We Tried The Spiciest Curry In L.A. • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– We’re going to play
spiciest curry telephone, which means we’re gonna go to one place. – We’re gonna try the
spiciest curry there. – Then ask them – If they weren’t gonna eat
spicy curry from their place – Where they’d go to
eat the spiciest curry – And we’ll go on, and on, and on – Till we kill over from fire shit. – Uncle Colin was busy
and they were doing curry so they brought me. – Cause I’m Indian, it’s a curry thing. – I think I can handle it,
like how spicy could curry be? We are looking for the
spiciest curry in LA. Any idea where we should start? – I think you should go to Jitlada. It might be the spiciest
but if they can find an even spicier place for you, that would be incredible. And, I’m sorry. – We’re starting with Thai curry. Thai curry has that kind
of like fusion of both the South Asian and the East Asian spices. So, are we rating them
based on the poops after or. – How much does it burn
going in and how much does it burn going out. – What’s the challenge? – Let’s do it. – is your butthole ready? – It’s definitely clenched. – Oh my God, that’s not even curry. – That’s legit chili paste. – My mouth is watering right now. – My body doesn’t like it. – My stomach is burning. – I’m going to start hiccupping – I am crying. – Oh, it’s coming back. – It burns. – it’s not going away. – You’re going to find
me on the bathroom floor, halfway through my poop, dead. – I’m pissed, why did you order that? – Freddie and Stephen are fighting. We lost and the curry won. Dear viewers, if you see
a speck on the screen, it is Thai iced tea that
Freddie just spat at us. It’s over, look at Freddie. – If you weren’t going
to eat spicy curry here, where would you go eat curry? – I’d definitely go to
Curry House in Little Tokyo. I think it’s not as spicy as
us, but it’s pretty spicy. – Guys, I feel nauseous. – That is not sitting well. – I’m still pissed. – I actually thought Freddie
was going to murder me. Where are we going to next guys? – Curry House. – Here we are at Curry House. We’re about to eat the spicy curry. I don’t thinnk it’s going to
be as spicy as the last place but let’s do it. – Let’s go. – It smells great. – Smells like curry. – That is delightful. I want more. – I kind of like the gravy vibe. – You know how it’s scared
from the last place? It’s kind of like burning those scars. – No, it just tastes like mild curry. Oh shit, is that chili oil? – Yeah. – Stephen. – That, immediately, sends a signal to my stomach to get ready. – It doesn’t burn your mouth but it gives you some chest hair. – I need that. – This is a good spice.
This is a spice that I could eat. I can’t wait
to see my boyfriend and breathe in his face. – Taste ten out of ten,
spice six out of ten. – I talked to one of the
waiters and they said Indian Curries. – Native India, here we come. – This is me on the
dance floor right here. – I’m sure, I’m sure. – Hey, we’re here, Gate of India. – I can make it but it’s
really, really, spicy. – These are Mango Lassis. – It’s a legit like smoothie. – It is a sweet yogurt drink.
It will eliminate spice. – Alright. – This looks spicy – That is the best
combination of spice and taste we have had. – It’s like creeping up. – Spicy? – Yeah. – I like this. – Like Andrew? – That’s my Ishman. – The flavor was so
good, it was very spicy. – I know that I’m biased but I think this one’s the best. – Diclaimer, she is half Indian. – My stomach is killing me right now. – I think it had the opposite
effect on me, like I’m stopped up. So, my anus is still clenched. – To be honest, I feel okay. – What? I woke up at 4 AM this morning. You know when it gets so
bad, you like strip down? There is actually a
dynamite challenge book. People write testimonials
of very strange challenges. – October 2, 2012 Chris
S. “I came, I saw, I was deep throated by the devil”.

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  1. Why is there a man there p.s no sexist
    I feel sorry for you and I would be crying like crazy crying if I ate that🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌰🌰🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲🍲drink milk to let the spice go away 🥛🥛🥛🥛🍼🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🍯🍯🍯

  2. This is spicy for you oh boi u might have not tried Pakistani food ps if u want real Pakistani food u have to go to 🇵🇰 Pakistan

  3. Curry can easily become the spicest thing ever because you can just mush spices together and have it kill you 🤔

  4. I love Japanese curry. It warms you with the right spices. But in Japan there's a place called Coco Curry and there are different levels of spice that goes to 10, and after level 4 or 5, you have to show them your last receipt to prove you can get the next level.

  5. i love how they went from the most spicy place to the least spicy place. should've been the other way around.

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