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(upbeat music) Hi, friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are in London. We’re in the Airbnb that I shot and showed you guys last week. And we are doing a healthy grocery haul. We are staying in an area that is very near a kind
of Whole Foods-esque store. It’s called Planet Organic. It is amazing. I wish that we had them here because it has so many
vegan and healthy things. And I stocked up, and so I
thought it would be helpful and fun to just kind of
show you what we got. So I have two bags here, and I’m basically just
gonna go through them and show you what I bought. And then next week you’ll see me use some of these ingredients in a
What I Eat in a Day video. So let’s go ahead and unpack my bags. All right, I moved the bags out of the way ’cause I felt like they were
in the way a little bit. But the first thing I
got, not very interesting, but it’s toilet paper. We got some bamboo toilet paper. It’s just like regular old toilet paper, but it’s made from bamboo, so it’s more sustainable, which is great. The next thing we got is Hippeas. Hippeas are in America, but I don’t think that
they have the same flavors, or the flavors in the States
are labeled differently. So the flavor that we got and that we like the most so
far is the Take It Cheesy. It’s probably similar to the
cheese one in the States. I just can’t remember
what that one tastes like. So we got a bag of these. Actually, we have two
bags of these. (laughs) One of them is already
open, and we’re eating them. The next thing that we got is this. It’s called Better Than Rice. And it’s basically a rice alternative, and it’s made from konjac flour, which I’ve never heard of, and oat fiber. And it cooks in two minutes. We’re gonna make a stir fry with this. And it, I mean, it’s very low calorie. It basically has nothing in it, but it’s gonna be a good rice alternative. So I would consider this kind
of similar to cauliflower rice because it’s gonna be high fiber, and it’s just a replacement for rice. So we’re, like I said, gonna
be making a stir fry with this. The next thing that we got,
which I am so pumped about, are these vegan and gluten-free raviolis. These are tofu and cherry tomato raviolis. They are filled obviously with tofu, and the pasta is made with red lentils. So it’s basically all my favorite things in a box of raviolis. And I don’t actually think that I’ve even had raviolis
since I went gluten-free. I’ve maybe had them once or twice. So I am pumped about this. The next thing that we got, which is to go on top of the
ravioli, is a vegan pesto. And it’s just a straight old
pesto made (laughs) with basil, and we’re gonna put that on the ravioli. So a few of the more
savory things that we got. I also got a bunch of sweet things. Hummus, we got this hummus brand. It is so, so good. It’s probably one of my favorite hummuses that I’ve ever tried. It’s called San Amvrosia Health Food. And it’s organic. It’s so creamy. It is absolutely delicious. We also got this, Cicioni original Italian cashew cheese. Not sure what it’s gonna taste like. I’ll definitely show you guys this in a What I Eat in a Day video. But it is 100% plant-based. It’s organic. And it’s like a real cheese,
which is so exciting. They have way more vegan
cheese options here than they do back home, so
I got a few different ones which I’m really excited to try. Let me see. Okay, also got some tofu, marinated tofu, organic tofu from our or for our stir fry. It’s just made with cider
vinegar, tamari, and ginger. It’s already precooked, so we’re just gonna add
this into the stir fry with that rice stuff I showed you. Let me see what else. The other cheese that I got that I’m really excited about is this. It’s Free the Cow. It’s Soft White. It’s basically like a
Camembert alternative, and it has the texture of
a Camembert, so the rind, and then I can feel that
it’s soft on the inside. So this is gonna be so good. I am so excited to try this. I also got crackers to
eat with these cheeses. So the two types of crackers I got, one is, where is it? These little rice cake
crackers or rice crackers. They’re brown rice crackers
with sesame and tamari. And then I also got these
sweet potato crackers which are gluten-free, no sugar added. They have seeds in them, so flaxseed, sesame, and white sesame. And they’re sweet potato,
and they’re vegan. And I love all things sweet potato, so I think they’re gonna be delicious. Okay, next I’m gonna show you bread. So they had organic
gluten-free sourdough bread which is sprouted, and it
has an amazing texture. Definitely gonna be making
this for sandwiches, peanut butter and banana,
peanut butter and apple toast. I can’t wait. And the last thing that I’m gonna show you before I dive into some snacky things are just nuts. They had a whole bulk section, so we stocked up on organic mixed nuts which are gonna be great
to bring with us north for our little kind of
quote-unquote hiking adventure. Okay, so the next thing I’m
gonna show you is produce. The one thing I will say is
based on what I’ve seen so far, the produce is not at the
level that it is in the States. They don’t have quite as many varieties. (dog barking) I noticed that the greens
go bad a little bit faster. I think it’s probably because, number one, we’re on an island, so they have to (laughs)
import a lot of the produce. Had to pause because there
was a dog barking outside. But I think it also probably has to do with the growing season. So got what I could for produce. We got some organic cherry tomatoes which we’re gonna roast with garlic and put on top of the ravioli. Also got some broccoli, organic broccoli. You guys know I love a good broccoli. We got mushrooms for our stir
fry, organic white mushrooms. We also got a pepper,
a lemon, and a garlic. We got greens, of course. I have spinach in the fridge already, and we got some mixed greens for a salad that we’re gonna make. And honestly, that’s it for the produce. So I think that the
way, well, I don’t know. I’m just speculating, but I’m guessing that people
shop more frequently here than they do back in the States, so you’re buying produce
probably every day, maybe every other day, whereas in the States we go
to the store probably once, maybe twice a week and we stock up, and then that lasts us for the whole week. So I don’t know if variety changes. It’s probably maybe more seasonal here. But definitely not quite the level that I’m used to back in
the States, but still great. Okay, so then the next kind of round or kind of category of things that I got are protein
powders and protein bars. I bought a blender, which I
talked about in the house tour, to make smoothies. Instead of buying a big
jug of protein powder, I’ve been buying individual packets of it, which, yes, I know I’m
probably (laughs) gonna hear from you guys that it’s
not quite as sustainable. I know that it’s not as sustainable. But it allows me to try a
bunch of the different brands and figure out which one I like so that if I do wanna buy
a bigger container of it, I am sure that I like it. So the ones that I bought this round, I’ve already used a bunch of them, but I’ll show you the ones
that I bought this round. So the brands that I bought
are Supernova and Form. I’ve heard really good things about Form. I have not heard about Supernova. So I got chocolate and vanilla for both. This is the Supernova one. It has 20 grams of protein, two, well, three grams of fiber, and how many sugar? I don’t think it has any sugar actually. Yeah, just 0.3 grams of
sugar, which is awesome. And then Form is Performance Protein. It looks like this. I’ve seen a bunch of
U.K. bloggers use this. And this one is also, oh, actually this one’s
30 grams of protein. It’s a bigger packet, though, so it’s 40 grams in this,
30 grams in the other. So it’s 30 grams of protein and no sugar, which is awesome. And it doesn’t say the fiber on here. So chocolate and vanilla in both, and we’ll see which one I like most. I will let you know in the
What I Eat in a Day video ’cause I’m probably gonna make a smoothie. Okay, what else did I get? I got coconut butter. You guys know that, well,
a lot of you recommended that I could find this here. So I didn’t bring all the coconut butter I was planning on bringing. I just decided to buy it here. So I ran out of the jar that I brought, and I’m gonna use this now for my matchas. And then the last (laughs) thing are all of the bars that I got. I’m probably not gonna show
you all the different flavors. Actually, also sweets, bars and chocolate. So I’m probably not gonna
show you every single bar because I got a bunch of
different flavors of things, but I’ll show you the
three different brands that we have, maybe four. Okay, so I got some TRIBE bars. These are oat bars. They are energy bars. This one is chocolate salt caramel. So they’re not quite as high in protein. I mean, this still has… This has six grams of protein, so it’s not necessarily a protein bar, but great for pre-workout. I also got a bunch of these Pulsin bars. I really, really, really like this brand. I tried their protein powder, and I’ve tried all of their
flavors of bars already, and they are quite good. They’re 13 grams of protein per bar. And this is the maple peanut flavor. This one actually wasn’t my favorite. This is just what I
grabbed out of the bar, but, out of the bag. (laughs) But I really like their chocolate ones. I love their mint chocolate. I love their peanut butter chocolate. They’re all really good, and they have a really good texture. We also, or I also got
just Planet Organic’s main, their own name brand of protein bars. This one is a raw protein bar. 10 grams of protein. It’s vegan, gluten-free, and it’s the chocolate
chip almond butter flavor. And then the last one
is The Primal Pantry. Actually, Matt picked this one up. I didn’t even look at them because I assumed that it was
gonna have collagen in it, but this is actually a
plant-based protein bar. I guess it’s just also
paleo, so plant-based paleo? I’m not sure. But this is the cacao brownie. I think it has dates in it. It feels kind of like a LARABAR texture. But it has 15 grams of
protein, which is awesome. So those are all of the protein bars. Well, I got like 10, but I’ve been eating one
almost every single day ’cause they’re a really good
pre-workout snack for me. And then the last few
things I just wanna show you are a few things that I
picked up at Whole Foods before we came, and then I think I’ll just
show you the dessert stuff, and then we’ll be good to go. So let me just go behind me and get the stuff in
the pantry that we got. So before I went to Planet Organic, I went to Whole Foods because I assumed that Whole
Foods was the best place to shop here for natural products. Turns out Planet Organic
is better than Whole Foods, in my opinion, at least the ones that are around where we’re staying. So I did get a few things at Whole Foods, and then the rest I got at Planet Organic. So the things that I got at
Whole Foods were nut butters, almond butter and peanut butter which I’ve been using on
rice cakes with banana, which you guys know because
I’ve talked about it. I’m obsessed with. So I got some really
nice, yummy rice cakes. They’re find of thin, which I really like. I also got some raw cacao
powder for my smoothies. You know I love my chocolate smoothies. And then I also got some of Deliciously Ella’s granola. Her granola is actually really good. I really like it. This one especially is the berry kind. It’s really delicious. And then this one is cashews,
almonds, and hazelnuts. The only thing that is
different about these than what we have back home
is that they’re not crispy. They’re kind of, they’re
just not quite as crunchy as the granolas that we have at home, but they’re still really good. The flavor’s really good, and the ingredient list is on point. So last things are the
chocolate things that I got. I’ve already eaten
(laughs) a bunch of them, so I actually don’t
have a lot to show you. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up, or
just follow me on Instagram. You’ll see what I am talking about because I’ve been buying
(laughs) them a lot, and you can see them there. But at this trip to Planet Organic, I just got two little treats. I’m always buying little
dark chocolate treats. So this one is an Ombar,
and it’s raw, it’s vegan, and it’s using Ecuadorian chocolate, and it’s a Strawberry Mylk,
Mylk with a Y, flavor. And then this is the Planet Organic bland of almond butter cups. They’re raw, and they’re vegan obviously. This is a chocolate almond butter cup, and it’s looking like
it’s a nice big size, which I’m excited about. So, my friends, that is basically what I got at the grocery store. I hope you found this helpful. I’ll do some close-ups so
you can kind of see some of the products that I’m talking about. And like I said, make sure
that you’re tuning in next week because I will be sharing
a What I Eat in a Day video that includes a lot of the makings. We’re gonna be making a lot of
the things that you see here, so you can see some of them in action. And I’m also sharing a lot of food that we’re eating on Instagram. So if you aren’t
following me on Instagram, I’ll leave the link
right below this video. You can follow me, because
if you’re interested in seeing (laughs) what we’re
eating while we’re aboard, specifically the things that I’m eating and most of the plant-based,
then that’s where to find it. Otherwise, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe
by clicking the red button that is right below this video. And I think that’s all I have for you. I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! (upbeat music)

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  2. I’ve lived both in Europe and in the States. Regarding produce I think in Europe is more seasonal. I think it’s fresher and that’s why it goes bad sooner than in the states. Just my experience. I think the location matters too.

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