Unbelievable Tokyo Food Tour at Japanese Horse Racing

so in this video I’m gonna take you on a crazy food tour at a Japanese horse racetrack so believe it or not we are actually at a Japanese racetrack probably one of the least places you would think of doing a food tour you’d be surprised at the amazing food you can come and get I’m currently in Tokyo in the future area it’s about 30 to 40 minutes outside of central Tokyo and it’s just as so easy to get to and luckily Jerry has invited us today so that means I have all sorts of access to check out all the different food that they have here so one thing I did want to mention is that they have a Japan Cup coming on November 24th it’s a big race here in Japan where a bunch of international horse racers are coming here to Japan although that sounds are pretty exciting I’m actually more excited to show you guys all the cool food they have here today let’s get our food on this Tokyo horse track is just a two-minute walk from choo-choo cabbage Oh same on my station when you arrive we just walk straight and it leads you to the main gate and it’s only 200 yen to get in less than two dollars number one karaage dome from Nana Ito on the first floor of the Fuji View stand you’ll find a food court area where this spot is located nani Ito offers all kinds of Japanese food but I’m going for one of my favorite foods of all the coveted karaage don’t you know I gotta throw this on y’all you all know I love fried chicken and you know the vistas video wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include my fried chicken spot so what’s nice about this spot is you can just get the fried chicken all by itself like you can get it in a cup but what a super nice is that you can actually get it on of a rice bowl with some egg some mayonnaise we have a little bit of a lettuce it has kind of like a sweet and sour sauce on top of it oh I just can’t wait to take a bye that that is the flavor we were looking for haha okay yeah that is some nice fried chicken this one is actually a nicer like a thinner skin it’s just easier to eat the meat itself is quite tender and it’s just a super easy to eat but look at the track how you can get all this cool food even if I like lost a million dollars today I could have this and I’d be happy I guess Michael might be a little bit mad if I lost a million dollars she slapped me right now I’m almost done with it I have been sharing it with microwaves oh my god try this fried chicken [Music] I think it is breast meat but it’s super moist and it’s marinated perfectly I can’t believe I’m eating this is your fried chicken fall in horse racing place number two Oh Anna donut from Tokyo Cafe and Bakery so this bakery is located on the third floor of Fuji View stand they’ve got some delectable baked goodies but today we’re throwing down on their first place donut this is called the hole on a donut which kind of means in like Japanese like loosely translated big win donut know this kind of looks like a racetrack you can smell the fried goodness it’s actually like quite soft it’s almost kind of like a very much emoji so I quite moist aside from like no powdered sugar around it [Music] holy damn I probably have whether this whole video I’ll have like food all over my face just like right now mm-hmm this odo net has given me that obeys oh it tastes very much like your regular like kind of a Krispy Kreme doughnut I guess nice and moist and almost like very like chewy like a very kind of doughy doughnut but it is like it has the layers of a lovely sugar kind of like a silky powdered sugar to it it’s really nice so what’s nice about this place is that they even have a popular fast-food joints like right there there’s honimaru hutan they have a tenía right here and they even have a Coco curry right here number three a booty chashu ramen from ramen saikai this spot is a popular Nagasaki ramen shop in the Tama area it’s known for its light and smooth tonkatsu soup infused with a fish broth spicy is awesome out there to the fourth track even handsome ramen shops look at this so I got this tonkatsu based of ramen it has one two three four five as a five pieces of luscious juicy super-duper wet Shasha smells are so good it has some green onions in there and has some ginger added a nice juicy egg the noodles are itself are a little bit thin nori taste aroma let’s just eat the chashu because why not [Music] that is a nice piece of Joshu usually sometimes you get chashu that’s really really fatty this one actually has quite a lot of meat to it from it’s very tender and soft of all the ramen broth flavors and let’s say this is ramen yeah wow that that is an interesting flavor so this is that um coats of ramen so usually it’s like thick creamy pork flavor but the taste is a little bit different what they’ve done in this broth is they’ve actually added hago dashi which is kind of like a flying fish it doesn’t really taste like a fish broth itself but by adding the augo dashi it makes a pork flavor a little bit lighter so tastes like a very very lightly tonkotsu broth which is a nice and quite interesting that is such a unique flavor you don’t get anywhere else winner winner algo dinner [Music] who is it what’s so unique I really like it yay city fish but it’s still purple too and I think this green stuff is seaweed who are like also seaweed [Music] Wow nothing like spending the day at the horse track and eating to their heart’s content well we’ve been eating so much food I just want to take a little break in maybe check out some horses because you can apparently do that here now these are the horses that are more my speed looking you could even ride horses here I’ll let her ride him instead he looks so lonely so this place also has a restaurant Plaza so let’s go inside and see what food that they have inside so this is a restaurant here called with a mojo spot that only women can go inside so I guess if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable you don’t want to be around all these sweaty well what do men have to be sweaty maybe men can be like properly suited and night so maybe you know if you want ‘we must be with your own gender and then you can come here I can’t go inside let’s move on number four who nah jus from Ginza con dagawa this spot is a famous an ugly restaurant in ski G since 1870 and they decided to open up a shop at the racetrack so if you place a winning bet there’s a good chance you’ll end up here is a real deal and the price here is actually fairly decent sometimes they’ll go to the knob new places and it’ll be like 2,000 and 4,000 5,000 yen so this one well granted that it is a smaller piece actually have bigger sizes it’s actually pretty decent for about fourteen hundred yen Oh how’s that so we’d we’re now you smell a lot of the rice has already been doused it with some that Nagi is nice and soft but yet the outside is still a bit crispy you cannot get another texture like this it’s the rice and the rice here has actually done pretty well the sauce itself is a is not as sweet as usual it’s a pretty light taste overall oh my gosh I super soft [Music] so good it’s really really solved there are different types of cookie but this is like melt-in-your-mouth like I can keep an image oh who would have thought coming to the horshack race you can’t get all this awesome food mmm eating quite a lot of food so maybe just take a little walk around see what’s around this place and then we’ll hit the next food spot oh snap we’re in the middle of a race let’s go check it out [Applause] number five view soo-ji custom blue tone from cassia it’s a surprise but we’re in line because even here in line you know you’re in line for that good good gotta throw some of that fire all right let’s go find a seat I’ve got a question who stole the fire door I did we’re gonna cut that I thought we had something I thought we had this is a costume Adan they have some pretty fresh food on noodles here and they have juice soo-ji which is you can see all the fatty bits right there it’s a stomach lighting you can see in the actual broth itself you can see all the oil means it’s builded Laver [Music] [Music] I don’t hunger pseudo noodle ever well you know long noodles means long life so I’m gonna have a long life wow that’s good it means tender it’s a bit on the salty side but I’m a savory hound I love it the savoriness of all of the Broadway it’s actually really nicely you’re not having a ramen day don’t be like ramen then this is kind of like a good alternative I think it’s like one of my favorites here at the horshack so if you guys come here then this is the bomb and just looking around everyone is just having such a good time here you come here on like a Saturday or Sunday when the the races are held and it’s just like a good old time you can see people they bring their families originally thought the racetrack was just a bunch of like men but in fact you see a lot of families like you don’t even have to bet money here you can just kind of hang out all day and for those of you who want to get your drink on there’s a lot of alcohol flowing here as well so if you want to just get your drink you drink on hang out at the park then this is the spot man this place is great they have so much stuff like a pepper launch they have first kitchen there’s just a so many different fast food and like restaurants here it’s amazing so if you just want to chill and hang out and hit all day it is definitely possible because there’s just so many different food options number six mocha soft ice cream from koa cheeto yeah Michael got tired of meeting all the food so she got a row we brought the fire now we gotta bring the ice this is there a mocha flavor he decided to go with their sprinkles on top a little bit choco on the side and then some cornflakes in the bottom after all of that savory food it’s nice to get something a little bit sweet and get that remote in there [Music] Moga tastic house it’s making something is strong but the MOCA itself is a pretty mellow and almost come I got like a coffee taste and that soft cream is just like your plain old delicious soft cream I don’t think you can go wrong with soft cream so this dessert is the most popular dessert in the track they asked around and apparently this is like the go-to for all of the big winners so if you win you get an ice cream and you get a mocha if you lose you still get a mocha so everyone wins here and the more traffic and then this big deep oh my god I just spilled everywhere but look at this I had to get some of those a flaky flakes on there [Music] that’s delicious that’s it in the same day I’m so full that was so good if you guys liked this video helped me out and hit that like button oh and if you’re coming here for the Japan Cup they actually have some special events for overseas visitors but definitely worth checking out special activities prizes and even discounts for you guys so definitely come and check it out if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily then check out my Instagram account if you want up support the channel check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of these depend guys some food guys and hit that subscribe button and the Bell button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one [Music]

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