What My VEGAN Kid Eats In A Day! | Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas For Kids

zuzana hey guys welcome to my channel today we’re gonna do what my vegan kid eats in a day best have been asking with this video so here it is this video was also cooperation with my sweet friend Tara on YouTube I am so excited her channel is Tara’s family and on her channel you are going to find one of the sweetest most compassionate moms and whenever i watch her content she is also vegan and her whole family is vegan but whenever i watch our content i am amazed and I am just encouraged the way she talks to her children like their young adults and she just shows her family so much respect and kindness and just has a gentle loving compassionate soul I just connect with her when I originally started the kids to do vegan diet I had watched tons of her videos and gotten tons of inspiration so it’s really cool to finally make this come full circle and to do it together so I definitely encourage you pop on over you’re gonna be so happy that you introduced our family there’s such good people all of the kids have amazing personalities they’re so kind and you’re really gonna love them so let’s get started if you’re brand new here and it’s your first time watching my channel welcome I’m Micah I’m so happy to have you and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it you want to see more foodie videos and let me know in the comments below what you had or one thing that you had to eat today and let’s get started with the video today what are you gonna me okay go ahead and make it for me now help you a little bit let’s add the bananas first pick them up almond milk good job might need a little more almond milk okay whoops sorry okay pour that in good job perfect you need some spinach because grow big and strong bunch of spinach good girl let me get out a little bit of maple syrup to sweeten it up that’s a little bit set me up like lemonade we below it’s bitter sweet this tyrannous will bite your tongue hey [Music] [Music] holy SH I’m so high I would say put the Sun is getting warmer [Music] like helium [Music] we are doing the lunge and we’re gonna have some Italian blood orange soda that’s the baby and then we’re just gonna give her an avocado toast it’s just a race cake and then some homemade fresh guacamole that we just need how much do you like your favorite all things for there’s no and then I got some pre-cut fruit at the grocery store which keep it simple today really really simple thank it a shake those are like a letter Y what it looks like why the letter Felix fantastic [Music] good to go that is really good good [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we are diving into dinner and I have to say Jake is hair and she has some really yummy looking it looks pretty yeah I know it’s good yeah for a dinner they have braised she’s kind of already dived in sweet potato mash and then peaches how delicious you don’t like the pizza please feet dry I was thinking if you got done with your food that we got dessert like a popsicle [Music] and for dessert they are just gonna have these good pops there are a hundred percent fruit juice and they are pretty eager for me to open them up for them you go what do you say thank you thank you you guys thank you so much for watching what might be in kid Z today I see you if you guys like this video give it a big thumbs up and let me know what videos you want to see from me next in the comments below I love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week bye guys [Music]

100 thoughts on “What My VEGAN Kid Eats In A Day! | Healthy Vegan Meal Ideas For Kids

  1. This was just precious. The kids did so well and the food 😍😍!!! Thank you so much for working with me – just a shame there is a huge ocean between our families!😩❤️😄

  2. Wow happy parents that their kids are eating healthy foods. They enjoyed their foods so much. Thanks for sharing Myka

  3. I’ve been vegan for about three and a half months and I’m slowly transitioning my kids to a vegan lifestyle.

  4. How did i not know your kids are vegan when im vegan only watch vegan food videos and love cleaning videos and u hahaha i squealed in excitement after clicking play

  5. THX for sharing ! !I am also a vegetarian, It is a fact the vegetarians seem to be smarter, ! ❤

  6. Love this and will deffenitely try to make at home 😃😃Thank youuu and awesome channel💖💖💖Im your new subscriber 🙂🌹

  7. I'm raw vegan and my hubby is the chef. Today we had spicy indian raw cauliflower rice. Yum!

  8. Myka your videos have inspired me. Just yesterday we found out that my 7 year old daughter is already in puberty. Instead of taking the synthetic hormones we are adopting a plant based diet and doing herbs. I would love to have some more meal suggestions. It seams like from the videos that you guys keep it pretty simple. Any advice or meal plans would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the view into your world. We are heartbroken for our baby girl!

  9. you need to add more super foods to your childrens diets for nutrients, so for smoothies add hemp and chia seeds aswell as some barley grass powder. 🙂

  10. Your daughter is so cute, I actually subscribed to your channel after I watched this. Cant wait to watch the rest of your videos.

  11. It makes me happy that you and your whole family has gone vegan! 💕💕
    Something you can add to your smoothies to make em more nutritious then they already are…. I like to add hemp powder, maca powder, and spurlina. I also add chlorophyll! My son and I love this! . Good for you guys! Sending lots of love!

  12. I love the stainless steel straw! Is it rounded at the opening? Where did you get them? Love the channel!

  13. I loved this, she's way too cute! It's awesome to pack the spinach in smoothies – I do the same thing and can't even taste it. I wish I knew that a long time ago!

  14. This is such a great video! I love seeing little mini vegans in the kitchen! We are a family of 5, we've been vegan for 3 years and we love it. Getting kids involved is so so important. Great job!

  15. I love you and your family so much. I did not know that your kids are vegan!! That is so cool and I have been sent from your giveaway. I love you so much and you are so pretty and I love your hair.

  16. I wish it were easier to transition my family to eating vegan, this video was beautifully done as are all of your videos I have seen so far💕

  17. I don’t understand how anyone can be a vegetarian or especially a vegan. I just love meat and other produce way too much😋

  18. This is another really helpful video, Myka! My younger sister became a vegetarian about 6 months ago, and has started looking into veganism, as well. She is looking for any help she can get as she explores it! I'll be sure to share this video with her- I think she'll like it a lot! Thanks so much, Myka!

  19. love this!! this video turned out to be so helpful amd the recipes are so simple… would definitely make myself some plant based meal so…. thanku… lots of love 💕💕💕💕😘😘💞💞

  20. you are stupid idiot. No protein or milk or butter for kids? Where's Huxley on meal time? Just lock him in the room? You are nasty people in the world.

  21. omg after trying some of those vegan food and I fell so amazing I feel strong, health,and better then ever.😃😃😃😊

  22. omg after trying some of those vegan food I feel so amazing I feel healthier, strong,and amazing 😃😃😃

  23. Wow I’m really surprised your daughter can just eat any time of fruit and veggies, i have a 5 and a 4 year old and they hate veggies 😭

  24. #1 if i gave my children that- they would spend half the day asking for snacks.. #2 the other part of the day going to the bathroom..

  25. I think indian/pakistani vegetarian food is lot better and tastier. These meals looked quite bland. Except for smoothie which probably has lots of sweetness. Using lemons, cinnamon, herbs etc would make vegan food quite tasty.

  26. how do your children go with the all that fruit? i know i went on a fruit diet and i couldn't sleep too much sugar

  27. Wow so many negative comments on here. Glad to see someone is feeding their kids healthy foods while teaching compassion for living beings. It is funny that few understand getting protein doesn't have to come from animals, that is a choice not a need. Love your Positive videos!!

  28. Hi I love your channel, and it’s so good that you’re vegan!!! But one thing, to make almond milk they need A LOT LOT LOT of water so it’s not so good for the enviroment either :/

  29. Man reading the uneducated comments is sad. It's not their fault, they've been told incorrect facts forever but sad they push it here. This is a perfectly healthy and safe vegan diet

  30. earth balance makes a peanut butter where the oils are replaced with coconut oil. its my all time favorite peanut butter and the kiddos love it!

  31. Awesome! Help!!! I am a Newby vegan and need some guidance. Please do more food video's. God bless you and your sweet family 😉

  32. I think the kids are more vegetarian than vegan…she has made them eggs other videos…so the kids are not 100% vegan.

  33. I'm a Taira family fan! Just subscribed to your channel. Love watching vegan family video's gives me some great food inspiration

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