What I Eat In A Day | healthy, realistic full day of eating

welcome back to my channel I thought I
would do another what I eat in a day video because you guys loved the last
one if you haven’t seen it I will link it down below
basically I eat intuitively while also being gluten free dairy free and mainly
paleo so about 90 percent of the time and if I want to like eat something with
grains once in a while I will but that’s generally how I eat for the most part
this morning I had my normal lemon water you guys have seen tons of times lots of
vitamin C wakes up your digestion super hydrating in the morning and then I had
some coffee which I am obsessed with the new for sig Matic adaptogen ground
coffee not sponsored at all by far somatic I am just obsessed with this
coffee I pour some into like a little pour over thing I saturate the beans and
then it goes through but you can definitely use this ground coffee like
French press style or if you have a normal are clear coffee either the way
but it’s super delicious and I find it gives me energy without being jittery or
like palpitation E and it’s like focus I don’t know they put some adaptogen in it
and let’s just say that the adaptogens do work their magic
but it is time for breakfast and although I’ve been loving my pumpkin at
coconut yogurt bowl that you guys saw my last one I thought I would change it up
and do like an apple yogurt Bowl that is perfect for fall too and super delicious
so let’s go ahead and make it so this is the yogurt I’m going to be using you
guys saw me use it in my coconut yogurt bowl this is my favorite dairy for
yogurt some almond butter and then there’s this new grain free granola I’m
going to try so we’ll see how that is so it’s a couple hours later I have just
been filming some desserts this morning but it’s time for lunch it’s about 1:00
and I thought I would make like a salad with some eggs as a quick protein eggs
are a protein I reach to a lot because they’re quick to make but they’re also a
complete protein meaning they have all the essential amino acids that you need
in a protein so it’s pretty much a win-win I’m gonna have that with the
salad and maybe if you like something crunchy so maybe some nuts or some like
crackers or something we’ll see so I’m gonna mix some of this baby spinach in
arugula avocado I chopped up some Tomatoes I’m gonna cook some eggs and
then these are my favorite crackers there Akito friendly they’re like
essentially zero carbs but I just like the crunch of them and have them along
side of the salad egg bowl so I’m gonna have like this little
brownie I made this morning after lunch because who can say no to freshly baked
brownies and they are pumpkin swirl brownies they’re not gonna be up before
this video so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss this video
because they’re fudgy and delicious and they have this like pumpkin swirl that’s
almost like a like a pumpkin cheesecake II type of feel swirl so it’s delicious
going to have that and yeah that is like my little lunch so it’s a little while
later and I thought for dinner I would do like a chicken broccoli cashew type
stir-fry I don’t know it’s time I’m in the mood for like some sort of Asian
flavor so I’m gonna make that and it’s super easy you can definitely switch up
the protein or the vegetable for whatever you have on hand you could do
yeah whatever you want you can even do tofu if you want that’s a really quick
easy meal so I have some chicken that I marinated already I’ll leave the
marinade down below it’s for my chicken marinades video it’s like a sesame
ginger style Asian one some ginger I mix a little bit of arrowroot with water to
kind of thicken the sauce some cashews mushrooms and mansome broccoli for a little dessert I’m having a bag of
these smart sweet gummy bears and they’re really great they’re only three
grams of sugar I really like the sour ones they also do the normal free fruit
one sorry but sour ones are really delicious and you can see the net carbs
are super low we used to track the fiber from the carbs so you can see it’s only
like seven which is really low for candy and three grams of sugar so if you guys
if you guys like candy this is literally homemade candy I eat it’s so so good
highly recommend so I hope you guys enjoyed it that what ie today I’m going
to leave my what I eat add a playlist right here so you can get lots more
ideas and lots more delicious recipes in there and I hope I’ll see you guys in my
next video bye guys

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