What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

Hello and welcome to shopping with Dr.
Ekberg. I’m just going to talk a little bit about oils today. So for the last 50
years all we have ever heard is that saturated fats are bad and all the
unsaturated fats are good. Well it’s not quite that simple. The other thing we’ve
heard is that vegetable fats are good and animal fats are bad, and that’s not
true either. What is true is natural fats are good for you and processed fats are
bad for you. Another distinction we want to make when it comes to oils is the
ratio of omega-3 to omega-6s. Omega-3 oils are truly vegetable oils. Those are
anti-inflammatory whereas omega-6 oils are pro-inflammatory and all the oils that we typically call vegetable oils are actually not vegetable oils. They’re seed oils and grain oils such as soy, corn, and canola.
Those are not vegetables they are omega-6 oils and therefore pro-inflammatory.
So we want to base our consumption on vegetable which means
things like avocado and olive. Another great choice is a coconut oil because
even though it is saturated it is extremely healthy. It contains, a very
large, as much as 60% of short chain fatty acids that are excellent sources
of energy and that create no inflammation at all. So this would be the
worst of the worst this is what they call a vegetable but it’s actually made
from beans and then it’s shortening which means that they have had hydrogenated it. This is pure poison it is right up there with pesticides and heavy
metals in terms of toxicity. It screws up your cell membranes interfering with everything in your body. Then we have the second worst which is
extremely cheap highly processed soybean oil. We want to definitely stay away the
pro-inflammatory and they’re not really good for anything. Same thing with corn oil extremely highly processed. Corn oil has to be
extracted with solvents. It tastes terrible so they have to bleach it and
take every form of nutrients and flavor out of it before they can use it. And
that’s why these things are so cheap. Then we have something called vegetable
oil and then when we look what it is we see soybeans so again it’s not a vegetable oil. It’s a from a legume. And canola same
thing it’s not the vegetable oil it’s an omega-6 oil.
Now here we come to one of my marginal oils this is what I use to make mayonnaise
and I make my own mayonnaise because I want something that is light
and flavor but that’s not an omega-6 oil. So even though this is not the best I
wouldn’t consider it a super healthy it’s also not a terrible choice. It is an
omega-3 oil but it is also processed to some degree. That’s why I use it in
moderation but I wouldn’t consider it for cooking or eating on a regular basis. And then we get to the good stuff
so here is extra virgin olive oil. This is a good choice, and the only thing that
we want that is better is to make sure that it’s organic. And you will spend a
couple of dollars more for organic but this is still an incredibly inexpensive
foods. You get thousands of calories. You have 15,000 calories approximately in
one of these bottles for $15 so it’s not going to break your budget. So you want
to spend a few dollars more on getting a high-quality oil because toxins and
pesticides and hormones are fat soluble, so anything that you eat a concentrated
source of fat is also going to have a concentrated source of toxins. So get the
purest you can spend a little bit more and again this is still very very inexpensive. And here we go with coconut oil which is
the most heat stable healthy oil there is. So for all your cooking as much as
possible You want to use coconut oil. It’s an
excellent choice cook your vegetables in it use coconut oil. And what we don’t
see here is the other good fat is butter. But you want to make sure that it is
grass-fed because if the cows have that grass they have a healthy ratio between
omega-3s and omega-6s. Whereas if they’re corn-fed like most of them are then
they’re gonna have a much higher ratio of omega-6 S which is pro-inflammatory. So I hope this health… hope this helps check out our future videos and our
other videos on fat, and we will talk more about these things

20 thoughts on “What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

  1. This is a very very good video….it's a must see video for everyone.
    Thank you so much Dr. Ekberg, I'm switching to Coconut oil thanks to your input.

  2. I remember my Organic Chemistry lecturer telling us 25 years ago that we should stick with butter and avoid margarine because the hydrogenation process creates trans fats. This was at the height of the anti saturated fats hysteria when all the health agencies were promoting these miracle "cholesterol lowering" margarines.

  3. Frying is what creates a problem with coconut oil. To get the health benefits you say it has, you have to cold press it to get VCO or centrifuge coco milk to get the oil. This method does not rid the oil of its coconut smell and taste. So if you fry anything with virgin coconut oil it will leave a coconut flavor/smell. To get the coconut smell/taste out of this VCO we'd have to refine it; i.e, use steam/heat w/c would destroy the healthy nutrients in it or use chemical solvents w/c will destroy the healthy nutrients in it and introduce chemicals into the oil. Ergo, its almost the same as the seed oils if you want your fried food to have a neutral taste.

    However VCO ingested as a tonic or VCO used as a butter substitute in baking I absolutely agree is the healthiest plant oil.

  4. Try tallow. When McDonalds first opened in our area (mid 1960s) the best thing they had was those long fries cut right in front of you and fried in tallow. That’s what we all came back for. The burgers were a joke.

  5. Thanks for the clarity. Someone may have asked this but which oil is best to make popcorn on the stove top? Coconut oil has a strong taste and leaves a weird residue. I prefer olive oil but I heard it becomes toxic when heated?

  6. According to Wikipedia the Canola oil has omega 6/3 ratio like 2:1- which looks awesome to me. And its composition is not very different from the Olive oil (except that it actually has Omega 3s).
    So why is it bad?

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