VEGAN MEAL PREP HACKS | how to save time in the kitchen

hey guys, welcome back to another video.
today I’m showing you how to save time in the kitchen with these vegan meal
prep hacks. I’ll be sharing some of my strategies for easily batch cooking
healthy plant-based foods so you can have them throughout the week. and stay
tuned because later in the video I’ll be sharing my favorite vegan condiment ever.
it adds so much richness and decadence to whatever you’re eating, but it’s
really healthy for you too. that’s it for now so here are some of my favorite
weekly meal prep ideas. my first meal prep hack is to make a big
batch of overnight oats for the week. I love overnight oats because 1) I’m lazy
and you don’t have to do any meal prep work in the morning. 2) they’re versatile –
you can add all kinds of ingredients to them to jazz them up. and 3) they stay
really well in the fridge for up to five days you can have breakfast for the
entire week. I like to make a big batch and then put
them in separate jars and then I add different kinds of toppings to each jar
so that I don’t get bored with the same meal every day. the most common meal prep hack I use on a weekly basis is making a big kale salad. unlike most salad green, kale is pretty
tough so it’s not going to wilt in the fridge and you can actually store it in
the fridge for at least five days with this method. I liked to tear up kale or chop it up
finely with a knife and that’s because it’s easier to digest but it’s also
better for you because it releases more antioxidants. #science. once you
chop up the kale it’s time for its massage, so turn down the lights and put
on some relaxing new age music. just kidding. it’s not that kind of
massage. unless you want it to be. no judgments. massaging kale is really
important because it makes the leaves less tough and easier to digest. so if
you have ever eaten kale and thought “this is like basically eating roughage,” try
chopping it up and massaging it a little bit with some olive oil or lemon juice
and it will actually taste good. my tip is to pick vegetables that you can roast at the same temperature so that you save time and energy. this week I’m using
carrots, winter squash, and sweet potatoes. and you can roast them all at 425 degrees
Fahrenheit or 220 degrees Celsius. lentils are one of the healthiest foods
you can add to your diet. they’re full of protein and fiber so they’re great for
staying full, particularly at lunch if you have a long afternoon ahead of you.
they’re also packed with iron, which is really great for maintaining energy and
especially good for women who tend to be anemic. I like to make them in my Instant
Pot – the whole process takes just 20 minutes, but if you don’t have an Instant
Pot, you can also make them in a regular pressure cooker. Now for my favorite vegan condiment ever. This stuff is creamy, luxurious and it makes everything taste better. Say hello to cashew cream. Cashews are packed with heart-healthy
monounsaturated fats as well as copper, which helps you use iron and keeps you
energized, as well as magnesium which helps you stay relaxed. I’m making it in two different ways you
have a lot of versatility and you can add it to whatever savory meals you’re
eating. or if you want a sweet version for like a dessert, you just add a
little bit of maple syrup and omit the salt. next up I’m making a superfood seed
sinkle. superfood seed s—. superfood seed sprinkle. that’s a bit of a tongue twister.
I really recommend adding seeds to your diet because they’re rich in healthy
fats, protein, fiber, and vitamins & minerals. I just mix up a bunch of my favorite
seeds, store them in a jar, and then I can sprinkle it on breakfast, lunch or dinner,
whether it’s savory or sweet. another thing I like to make for weekly
meal prep using my Instant Pot are grains. and this week I’m using farro, which is a whole grain that is pretty nutty and
delicious. you can also use quinoa if you’re gluten free. and it takes just 8 minutes
to make so it’s really great for saving time. and then I make a big batch and you
can distribute it between different containers, add your sauces, your veggies, your proteins and have meals throughout the week. and if you have leftover farro or quinoa,
you can always use it to make a breakfast porridge in the morning. I hope you enjoyed this video for vegan
meal prep hacks. they really help me prepare healthy and flavor packed meals
throughout the week so I hope you give them a try. thanks so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video, bye.

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