Watch This Before Eating At In-N-Out Burger Again

In-N-Out set a new standard for fast food
when its first restaurant opened in 1948. Since then, the chain has continued to increase
its cult following day by day. Part of its allure is how rare the restaurants
are — but what else makes this chain so worthy of praise? Most fast food joints, or even sit-down restaurants
for that matter, can’t boast that their beef is never frozen. But that isn’t the case with In-N-Out. In fact, part of the reason the chain is so
limited in its locations has to do with the quality control standards on the beef the
restaurants serve. According to In-N-Out, the company doesn’t
freeze, pre-package, or microwave any of its food, meaning those beef patties arrive fresh
at each location from In-N-Out’s own facilities. They then stay fresh in walk-in coolers, rather
than giant freezers, until they get cooked to order on a grill. The result is a burger that always feels as
though it was made to order just for you. The chain doesn’t even use heat lamps to keep
their burgers warm. It’s for all of these reasons that, for now
at least, you won’t find an In-N-Out located any further east than Texas. With those strict standards, deliveries of
fresh meat must be organized in a timely fashion, with deliveries to the restaurants on a daily
or almost-daily basis. “In-N-Out truck’s coming in ten!” Stacy Perman, author of In-N-Out Burger: A
Behind-the-Counter Look at the Fast-Food Chain That Breaks all the Rules, told NPR that all
locations are actually within 500 miles of the company’s patty-making facilities, which
ensures that your burger is always top quality. It’s not just the hamburger patties that get
the gold-star In-N-Out treatment — the iceberg lettuce is hand-leafed, the American cheese
is the unprocessed real deal, and the french fries are made from fresh potatoes that are
hand-cut in the stores. In-N-Out burgers are all about quality, and
that means you also get the ability to customize, because at the end of the day, what’s a good
burger that isn’t made the way you want it? “They make a good double meat burger.” In addition to fresh lettuce and tomatoes,
one of the best things In-N-Out offers is a choice of onions, depending on your preference. If you’re a raw onion eater, your burger will
come with a whole slice of onion as a standard. But if grilled onions are your thing, In-N-Out
has you covered. The grilled onions are cooked on a hot griddle,
soaking in collected meat juices, adding even more flavor to your burger. Typically, grilled onions will come chopped
on your burger, but you can also ask for whole slices of grilled onions. Just know that ordering that option means
that your burger will take a bit longer to prepare, but if you’ve got a craving, then
it may just be worth the extra wait. If you’re feeling really wild, you could even
ask for all three onion options at once. Why not? “Onion God, thank you for these onions.” For those who simply don’t eat meat, In-N-Out
still has an option for you. All you need to do is order a grilled cheese
sandwich off the restaurant’s not-so-secret menu. That’ll get you a fairly substantial sandwich
consisting of two slices of melted American cheese, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, and spread
— also known as the chain’s secret sauce. It’s up to you whether or not to say yes to
those savory grilled onions, but remember — word on the street is those onions are
grilled in meat juices, so vegetarians and vegans beware. There’s also the option to add chopped chiles
to amp up your sandwich a bit more. If you’re really trying to hack the menu for
a vegetarian meal on the cheap, a side salad is also an option, if you know how to ask
for it correctly. Just ask for extra lettuce, tomatoes, and
onions on the side, as well as extra sauce, and you’ll be able to whip up a freebie salad
to go with your fries. Going into a McDonald’s or Burger King and
having your entire order haphazardly piled onto one tray is pretty normal. That’s not the case for In-N-Out. If you ask for more than a couple burgers
and fries, they’ll never be jammed into the same tray, and there’s a good reason for that. Because of a focus on quality control, In-N-Out
employees are trained to high standards, especially when it comes to how things look. According to one In-N-Out employee’s Reddit
AMA, “In-N-Out really prides itself on quality
and presentation. So we can only fit two burgers and two orders
of fries on a tray at once without ruining presentation.” In addition to the burger/fry math on each
tray, In-N-Out also has set standards on the number of napkins given out. According to the same employee, In-N-Out staff
are trained to put one napkin for each burger and one napkin for each fry in the tray, and
they’re always put on top of the burger — a practice that some customers actually find
a bit annoying, since the sauce tends to soak into the napkin before they even have a chance
to look at it. With that in mind, you might want to grab
a couple extra napkins on your way to the table. While you can head to Wendy’s for a Baconator,
or Burger King for a Bacon King, In-N-Out is not a go-to destination for your favorite
salt-cured pork. Bacon is not on the menu at any In-N-Out location,
and some speculate the reason has to do with the chain’s high quality standards. After all, you would never catch In-N-Out
serving pre-cooked bacon, and the fresh stuff can be a challenge when it comes to storage,
cooking, and cleaning up the grease. Since In-N-Out restaurants don’t have freezers,
it would make the storage scenario especially complicated. At this point, there has never been bacon
offered at an In-N-Out, and that may be a make or break point for some people. It’s such a well-known subject that some food
sites have posted April Fools’ articles announcing bacon as a new menu addition. Some bacon-loving In-N-Out customers have
even gone so far as to take matters into their own hands. One Serious Eats writer actually brought his
own cutting board, cooked bacon, and avocado to his local In-N-Out to assemble the Double
Double of his dreams. For the foreseeable future, this is the route
you’ll have to take too if you want bacon on your burger. Double cheeseburgers are pretty typical in
the fast food world, and they tend to be enough for most people. But sometimes you’re feeling really hungry,
or maybe you’re just up for a challenge. For those occasions, In-N-Out offers a 4X4,
or Quad Quad, on their not-so-secret menu. This beast of a burger comes stacked with
four beef patties and four gooey slices of American cheese melting in between. It also comes piled high with fresh lettuce,
tomatoes, and your choice of onions, all put together on a freshly baked bun. If your cravings surpass that burger size,
though, you’re going to have to just buy two 4X4s, because In-N-Out won’t stack any higher
than that. Or, at least, they won’t do it anymore. Once upon a time, In-N-Out would actually
let you order any number of patties on a burger and just upcharge you for each. That was the standard, until one blogger ordered
a 100X100 — a stunt order which cost $97.66 and came complete with a whopping 19,490 calories. So In-N-Out ended up revising its policy. Remember, they’re big on presentation, and
a 100X100 — or even a 5X5 — looks like more of a mess than a masterpiece. If you weren’t already obsessed with In-N-Out
as it is, the option to customize your French fries might change your life. “I’m going to be eating here all the time.” In-N-Out prides themselves on hand-cut fries. According to their quality standards, the
potatoes for their fries are shipped straight from the farm they were grown to the store
where they’ll be dished up. Each store has a fry cutter, and employees
are devoted to cutting fresh potatoes throughout their shift before the fries are cooked in
sunflower oil. And while a normal order of french fries at
In-N-Out is delicious, you can also order your fries well done for some extra crisp
and crunch. But the fry options don’t stop there. Perhaps one of In-N-Out’s most well-known
secret menu items is an order of Animal Style fries. This glorious confection comes topped with
cheese, extra spread, grilled onions, and pickles, and they’re definitely worthy of
a few extra napkins. As is the case with many restaurants, bringing
your dog inside is a little frowned upon. But many of In-N-Out’s locations feature outdoor
seating, letting you enjoy your meal in the sunshine with your best friend by your side. And while feeding your dog a double-double
is probably not the best idea, you can still loop your pet in on the In-N-Out Burger experience. All you have to do is order a “pup patty”
while you’re at the counter or drive-thru. Then the store will whip up a plain hamburger
patty, without any salt, so your dog has their own fresh In-N-Out snack. Plus, they’ll even put the treat in its own
doggy bag. Talk about royal treatment for man’s best
friend. For those diners who appreciate a well-done
patty, this is absolutely not for you. But all of you pink burger fans, listen up. Perhaps one of the most unique attributes
of In-N-Out is that you can order your burger cooked to medium rare with a nice pink center,
which is pretty much unheard of at any other quick burger joint. So while you’re deciding what type of onion
you’d prefer to add, or whether or not today’s the day for animal style fries, you can also
consider this option. It’s definitely a favorite for those who prefer
their beef a little on the juicier side. In-N-Out is a destination for all ages, and
can make for a momentous trip, especially for those who don’t live near an In-N-Out
of their own. And what better way to commemorate a visit
than with a little memorabilia? If you put in a request for them, you can
get free In-N-Out window and bumper stickers with your order, as well as stickers for the
kids. In addition to those flashy stickers, you
can ask for a paper hat. Employees wear either a baseball cap or the
traditional paper hat while they’re on the clock, so you can show some solidarity by
looking just like one of the team. Plus, they fold up easily and make for a great
souvenir. If you really want to show off your passion
for In-N-Out, most stores also sell additional swag items including t-shirts, hats, and cups. It feels like every company with a little
bit of reach can now point to its own companion app, and In-N-Out is definitely part of that
crowd. Because In-N-Out’s locations can be far and
few between, especially once you’re out of California, it can be difficult to find the
nearest location to satisfy those Animal Style cravings. If you’re on the hunt, the In-N-Out app will
give you directions to the location closest to you, as well as a whole listing of locations
in a particular state and surrounding areas. App users can also look up normal store hours
and drive-thru hours to be sure the restaurant is open when they get there. Plus, the app even spills the beans on the
locations that In-N-Out has in the works, which really, is probably the most interesting
thing about it. Don’t we all want an In-N-Out next to our
house? For those of us who haven’t yet been graced
with a local In-N-Out, the anticipation is unreal. “I never thought this day would come. I just never thought they would come here.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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