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What’s up everyone! It’s Missshakespeare
here with the third episode of my #GOLOCALATX series always bringing you new ways to experience
food culture in… AUSTIN, TX!!! Today’s food truck is a perfect marriage between
Rocky Balboa and a classic sandwich from Philadelphia, with gluten and vegan options. Let’s check
out Way South Philly, which was named by the Huffington Post as one of the best Philly
cheesesteaks to get outside of Philadelphia. My brother and I started Way South Philly
four years ago. I was laid off during the recession. It was a reduction of workforce
and I decided to take that negative and turn it into a positive by opening up my own business
in Austin. What better way to represent south Philly than with Rocky? All of our cheesesteaks
are named after Rocky characters. We’ve got the Clubber Lang. We’ve got the Mickey. We’ve got the Adrian. They’re all there. We get our rolls imported from Philadelphia, they
are the Amoroso rolls. We use Cheese Whiz which is a south Philly favorite on cheesesteaks. And of course we have the whit which is the sauteed onions. I do have a food challenge which is a six
pound cheesesteak. If you can finish this cheesesteak in twenty-two minutes you get
to create and put your own sandwich that will be on my menu. We’ve had probably about twenty-two
attempts and we’ve had two successful winners. Every single one of us at Way South Philly,
we’ve all been ordained online. Kristen and Matt, when you first joined hands
and hearts in marriage eight years ago… I’ve lost count of how many weddings we’ve
done. We do suggest that you give us a call, to give us a heads up, however we do the walk
ups too. Come on over and get hitched at Way South Philly. To all the people on social media, Yelp and
so forth, thank you so much because I look through all of that and it really does help
my business grow. Everybody that’s putting stickers on my trailer,
please stop. I’m kidding. Bring ’em on. Thanks y’all for all the new views, subscribers,
and thank you Willy from Way South Philly for helping me out with this series And thank you Missshakespeare. And anyone
who mentions this series, you get 10% off at my window. Aww, you didn’t have to! If you like supporting local business through
creative outreach subscribe and/or follow me on Instagram for the latest updates. BOOM!!! Oh my god! I want the bouquet!

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