hey the sparkle just whoa thing all these sauces have gone right today we are ranking the famous fast food sauces like fast food I do I’m a big fast food person I used to eat fast food a paragraph yeah I mean I don’t anymore when I go to McDonald’s I’d like to get my fries in that old man is your favorite yes sugar well oh all right here we go [Music] [Laughter] [Music] yes wait one put past them so the least is Polynesian sauce I’m so sorry for the name it just tasted like sweet and sour sauce I can’t say what the rash tastes like some nice ranch and then we had a zesty buffalo kick Turtles I like to kick it like hit me but it’s like let’s do love honey roasted barbecue that was basically a chick-fil-a sauce which is really weird move on to the next place oh I appreciate how their packets are all the same so similar to chick-fil-a they’ve got their own barbecue sauce they’ve got their own buffalo sauce they got their own ranch sweet and sour they will really mess with this certificate err I’m watching this with the chicken nuggets maple syrup like it maple syrup that’s gone off and Fleming all right now let’s have spicy buffalo already you might need a water break yeah let’s try the hot mustard since want a spicy kick and you know this was a sauce option so that’s definitely not even spicy it’s just mustard garsik often get barbecue sauce let me call this my yes you do that’s all of you tell me how goodness it’s already the same oh my mr. zing yeah barbecue sauce at the top undisputed king honey mustard uh yeah number two number three we have zesty yeah buffalo sauce ranch then this hot mustard and then we don’t want to talk about this I’m setting fun oh my want to start with the a blue oh this isn’t spicy at all but this is a well seasoned sauce fryer I taste the difference between the two of them peppery let me pour this next one for you that’s his energy oh that’s a very sweet thing for you to say of course I will the last one we have is mono yeah yep there you go there’s patterns I think I got a new appreciation for you enjoyed you know what is it’s straight company is what makes it all better Barbies I don’t think I ever good obviously let’s start with the horsey sauce no it’s no it’s horseradish I don’t hate that let’s put it army sauce ketchup soy sauce no it’s good yeah Padma she meet up with the mozzarella snake right yeah this might be honey mustard might not be we’ll see oh why don’t you fake bones bad lardo it tastes like beef broth that like beef stock with some honey mustard why do I spend my Friday morning yeah well technically I have breakfast with a beautiful woman Arby’s sauce that horthy softened I have a great time with these ones alright Popeye I’m a gambler with any of you sauces to go through all right through it from the end there on your end that ranch taste off to me are you sure you’re okay did you gargle gargle and try not to spark okay this one looks like fun I think I might like this one this is actually very good I’m gonna put this at number 100 that’s a oily looking sauce yeah well let’s mix it first Oh Oh No [Laughter] Mardi Gras mustard oh that’s very seats indeed how we talking about that I mean it’s I like it better these two yeah just put it above that one it’s decent oh sweet seat sauce you’re gonna hate this I can tell yep I told you oh it’s like sweet and sour sauce this is the bold barbecue sir I do like barbecue sauce so go black and ranch sauce okay scoop the other ranch yeah this has a smoky taste to it Oh old Vicki sauce I’m black and ranch Mardi Gras mustard sauce and then these three which whereby you buffalo sauce sweet heat ranch and buttermilk ranch sauce Deb solid I do love the some ranch city ranch honey mustard baby don’t honey mustard little sweet for my taste earn credit for hot taco sauce for tacos you know I’m talk to us so we have fries yeah basic sweet and sour sauce a little worried about this one you know we don’t like that I need my Sparkle sauce barbecue sauce red hot sauce buttermilk ranch I’m surprised by how high we put it by didn’t minded this one honey mustard sweet-and-sour sauce and then hot taco sauce and the cages Popeyes if you had to pick one sauce out of all the sauces we had today let’s say you had a man over and he’ll added himself up in one of these sauces oh whoa

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