What Is The Difference Between Grass Fed and Organic Beef? Healthy Food 2019

Hi I’m Chris with Organic Roost and in today’s
episode we are going to explain the difference between Organic Beef and Grass Fed Beef. Finding Grass Fed Beef is fairly easy these
days and usually nearby you will also see Organic Beef. So, what’s the difference.
Well, not all grass fed beef is organic, and not all organic beef is grass fed… confused?
Let’s break it down. The truth is, there really is a lot of overlap
between the two. Let’s talk about grass fed beef first. When you see the Grass Fed
label it is a reflection of the the cattle’s lifestyle. It means that the cattle were able
to roam freely to find their own food. During the winter months when the cows can’t graze,
they are given alfalfa, this is a very close substitute to their natural diet. This diet
is very nutritious and creates beef that is a lot leaner and much more flavorful. Now, Organic raised cattle is more regulated
by what the rancher can NOT do to raise the cattle as opposed to what they actually do.
It means more things are regulated like when and how much they eat, how much space they
live in and of course other things like sanitation and stuff. They also can’t have synthetic
pesticides, hormones, GMO’s, or antibiotics either directly injected or indirectly eaten
through their diet. These cows are likely to have a mixed diet of organic grains and
grasses. An important factor to remember in your buying
decision is the official organic certification is very expensive, some farms just can’t
or don’t pay for the actual labeling. Based on the practices of raising grass fed cattle
for beef it is technically often organic naturally.The only difference we know of is that they may
use antibiotics. But they may only be used when the cow is actually sick. It is only
given to the sick cow who is in turn separated from the herd until they feel better again.
Let me try to sum it up here, So if you see beef that is grass fed without the official
organic label it really might be organic, so don’t be afraid to ask the butcher or
call the company that packaged the beef. Across the county there are lots of small
family owned farms who are committed to the practice of raising quality, healthy cattle
that is full of nothing but real beef flavor without the official organic label. If you are able to, it is best to buy organic
beef that is also grass fed. Unfortunately it can be hard to find right now. We encourage
you to choose based on what is most important to you. Either way, you are making a smart
decision towards better health and a better environment. If this is your first time here we would love to have you subscribe. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey to understanding the basics of living a healthier, organic lifestyle. Please share you questions and comments below. Don’t miss our next episode where we review the Dirty Dozen. Until then… Be Organic and Be Healthy

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