VLOG – Cook With Me & My Christmas Tree!

this is the look today y’all pull the
bear status like do I don’t look like a polar bear right now and I pulled out my
amazon bag that I showed you guys in my Amazon haul video if you guys have not
watched that yet you have to piss this is like the cutest thing ever
wearing my gray at Nasty Gal a sweater underneath I’m kind of doing like a gray
vibe today with a little bit of cream if you guys haven’t watched my Nasty Gal
haul and sure you guys watch it and I just have a coat on from Topshop as I
always feel so stuffed in this jacket I’m always like but I feel like if this
video is the vlog that I want to show you guys my Christmas tree
what decorations my god I was kind of debating if I even wanted one but I
found a super skinny slim one and I’m actually dying at how slim it is like
it’s actually my goal I want to look like the tree got all the ornaments I’m
so happy with it I’m also filming a new polling haul for boo who like guys wait
until you see the pieces I selected yeah all these like fall pieces and winter
pieces I’m getting so excited about because the outfits are just so super
cute I put these pants on that I got at Walmart I love them but I don’t think
they’re quite me and they’re so Amy and I remember singing them and being like
Amy would love these but I think she has something similar she’s kind of a cargo
pant girl it looks really good on her so I’m gonna give them to her I feel like
she can use them more she’s gonna use them more than I will but we are going
out for the day we had a little dilemma with her sofa so we’re gonna have to go
reselect her fabric and we’re just gonna take advantage of the day and like shop
around and see if we can find anything for her place if I find anything nice
you all know I believe what just happened okay I can all this camera like
this you will not believe okay me and Amy are chatting chatting chatting we
came from the place we chose her fabric whatever I told him he had a little
hiccup with your cell phone I don’t even like a little I filled him in so anyways
we’re driving and we’re like hey where should we go we don’t know where to go
we’re like okay we’ll just go back to that that restaurant they were like no
we’ll go to HomeSense at Aaron Mel yeah we put in the address and then we just
start talking talking talking you guys it said 50 minutes so it was 50 minutes
from us okay we’re talking and talking and then the thing says please get on
the highway and I’m not joking 20 minutes after we just exactly like a
good 20 minute and then I’m like but Amy haven’t we been on the highway full time
she’s like I don’t know I said well where have you been driving this whole
time I don’t know we do this all the time just kept driving straight and I
wasn’t into the GPS I think that’s what happened in Little Italy we took the
road kept driving and I’m like Amy and it’s literally been like half an hour
now and the GPS has only gone down five minutes but I keep I think it kept
circling me Ron and taking it over guys 50 minutes was our ETA you know what it
is now it is ill 49 and stuff so yeah and we’ve been driving for half an hour
like we need to sometimes it were definitely our issue it is freaking hot
here but it’s definitely our issue and I feel nauseous as hell good lately when
I’ve been in like in a car with someone else I feel so nauseous
but anyways now we’ve switched our plans because I’m like we weren’t I hate it so
much time that now we don’t even want to go to home since we’re hungry so we’re
going there now and the heck just get me to the restaurant please just don’t like you guys I just I have an update for you
guys because this is literally by the way a couple seconds after I just walk
yeah so we saw a sign okay and II mean like
that’s kind of when she’s like oh this is where you go like for the home
senseiess Rexdale and I was like Steph you go to Rexdale anyone from the DPA
GTA just knows wreck feels like I do good of an area but he was shocked
guys the science is right to do in the lake but but I thought that she was
going right way I’m making I’m here early you’re in middle I’m here I don’t
like Rex is no longer a guy’s I go look it up we were in our topic okay me hope
that I don’t think I was following the together I just kept going straight
wow we are like even her recipe for a me word Cherie Gardens oh my god how did we
get from gone into Rexdale Amy we might as well just stay here by Etobicoke guys
I’m Jedi I don’t even know what to say it happens all the time last
can you help me try to go to Sheridan nurseries and ten we put all the weight
and Scarborough with the Scarborough guys with my cigar bro
I don’t go to Scarborough okay like I’ve been described out one highlight why we
went to go to the Mississauga land and I clicked the Scarborough adage about how
can two people talk so much that I didn’t even we’re going yeah the step
was like well how are you lost like you’ve been following the GPS right and
I was like honestly Steph I have no memory then what the hell just happened
in the past 20 minutes like I was not looking at he guess Amy we went to it
who will come I’m so like I cannot and like it’s
starting to get dark guys that I might get dark and it’s always during rush
hour that we do this oh my god like I just Amy it says this Lane is closing found this chocolate gorgeous sweater
and I tried it on and I absolutely loved it
I don’t even have a chocolate sweater and it’s so super warm and soft I got a
bunch of these because I’ve been wanting to kind of organize the inside of my
cupboards over here where all my pots are a lot of pans a lot of plates stuff
like that so I bought a few options so that I can kind of see how I like them
so this is gonna kind of be a little trial run for me and if I feel like I
love some of them or want to keep all of them then I don’t have to return any and
maybe I can show you guys in another video like if they do work an
organization of down here because I have a lot more organizing to do seriously
like you would think by this time everything would be organized in my
place but no it’s crazy they were actually really affordable $14.99 I
think this one was twelve $9.99 so yeah I’m gonna try these out and see and I
also went out and did some groceries I picked up this lavender lemonade it’s a
probiotic organic has hydrator and yeah it’s only 20 calories it doesn’t taste
like the greatest I have to put a little bit of stevia inside of it but if you
guys have any probiotic suggestions please leave them down below if you guys
are loving any I got some more garlic powder at yellow potatoes I’m actually
trying to boil our water right now so we can start that shepherd’s pie got turkey
bacon spicy Italian this is veggie sausages
these are completely vegetarian and I think if I do that soup again I’m just
gonna do that then I got some chicken breast today we need this I got extra
lean ground beef not just Li and I got extra these are chicken thighs I just
want to have these inside of my freezer and non-latex vinyl gloves so the reason
oh my god I got the wrong size got these because when I’m cleaning the house I
have these those kind of really thin sort of latex gloves they’re a lot more
like thick I can tell honestly I think you guys know the dilemma with hair ties
like you buy five thousand packs and five thousand
just go missing so these are like the absolute best these ones my goody I
don’t know if you guys have your favorites I’m sure you do but for my
thick hair I need to get these thick hair bands I cannot do the very thin
flimsy ones I don’t care how strong they are and needs to be this one because I
have a ton of hair then I got two packs of these but I just emptied out and kind
of restocked my little container and said my cupboard so I got my whole
Earth’s TV I was on sale for 399 and I grabbed the last two then this is my
favorite gravy I actually think I’m gonna use a little tiny bit of this in
my own shepherd’s pie recipe today then I got Green Giant mixed vegetables this
is what we need for our shepherd’s pie organic bananas guys this whole thing
with a 97 cents like it on then I got a mango and Apple this is for a smoothie
that I want to start doing with my breakfast and then I got some fresh
basil because I’m gonna be making that pesto kind of pasta recipe with you guys
any time that I’m cooking something that needs any potato I love to use yellow to
leave it sweeter plus it’ll like honestly cut down the boiling cooking
time by a lot I noticed that they’re just a lot softer than your typical
potato I honestly don’t know exactly how much I’m gonna need I’m kind of like
free eyeing this this was exactly for potatoes so I’m gonna add this into my
boiling water right now just a little bit of salt and we have to wait until
this gets really nice and soft I’ll never forget when I had like shepherd’s
pie for the first time I had no idea what it was I was at my best friend’s
house and I was like twelve or something and her mom made shepherd’s pie and I’m
just saying what is I but I was always down to always try new foods and I still
am I just started eating it and I ran home and I was like mom you’ve got to
make sure if it’s pie my mom was like what the hell is that like my foam had
no idea what it was but most of our food was very Portuguese a lot of the time
and we never really liked a lot of those quick easy things you can pop inside the
oven especially for your kids that’s what my mom would make but we never have
heard of shepherd’s pie in our entire lives it loved it honestly and this is
such an easy recipe and I feel like it’s very warm it’s very fall I feel like the
colors are very fall in winter you have me in here I just have it on like medium
low right now we don’t want to cook this guy too too quickly right now the first
thing I’m gonna grab it’s a little bit of olive oil just gonna drizzle a little
bit the Raps salt of corn garlic garlic Queen over
here don’t go lightly with it like there’s there’s no point in going light
with garlic Lee then onion onion is super important for some reason my
onions like getting all clumpy but I think it’s good now okay you’re good now
some black peppercorn a little frozen veggies and I put it in the side with
the carrots the corn and the piece that’s good stuff that what you want and
our potatoes are still kind of boiling away there but you want to get these in
here because they’re frozen you can buy them fresh but like I told you guys I
actually learned that veggies keep their nutrients when they’re frozen in a
little bit more so I’m gonna turn this up a little bit more now that we have
some more flavor inside of here so medium is good it’s a little tip I’m
using this one this utensil because it has these little spikes at the bottom
and it helps you to continuously I like to stand here like honestly I enjoy
literally cooking and not like stepping away I never ever ever step away it’s
very rare I love this because you can keep like standing here and it helps to
really separate the meat and you guys can already see oh this is starting to
get kind of cooked as you guys can see most of the meat is getting cooked so
we’re going to start wanting to flavor it a little bit more at this point so
I’m gonna add in some ketchup the ketchup that I use is the no sugar
added when in steps in a lot lower calories so if you don’t like ketchup
that much then you can always replace this with some tomato paste but this is
just gonna give it a little bit of a caramelized kind of tomatoey background
it’s not gonna give it a lot so maybe like a good 3 to 4 tablespoons I am
going to some of it calls to put some beef broth but I don’t have beef broth
so we kind of want this mixture to be a little bit thick to be honest or else to
crumble a little bit too easily so I’m not going to use this entire package and
I’m not going to use a whole time so a quarter of this it’s just gonna help
to thicken it up a really give that beefy sort of flavor and because I know
I really love this greasy so much I’m going to love this
our boy starch because that’s going to this was my favorite thing that
hellofresh ever taught me so I’m gonna be putting a really hefty you two
teaspoons of that this guy is really gonna help to thicken everything up and
you guys can already see the color that one the beef gravy is kind of giving and
I didn’t add any water as you guys can tell because we do want this again to be
thick we don’t want to be watery then we’ll let this guy cook down a little
bit give it time to really get all those flavors in our potatoes are nice and
cooked so I’m just gonna grab my potato masher and kind of just just gonna give
it a little bit of a mash right now but we’re gonna be adding some but up I mean
you know doesn’t like some butter y’all this is how much I’m going to they’re
going to add a little splash of my almond milk to kind of give it a little
bit of a creaminess these potatoes barely got any salt so I’m gonna add in
some more salt but then we’ll taste test it a little bit once we’re done mashing
it so you let me just match this all up together like how simple is this recipe
you guys make sure your potatoes are really what I do is I literally just
grab my knife and I just stop it a little bit and see if it literally like
falls right off of my knife you know your potatoes aren’t done and I left on
the skins by the way and as you guys can probably tell I’m gonna grab my spatula
and really kind of make this you see how it’s like a paste
that’s how soft oh it can smell and I can smell that butter so good so this is
the layer we are gonna be putting on top of our pie it is everything that’s kind
of come together it kept it on low but I’m gonna turn it off literally right
now you can put on 400 I’m gonna see how my oven kind of makes this golden top
I’m gonna see if it needs to be higher actually let me just dump this in here
love these non-stick pans just love it if you guys want to know which pans I’m
using I put it in my amazon hauls that you guys cannot shop them I love them so
much and they’re so affordable you just want to kind of create a layer and I
kind of like to make it really dense by padding it really tightly into the
bottom you’re just gonna want to put a good layer just gonna put like a little
glob on every single corner you just want to spread the whole layer I
actually think this might be a good amount that I did for the potatoes so
and I love by the way using this flashlight because you’re able to like
kind of push in turn areas dried parsley and you’re just gonna sprinkle it this
is really more for decor than anything else and we’re gonna put this inside the
oven wait until our top is really nice and golden it’s like a crusty top not
too much but a little bit of a crust and that’s it guys let’s put it inside of
the oven and let’s see what happens you guys look what just came out of the oven
so it’s 358 so this thing went in around three almost three 20s and I did I first
have it at 350 but then I kind of like five minutes after that I’m like I don’t
think I think I need to put on 400 and then I even went 425 at the very end
gorgeous you don’t want to cut it up right away it’s kind of like a lasagna
you wanted to let it sit a little bit while our pie is kind of settling these
are our ornaments oh my god I was actually really afraid to not find my
ornaments but I found the most perfect ones and I actually wanted these in
matte black I didn’t want this like pearly kind of charcoal II almost
graphite sort of look but I decided to get them anyways because Michaels was
having these two are by Michaels by the way and this one is from home Suns so
these came with like a bunch of silver ones and there were so many boxes by the
way but you see this Wrentham one over here guys I said to Jessica open up the
box and I’m gonna put all of the cream ones in there don’t act like y’all never
do that because I do that like with a lot of things sometimes listen there’s
someone out there that wants these silver bowls and now they have a whole
package of them see the black accent how it kind of pulls it in a little bit so I
wanted these again in like a black matte I wanted them completely black just like
these guys are in white Oh gorgeous these are
Oh cute guys these are just everything these matte ones oh my god these frosted
ones like I cannot it’s like watch yourself it got this ribbon this like
faux fur ribbon look how thick it is so I want to do my tree kind of
minimalistic it was on sale as well so if you got two of them I think you got
50% off and it’s just this like creamy stony kind of faux fur and then I got
these the hooks so the hooks I got the same color I wanted Green hooks because
I didn’t want the silver to stick oh and I just kind of went around just to kind
of separate everything so it makes a little bit easier and I just kind of
went like this inside I decided to do four we’re gonna serve this beauty up
look how nicely that came out first of all but you can tell inside of the pan
there’s not much left but what you just do is grab the rest of your meat of
course I think and you can just put it on the side you guys look at our
delicious shepherd’s pie it tastes so so so so good it literally fits exactly
shepherd’s pie so I’m definitely gonna be using my recipe every time I bake it
but it’s a really quick and easy actually fairly cheap kind of recipe to
make guys that’s our tree I put her up last night because I wanted to have
these just get like the whole base up and everything but isn’t that like the
most perfect corner for her and how slim she is like she’s a size 2 like the girl
is a size 2 have the wall outlet right over there so it’s easily like you can
just plug it in and I got the one that has a little bit more of this texture
and it’s funny because when she’s lit it looks like she has like snow on her
employment is from Michael’s and it’s by Ashland and I can actually it’s the
cashmere one I can link it down below for you guys if you have not gotten your
tree yet but I want you to buy the tips so you can actually save a ton of money
by using stuff that you guys already have around your house I was thinking of
ordering a tree skirt and I’m like why would you do that like there’s so many
things that you guys can use I’m gonna be using a blanket that’s reasonable
and I’m not too concerned about how I wrap the backs though I don’t want it to
be full of ribbon or anything I wanted to match my decor style and kind of make
sure that the angle of how you’re running it sort of lines it’s just gonna
be like kind of like this though might also want to turn on the lights to see
if the ribbon is in the way of any of the lights and then that’s kind of a
little tip get the ribbon out of the way if it is so this is the book for you
guys this is our finished tree you guys oh my god I am so happy with it decided
to do some of the black balls too and I love these matte ones I didn’t end up
using these shiny cream ones I only did the frosted the black and these cream
ones I love it it matches my decor that’s definitely my tip make sure when
your tree goes up in all your ornaments that it kind of matches your decor so
that everything kind of flows and it doesn’t stick out it just looks so
gorgeous I can’t believe I questioned if I was
going to put up a Christmas tree or not now it feels like Christmas now I’m just
really happy that it’s done and I’m glad I got to do with you guys hopefully you
guys enjoy it as close as my place and I’m really glad that I put the black
pieces because I feel like when the lights are on
when I plug it in I feel like they look even darker so I love when you guys are
tagging me on your IG stories when you guys are watching my video so make sure
you guys do that also and leave some love down below yeah so I have two new
like clothing hauls for fall mainly winter but there’s a lot of fall pieces
in there that you guys can use as well if you guys want to check it out on the
channel there’s a nasty guy one and there’s a boohoo I know you guys been
waiting for the boohoo one both Nasty Gal and boohoo are gonna be doing a
Black Friday sales as you guys know Black Friday’s coming up I also have
merch that is coming I’m actually waiting for the samples to come and I’m
so excited it’s very very minimalistic and it kind of reminds me of my first
lunch when I did the original crew an original t-shirt that vibes but a lot
more minimalistic this time and just I honestly cannot wait to wear these
pieces I’m so in love with them and I’ve had this idea for a long time and I
don’t know why I didn’t do it now that merch is coming soon and I know a lot of
you guys want to crew necks and hoodies so I’m doing a crewneck and a hoodie so
that’s definitely gonna be available super super soon I’m also sending them
to Amy as well because she loved the design
like okay girl I got you if you were not subscribed or you guys just kind of
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hopefully you subscribe and also if you want to get notified click that little
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love you guys so much and I hope you guys have an amazing amazing holiday
season thank you guys so much for watching and I will see LM a beautiful
babes in my next video

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