Uncle Grandpa Food Truck Episode 3 – Ella Kelly

Thank you very much! precious customers are satisfied because
we’re about to be with all that money this is what happens when you get lost
at your grave wait a minute did you just say the exhaust from my speed cycle is
that what you said oh my gosh you already use that line what the heck
is he doing he’s ruining everyone’s appetite by making yours eat this bed sorry you never got your jet pitch to
Steve that’s alright besides what should we do about the RV was to go box of
course hello I didn’t see you there it was on the evening of December 25th 1776
General George Washington famously crossed the icy waters of the Delaware many novice historians consider this a
turning point in the world but they often overlook an important detail that
George Washington could be a bit absent-minded you forgot your pants huh
sweet cherry trees you’re right you could have mine Thanks
with these we’re sure to win the war from that day forward wearing pants
became the law of the land but mr. Gus you never wear any pants we’ll say mommy you’ve been watching
moments in history with mr. das dude I think they put so many additives in this
food they forgot to add the actual food it’s not so bad don’t you think I have a
healthy glow I think I’ll pass

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