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– Oh.
– Oh. – Did you get some? – A little bit. Heads up, sorry, sorry, sorry, heads up. Let’s do this. – [Ivy] Oh wow. – Mamma mia, it’s a pizza party. – Mamma mia, that’s amore. – Hey there, welcome to
Homemade Vs. the Internet, the show where we watch
trending home videos and try to, they’re food videos really, if you really wanna get technical. Hey, welcome to Homemade Vs. the Internet. It’s a show– – The show where we spend half the day waiting on Robin to get to set. – Wow. (laughing) Let’s watch the video. This video by Real Simple
has over 1.9 million views. How to Make a Pizza in a Skillet. So, they’ve got a pizza
crust in a cast iron skillet. – Some canned tomatoes.
– Which have been drained. – Some salt, garlic, brocolini. – Brocolini. – Well, that’s a curve ball. And, bake it. – Um hm. – Well, seems easy enough. – That seems easy enough. – By the way, you will be dropping the ingredients from 75 feet. – Wow. – Oh. Are you ready for this? – I’m ready. I feel like I may have an advantage since I’ve actually dropped something off of that balcony before. – Yeah, honestly, you do
have a slight advantage. – Three, two, one. (banging) Oh! It’s very slight. Here’s pizza sauce. I’m using this. – Ooh yeah, pizza, bigger
than Robin’s pizza sauce. – [Robin] Garlic. – [Ivy] Oh, that was in there. – Do you like mushrooms on your pizza? I wanna drop as much
as possible, don’t you? – Do you want some real tomatoes? – I just wanna drop stuff. Don’t you wanna drop things? – Yeah, I kind of really do. You ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it. (dramatic music) – What’s the highest height
you’ve ever made a pizza from? – I’d say about, like, two feet. Is this gonna maybe break a world record? – That’s why I do it,
I’m in it for the glory. I didn’t sign up for this for the– – For the fun of it. – For the fun of it. – How much liquid do you think I need to get out of these tomatoes? – I’d say for quality
pizza, as much as you can. For quality video, maybe leave a little. – All right, I think I’m done draining. – [Robin] Are we ready for dough? – Let’s dough it up. You’re really good at that. – I mean, the way you
do it, is you kind of cup your hands like this,
and it sits on the knuckles. You just sort of spin it, and catch it. So, your hands kinda stay
like this the whole time. And, you just kinda get it. – I’m doing it.
– I know. If you wanna try this
at home, the best way to practice is with a wet kitchen towel. I’m about ready to drop. (whistling) Ivy, I think we have a helper down there. – We do?
– I hope, yeah. – [Ivy] Who do you think it is? – [Robin] I don’t know but, oh my lord. – [Ivy] Oh. – It’s the pizza fairy. (upbeat electronic music) You ready? – I’m ready, bombs away. – Okay, we’re prepped, bombs away. We’re gonna start with the cornmeal. Here we go. – [Ivy] Oh dear. That was pretty good Robin. – [Robin] Oh, you’re totally covered. – Oh, that is perfect-o. – Here comes the dough. This is where the rubber meets the road. Whoa! (laughing) – I’m hoping mine was maybe a little bit more successful than yours. – [Robin] Oh, ooh. – Slap, hey Shelbie,
can we try that again? Thanks Shelbie. The goal is to get it in the skillet. – Oh, is that what we’re trying to do? Ho, ho, can we start the
whole episode over again? I thought the goal was to
just make a big slap noise. – [Ivy] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. – [Robin] Miss it, miss it. Noonan. Ooh. (laughing) – Hey Shelbie, I think we’re gonna need a little bit of help
from your end down there. Hey, that was a really good
12 inch thing you had going. Her pizza head kinda fits right
in that skillet, doesn’t it? – All right, I’m going for pizza sauce. I’m just gonna do a little tester. – ‘Kay go.
– Yup. – [Ivy] Ooh, hey, you did it. Hey Shelbie, can you? – [Robin] Whoa, hello. Oh yeah. – [Ivy] I want mine a little
bit closer to Robin’s please. – [Shelbie] Wait. – [Robin] No, you got it. Oh, yeah. – [Ivy] Perfect, okay. Ooh, yes! – [Robin] Oh, dead center. – You ready for round two? We’re sharing the ‘mates. – We’re sharing the ‘maters.
– The ‘maters. – Should we drop it once? – [Ivy] Yeah. – [Robin] Whoa, oh God. (splattering) – [Ivy] Good job, ooh yes. – All right.
– Okay. – I think we’re ready
for veggies and such now. I have a feeling zero garlic is gonna make it into the, yeah,
this is just gonna flutter. – It is fluttering. Ooh, I think I got one. All right, what’s next?
– Okay. Mushrooms.
– Mushrooms. I’m gonna let you hold the bowl. – [Robin] Okay. – [Ivy] Mushrooms are lightweight. – [Robin] They’re like little moths. Oh, I got one. – Oh, you did. Ooh, I did too, yes. – Ooh, we almost, you almost
had a bowl coming your way. Oh, I got, mine rimmed out. All right, red bell peppers. – Hey Shelbie, what’s
our status down there? How many mushrooms do we each have? – Ivy, you got two. – Yes. What about Robin? – He’s got three. – Ah.
– Dang. Olives are coming next. – [Ivy] Olives. (whistling) – [Robin] Olives kind of bounce. (popping) – [Ivy] They really do. – Oh yeah.
– Oh. – This looks like when you see this, like the footage of like the bombing runs over Germany and stuff. – We are gonna need a lot of
sound effects in this episode. (crashing) – Brocolini. – Brocolini might be
our best friend in this. – I mean, anything in
this pan at this point. Oh, yeah.
– Oh. – What is happening? Get in there. – [Ivy] Ah, fewer flips. – Bastard.
– Pepperoni. – Who’s in charge of like cleaning up the second floor is what I wanna know. You want some of these? – I think I have some. – Or, you have a bag
of mini pepperonis too. – I don’t recommend the large. – I don’t recommend the minis. I’m taking matters into my own hands here. So, I’m gonna just sorta do this, and maybe it’ll fly and
explode when it hits it. Boom. I’m pretty excited about that. – So, I’m gonna get a
fistful of ‘roni here. Fistful a ‘roni. Aw, that was a valiant effort. Oh, epic! So, I’ve got, what would you call this? The snacking cheese. (whistling and exploding) Oh, hey Shelbie, can you move my pizza a little closer to Robin’s? – No, you’re just trying to take advantage of my sharp shooter. – I want it to maybe touch Robin’s – Ugh. Can I tell you guys a secret? I don’t think you have to have gone to culinary school to do this. – We’re opening up all of
the cheese at this point. – Strategy is out the window. – There’s no game of strategy. – Heads up, sorry, sorry, sorry, heads up. – Oh, got one.
– Oh, you got one. (bleeping) That was the one I really wanted. – [Ivy] Oh. – [Robin] Oh. – Did you get some? – A little bit. (orchestral music) Oh.
– Yes! Good job Robin. – [Robin] Ooh, you’re getting
there, finding the range. – Yes! Yeah, all right, I think for effect, I’m gonna just go for it. – You’re just gonna make it snow? – That’s amore. Let’s throw these bad
boys in the oven Robin. – [Robin] Oh yeah. – We’re looking good. – I mean, I think the fact that we figured out mozzarella at
the end really saved the day. – That really did, cheesy bread. – Otherwise, it was gonna be bread with a few really dry toppings on it. So, Ivy, you can think what you want, I can think what I want. But, the judge is gonna
have the final say. (fanfare music) Who’s it gonna be? Oh, Nicole.
– Oh, Nicole. From Mom Vs. – We had to drop all of the ingredients into these pans from 75 feet. – You people. Now, I’m gonna guess
that these ingredients didn’t land like this. – No, they landed exactly like that. – They landed like this. – No, everything– – But, there was stuff around it. – Oh, yeah.
– Yeah. – Okay, appearance. Maybe, maybe this one wins on appearance. – [Ivy] Oh, look at that. – Not much flavor. – See, you got hers. – This one’s nice. – Yeah, see you got the
slice with toppings. – Look at that bite there. – I just went in, but look,
I went in at the same angle, I didn’t turn the pan.
– That’s fair Robin. – Whoa. – Let me get the food outta my teeth. Flavor-wise, because I got more flavor, just flavor in general, is this one. So, I guess this one’s winning
on taste and appearance. – Yeah, but what else? – So, there you go. – Good job Ivy. – Woo, I finally pulled out a W. (upbeat music) – Greasy high five.
– High five. Thanks. – All right. – Thanks Nicole.
– Thanks Nicole. – You’re welcome. – All right, that’s your
first season under the belt. Did you have fun? – Oh yeah. Hands down, most fun I’ve had at work. Don’t tell my boss that. – Thank you guys for watching season five. And, all of that. Hey, thank you guys for watching. You start. – I’ll start it. – Saying thank you is not my specialty. – Thank y’all so much
for watching this season. I hope you loved it as much as we did. Be sure to like, comment. – Share. – Woo, Homemade Vs.
the Internet., Mom Vs., Well Done Food, go make some ‘za. We’ll see you. (laughing) Maybe in the future. (crashing) – [Robin] Let’s try that again.

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  2. Please subscribe to my channel for awesome entertainment!! I have Cooking Videos and tune in for Pizza NightNext TuesdayThings are gonna go dowwwnnnnn, Also my channel will include pranks , gaming Sports , gossip , music/movie reviews, fitness and reactions to the best videos! I won’t let you down. This is the beginning of one of the biggest Channels on YouTube !

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