what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel!! hi how are ya? today I am so excited because I got home from Michigan
a few days ago and I was unboxing some PR… look at this nightmare you guys I
mean this is a fucking mess so besides of course the Baja Blast,
Red Bull and all the Sephora and all the other crap there was a package from Taco
Bell… now i snapchatted I couldn’t breathe or believe that I got a PR
package from Taco Bell my favorite fast food of all time! Nate?Hi babe…
so this came in the mail look at this I’m fucking deceased it’s
so sick I can’t believe this came! I know what do you think.. what did you think I said Taco Bell sent PR ?I know.. Did you think it was a joke? I didn’t think it was a joke at all but when I opened that I thought
I was gonna be food because I had the Taco Bell wrap paper in there and I was
like oh my god this has been sitting here yeah so we peeked inside we haven’t
done a full unboxing and I thought Nate before we even unbox this let’s actually
go to Taco Bell get the new watermelon fries and a few bites and eat and unlock
this let’s do this okay I don’t know if you know this but Shane Dawson did a
talk about commercial a few years ago no way we’re gonna insert a tiny clip right
now so talk about wanted me to tell you guys about their new mobile ordering app
the way you’ve been ordering talk about what’s old really old so first of all I
think I’m probably a little too problematic and controversial than being
talk about commercial hey you never know bitch but I do know that I did sell them
a Billie and Cinnabon delights last summer
I could only imagine all right I’m like half of your snapchats for a while okay
so before we unbox this let’s hop in the car go to the Calabasas talk about say
hi say hi to the people and we’ll be right back
I am so hungry alright getting this test fault let’s get going baby so I know
this may sound really fucking lame but I feel like giving a PR package from
talked about is like more exciting than any package I’ve gotten this year yeah I
would say so I mean not that I’m like not really into makeup but I am just so
thrilled that talked about he would acknowledge me yeah I can’t believe such
a big corporation the fact that they watched me in Trish’s mukbang like I
life-changing that’s so sick I’m like more excited than 80 Chanel and Louie
purchase I’ve ever even gotten the sugar and I wish Trisha was here but she’s in
Boston right now with Jason or I think she would be next to us gagging and
freaking out yeah I’m sure she would be so for everyone wondering why is it
Trisha Paytas with you doing the unboxing she’s out of town honey and
we’re leaving out of town we are we’re literally about to hop on a plane right
now and we’re literally this right before we go to the airport I
got this in the mail and I was like we’re stopping and everything so I
haven’t finished packing yet who would do a full face of makeup go to Taco Bell
and film right for their trip this bitch right here all right let’s get this belly full
honey could I speak to your manager please absolutely oh don’t break my heart
okay we’ll get two out of those pleases Oh miss Marge I don’t need all that okay
one large one regular what is it the newest food on the menu okay let’s get
four of those I’ll just try those chicken
making charges the world who said I should cheese them steak nachos with sticker we need some baja blast like I literally
cannot live without Baja blast my favorite soda it’s officially back this
summer I think a minute oh yeah no it has already gotten cases okay so I found out some information
what oh gee finally you can actually get married at Taco Bell
what it is a thing where you can’t no way yeah so I know we wanted to get
married in Bora Bora whenever that is in a few years you never know wink wink I
feel like maybe we should just scratch Bora Bora and just you talk about I mean
it’s pretty iconic yeah or we do both right
we’ll let them decide which but um I just picture like all of our guests just
having bought last marijuana that would be too funny with it
can’t go wrong with either one of those good news this has a punker Bell and
Michigan importer sitting there we can go we can do whatever we want this taco
bells small charge look what name to Scott as Big Daddy get
them water Mon freezes you look iconic that’s so good I said which is like some
crazy dream that they made watermelon my favorite flavor on earth I don’t know I
didn’t think anything could top the pink starburst flavor of a girl they topped
it yeah it’s pretty frickin good mmm okay so obviously we’re here to unbox
this crazy PR package I know a lot of you were like Taco Bell
I even had employees tweet me like girl where’s my where’s my pop like package
I’ve been a manager for four years I might come on down I’ll share okay but
this was an iconic one with a happen yesterday I tweeted can’t believe talk
about sent me a package so iconic Lala talk about wrote me and tweeted back and
what does it say you’re our favorite I was like we’re tyring now that’s so sick
and then I said should I do an unboxing they wrote me and said yes final answer
and I was like let’s go let’s go so um let’s I’m bollocks first of all how was
that what was that what was that called again the UM don’t like naked naked
chicken chalupa or mild is it good yeah I mean I’m not really into spicy stuff
so it’s like same I know I like a little bit spicy for me you know for someone
who doesn’t like spicy things so it’s like just mm-hmm
we gotta give this bad boy up and the first thing you see first of all so
iconic obviously they do not sell this but this is a black pullover hoodie with
the little Taco Bell symbol I think Shane Dawson right now is quaking
because this looks like some all-seeing eye
yeah I’m like Illuminati Freemasons stuff good burn so cute they got my size
perfect how do they know about my body honey okay so the hoodie already
obsessed the wrapping paper that came with this is actually food paper from
the store I am deceased this is so cool right like wrap your Christmas present
in this please do even though um stuffings icon i get to
talk about purple purple and i talked about her go okay and then oh my god i
don’t know which is my favorite part yet the what is this an iphone charger right
yeah this is so cool the fact that it looks like a like a hot sauce package
fucking dying the fact that it says i got you like come on I don’t know Wow
where’s that show that off I’m like that’s that’s like that shredded like
steak like steak steak steak nachos hmm okay well this piece looks like carnac
oh wow come in here and take in my glory on the first night okay now this next
thing I’m about to show you it’s so iconic like I mean I am actually
retiring after this video I think so Taco Bell has a ring not just one but
two rings okay it’s like a little pinky ring
oh do you see what’s happening right here this is so sick this ring literally
says Taco Bell we’re gonna zoom in here oh my god what you know about that this
is the coolest thing ever all my card game all my vancleef all my diamonds
they’re going in the trash but this is so cool I’m literally gonna wear this
every single day hi how are you like this could have been an engagement ring
what do you think full of diamond talk about ring corporate if you’re watching
this call me okay so this side o work besides that first of all take your
breather oh god it’s 90 degrees out we want some
sauce and probably my most favorite thing ever
gift cards this is so cool yeah they send that many like come I know I’m like
damn and as the packet of hot it’s so cool I’m on fire should open though
before we went yeah we probably should have done that we flopped okay so I
never in my wildest dreams would have ever thought the talk about would send
me a package so thank you guys so much for doing that so
cool probably might be everything this year it Trump’s any mac venti benefit
any PR package I’ve ever gotten Taco Bell for the win these nachos are so
good how’s the steak have you tried it okay I’m not really a steak person
people will find out very soon I have a whole crazy medical video I’m putting up
but I actually choked on steak before and I’m like I’ve had like a pretty bit
to be honest I mean I’m not a huge steak alone like I’ll eat steak with stuff
like nacho cheese yeah well yeah I mean like good nachos this prints like a mini
little much mom right now mm-hmm so why aren’t you here girl hmm okay I
think I can’t believe is a zoom napping by the way Nate member I told you I hate
to run talk with my mouth block yeah just one of those things
everybody has pet peeves mmm-hmm thank you oh you’re not wearing today which
was not planned I’m wearing Nathan mm-hmm all right you guys we’re gonna
finish this boob we’re gonna pack our bags room your jet set off and celebrate
Brady’s birthday yes wow thank you so much for watching
this video we will see you on the next one bye guys see ya


  1. Sad Taco Bell Philippines offers very limited products in their menu.
    Still, its my fave fastfood/comfortfood Brand [ aside from Jollibee ] especially if im goin to see a movie

  2. Not going to like the cashier at taco Bell with kind of cute and the way Jeffrey and nate are with each other is like the dream of romance

  3. Jeffree: oh you know what I’m wearing today that wasn’t planned, Nathan!!
    Nate: oh and you will be later too
    I 👏🏻 FUCKING 👏🏻 GAGGED!!!

  4. Soo I love Jeffree and Shane but I’m watching this after the launch and the hoodie logo at 8:00 looks an awful lot like Shane’s new logo. Just a theory

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