I forgot to mention you wanna taste it as you go right make sure It’s salted and peppered correctly Now we’re gonna add the cheese in it Which kind of…. Is that real cheese? Yeah, which kind of goes against the point Alright I like cheese, I’m just gonna add a lot of it And as always you gotta taste it (hehe) So hot Done, done. Looking fit, boy. It’s THICK. I added a little extra flour that was a bad idea, now it’s all sticky. Don’t – hey tetetetettetetet No one asked for a closeup right now, all right now for the fun part The lasagna making. The Uganda making. Let’s go everybody over there Wait – Food review So making lasagna it’s kind of like building Lego Start off. I’m making a base of lasagna, but also how does it work with this I never– Oh look how thick that is. Look at the thickness Marzia You see that thickness? you get– you’re getting the thickness? this is what you might want it real thick. so you pour a quarter of it… Evenly across as I’m doing right now, that was a little more– eh, it was perfect. I was perfect. as always Now, same– same meme different sauce. Yeah What? Add the uhhh The meat thing for that quarter, I think what am I doing, okay And then just like…. That’s it that’s It that looks beautiful. Just make sure it’s evenly across, you know, just like that just like that another layer bazinga Oh Look at that Pretty smart. Ooh, that’s satisfying. It’s almost like Tetris, look at that Oh, did I say quarter I meant half. Same thing same meme different songs evenly across my god, beautiful. It’s-a very nice, Felix. Why don’t you say that you always say that It’s very good Felix you’re doing such a great job. “Yob?” Honestly, it looks real what do you mean last but not least the last piece, you know, I’m gonna go a little crazy. Are you guys feeling hugry at home? I think I might have to use it tomato friend Sure, do this face like this Like this like fun Wait, are you doing just a face to the whole thing? Okay, let me start a little bit You go in the pot at the body now he eats strong Yes If you’re like a 40 year old mom and you want your kids to eat your lasagna Just add the memes Do yu kno da wae He’s beautiful little smile Which will definitely be there after… I cook him. Now. Let’s pop this bad boy in the oven for a couple(marzia and poods are a couple) Cup, he’s gonna go off to Uganda everybody All right, we’ve got 15 minutes left and yeah it still looks pretty decent Incredible And it looks edible too. Damn You’re supposed to make it wait actually make it wait. That’s right. Let’s get it Do you know the way in five minutes you gotta you gotta let it cool down Thank you for reviving me as a dead meme I hope this will serve you as a final, okay It’s beautiful. But what does it taste like now since I didn’t put cheese on top you don’t get that BP but you know I got a ugandan knuckles on top, so. Don’t worry about the consistency if you don’t get it Wow, that looks great, maybe I had a little bit too much sauce, but you know Sometimes in life you gotta you gotta sauce it. Okay. Let’s see how it tastes like What it’s really good but it tastes just like that one you can just heat in the oven All right, let’s see what the prin– the Queen says It’s good everybody it’s good if you guys want to make it itself post with hashtag Lasagne knuckles!

100 thoughts on “UGANDAN KNUCKLES LASAGNA – Cooking Dead Memes

  1. Sees Professional Bakers Cook Stuff
    Me: nah.
    Sees a Swedish Man who lost his worthy crown to a company and isn't that good at cooking.
    Me: Choice is made.

  2. Felix- “Real Swedish people don’t cry”
    Sven almost died in Minecraft
    Felix- “I’m actually tearing up right now guys”

  3. Hey, Make A Wish Foundation, I’m now a legal adult but when I get terminally ill can you still get Felix to make lasagna for me? Thanks.

  4. Pewd : really impress of himself didnt cry by cutting onion
    Me:pewd…thats holland…ofcourse it doesnt….nvm.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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