We are APEX, the highest quality food truck builder in the industry.

If you came to kansas city and did a tour which we always recommend you’re going to see all sorts of trailers, marketing units, merchandising units, food trucks whatever you can think of. But at the end of the day we control everything from the start to finish. But our industry, twenty percent of the builders run eighty percent of the volume of units being produced. Inside that segment there’s just a couple of us that build a good quality unit that lasts the test of time. We would consider ourselves the top builder in the entire US on a craftsmanship basis. We have designed 12 proven models all pre-engineered versions. For these versions basically will be considered stock units. We make where there’s less ambiguity and our customers can make a choice to move forward, and have a business tool within 2-3 weeks delivered to them. If those don’t work will design a custom one for you and it still takes four weeks for us to build them. We love working with larger brands and small business owners but when it comes to the big brands our team knows how to speak the lingo to get the documentation they need to get something pushed through. Most of our competitors buy trailers from volume manufacturers and those trailers are just meant to haul light loads. We produce our own trailer chassis in-house. There’s a major difference there so our trailers last significantly longer than our competitors. We have the only five year unlimited warranty in the country on our special vehicles. We will never sacrifice quality for price. Our customers can appreciate the value of paying what they get when they come in and they see the product speaks for itself. We don’t build volume, but we build smaller quantities around what our customer needs. So if you’re in the market for one of these specialty vehicles, reach out give us a call, let us educate you. We look forward to working with you.

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