[Music] I am DIALLO, Thierno Mamadou Dian co-founders of MOONSOFT startup KOIVOGUI Gbade, co-founder of MOONSOFT startup, we have invented a smart biodigester for households and restaurant owners, for its first feature it turns the waste organic biogas for an easy, fast and smart kitchen; for second functionality, it is integrated an intelligent electronics system that allows it to be monitored and ordered with voice recognition and remotly third, its provide concentrated organic liquid fertilizer for farmers [Music] We need support and funding to accelerate our commercialization process of our bio digester [Music] we want support and funding to take off our startup we will market our smart bio-digester change lives, save the planet from pollution and global warming the goal of the sahel marathon is very simple, we currently have the day when I speak to you 4 startups in the various ecosystems that were lucky enough to a pretty intensive bootcamp on have a fairly intensive bootcamp on the different entrepreneurial themes to improve their entrepreneurial posture in front of potential investors by the pitch or by the business plan and the various thematics which result from it. therefore in fact one prepares them and currently they are in 42 days of marathon so there is the BootCamp which had ended, there is the 42 marathon day. Following his 42 days of marathon, two national winners will be released, who will go to represent the Guinean ecosystem during a regional final Guinean during a regional final of in MALI [Music] Teams, we have four very good teams. During the application phases, we had several good teams to know that we are an ecosystem that is quite rich and is currently quite buoyant For this sequence we have MOONSOFT for example has an Intelligent Biodigester who is able with the different organic waste of the different individuals to create biogas and energy , for the households, the restaurateurs and the farmers, can also serve to supplement in source of income [Music] [Music] amazing, Let me check [Music] I understood their project that went beyond what was technical or IT really had an impact on our everyday life namely the management of household waste and also, possibly how to help compared to agriculture. So it’s a good project and I found that their idea to combine these two products was really a very good innovation in my opinion and it’s a pleasure to accompany them in this process

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