What are the pros and cons of boosting sulforaphane?

In the meantime, I’ll go to your next question,
which is “what are the pros and cons of boosting sulforaphane?” We’re at time, so let’s stop any new incoming
questions and I’ll try to finish what I have in here. Sulforaphane, the nice thing is it promotes
detoxification. The bad thing is it raises the need for iodine. I don’t know what ratio to take, but you definitely
want to make sure that you’re getting some kind of iodine into your diet, whether it’s
through like 200 micrograms of iodine from a kelp powder supplement or you experiment
with milligram amounts from a broken up Iodoral tab or whatever. Because I don’t know the dose, I’m just going
to say work slowly and work your way up. Certainly, if you have any signs of hypothyroidism
or you have any brain fog, increase the iodine or decrease the sulforaphane would be my opinion.

6 thoughts on “What are the pros and cons of boosting sulforaphane?

  1. Yes…iodine…thats it…I'm done with Rhonda Patrick's qrazy talk about Sprouts and the wonders of Sulforaphane and

    Kale Smoothies, Her Worms, that live 50% longer…my God..do I look like a Worm…Hm, Hm…I think not 🙂

    that woman is dangerous and the same can be said about Dr/MD? Berg…Just saying 🙂

    I almost ruined my thyroid gland and Skinn, becourse of these Supplement-MD/Doctors.

    Glad that I "converted" to a Carnivore Diet…No more Qrazyness 🙂

    Just my 2 Cent's.

    Thank you Chris 👍👍👍


  2. Taking DIM might be a better way to get the benefits of sulforaphane without the impact to thyroid.


  3. Hey Chris. I have a question. Every time eat nicotinic acid i dont get any flush. Like nothing. I do get a little bit if i combine it with thiamine. Is that mean i am defecient in thiamine?

  4. 10 GRAMS OF SLAT WILL GIVE YOU 200 IU OF IODINE, HOWEVER 200 IU OF IODINE is just enough to prevent goitres
    and then you have environmental pollutants radiation EMF to add to the mix i take a huge DOSE every day of iodine

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