What Really Makes Popeyes Chicken So Delicious

If you love that chicken from Popeyes, you
certainly aren’t alone. The fried chicken from this Louisiana-born
fast food staple really is spectacular. But what has helped the chain develop a royal
reputation for its consistent fried poultry perfection? People really insist on getting food that’s
fresh these days, and Popeyes knows it. According to a supposed former employee on
a Reddit thread, Popeyes bone-in chicken is always fresh, never frozen, but the chicken
tenders are cooked from a frozen state. The bone-in chicken arrives at each restaurant
fresh, then the staff brines, batters and fries the bird in-house. It’s extra work, maybe, but you can taste
the difference. Even though Popeyes fried chicken is produced
on a massive scale since it’s such a popular chain restaurant with over 3,000 locations
worldwide, it has to operate with an independent restaurant’s spirit since it’s frying fresh
poultry by the batch from raw ingredients. That spirit is just one of the things that
makes their chicken so delicious. You want some crispy chicken? Popeyes can guarantee you some super, extra-crispy
chicken. The crisp factor is undeniably one of their
signature menu item’s biggest selling points. It’s certainly crispier than perhaps one of
its biggest competitors, Chick-fil-A… and they know it. In 2015, the Popeyes CEO at the time, Cheryl
Bachelder, threw shade at her rivals, KFC and Chick-fil-A, in an interview with The
Advocate. She explained that the Popeyes chicken is
superior because it’s fried with more batter, hence boasting a bigger and better crisp. And, there’s a bit more to it. Popeyes chicken is crispy all over the individual
piece. There are no soggy spots to ruin your chicken-eating
experience, a phenomenon some Popeyes recipe replicators attribute to the extra flour in
the breading process. Not only is Popeyes chicken supremely crispy,
but it also has that special magical quality we all hope for in a piece of fried chicken:
breading that actually sticks to the meat. Is there anything worse than a chicken finger
that loses the bulk of its breading the minute you take a bite? Okay, there are probably worse things, but
it’s still very disappointing. Regardless, you can always count on Popeyes
to deliver crunch in every bite. The synergy between meat and breading on a
piece of Popeyes chicken is perhaps a big part of why it is such a stand out fast food
gem, and what else are you getting in every bite? Flavor. Popeyes knows the importance of a solid pre-frying
marinade, and their marinade is part of what makes their chicken so special. Former CEO Cheryl Bachelder told The Advocate, “The first thing you notice about Popeyes
is the marinade. It’s a real reddish, orange color. It sticks to the chicken, you see it all through
the chicken, and that’s where the flavor is.” According to Popeyes website, the chicken
marinades for around 12 hours, so that’s definitely the right chicken prep etiquette. Stellar marinade that permeates throughout
the chicken and breading that covers the entire piece? It’s definitely a Popeyes selling point. Popeyes started as a donut stand outside New
Orleans, but it wasn’t called Popeyes yet. When founder Al Copeland noticed a neighbor
having much more success selling fried chicken, he traded in his dough for some poultry, hatched
an ultra spicy recipe, and changed the name to honor Gene Hackman’s character in 1971’s
The French Connection. “Alright, Popeye’s here. Get your hands on your head, get off the bar,
and get on the wall” Even when he sold Popeyes, he maintained ownership
of the signature spice recipe, which he licensed to the chain until they officially bought
it from him for a whopping $43 million in 2014. It’s impossible to deny that Popeyes’ New
Orleans roots proved helpful in solidifying the brand, as they’ve always touted their
Cajun roots. You can say a lot of things about Popeyes,
but you definitely can’t argue the fact that it’s authentic Cajun to the core. Allegedly, one of the top secret ingredients
in Popeyes signature spice blend is monosodium glutamate, also known as MSG. There are some who claim that MSG isn’t completely
safe, but according to the FDA, it is. They do note that some people seem to be sensitive
to the effects of it, but scientific research hasn’t brought back anything that conclusively
proves we should be the least bit worried. And that’s good news, because it makes things
delicious. It’s mainly used to enhance the flavors of
foods, so it’s probably in a lot of the stuff we’re addicted to… like Popeyes fried chicken. Consistency is pretty much the reason why
we enjoy fast food as a whole. We know what we’re getting at Popeyes, no
matter where we’re eating it. Popeyes fried chicken is consistently good
because they’ve perfected the art of frying chicken, and employees have to follow the
rules for frying pretty deliberately, as there isn’t much room for improvisation without
potentially ruining the final product. The restaurant is even picky about the size
of bird it will take from its supplier. Birds that are too little or too big can mess
up their frying technique, which needs to be uniform in order to deliver that signature
Cajun taste in every piece of chicken they serve. This consistency is why Popeyes chicken is
always a reliable option for your fried chicken cravings, any time, any day of the week. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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100 thoughts on “What Really Makes Popeyes Chicken So Delicious

  1. MSG is banned or frowned-upon by our country's Ministry of Health. Almost all Restaurants have something on their menus stating "No MSG", especially the Chinese Restaurants.
    That last shot in this video was super gay. A man feeding another man a Popeye's chicken sandwich? I'll stick with Chick-Fil-A, even though I haven't tasted either as yet.
    Popeye's is in my country, but I'll have to check if the Chicken Sandwich is available here.

  2. I used to work in Popeyes and trust me people don’t usually wear gloves while breading the chicken in all honesty I never even considered eating their food during my lunch break because of that at least my location was dirty as fuck

  3. No push back on the MSG, huh? I know for a fact it's not good for us, and that's why I don't eat out much or buy prepared food. I do admit I like the taste though.

  4. I tried their sandwich for the first time today. IT WAS AMAZING!!! It was better than Chick Fil A's! It was thick, crispy, hot, and extremely juicy! Sooooo good!

  5. I'm unsure about the chicken sandwich, but Popeyes chicken is some of the worst I've ever had. To be honest, when it's fresh, it's maybe one step above Walmart's fried chicken. It's not even close to be in my top 5. The chicken is always dry, unseasoned, and just overall bad tasting. KFC is 10x better and Publix still tops them all. All my Florida people know about Publix!

  6. I have to figure out that batter. I assumed it's a flour based wet batter, but something has it so yellow. But I know it can't be just and egg wash

  7. Ok everyone loves Popeyes chicken so do I. But the fact that it has MSG in it is something I didn't know. The ingredient is quite addictive to some people like putting Catnip in Cats food .It is used in a lot of processed foods to stimulate cravings for more foods with it in.The worst part is that it does cause sensitivity in people that are prone to headaches especially the terrible migraines that some foods trigger. I imagine the new craze for the rebirth of the chicken sandwich everyone loves has tons of this ingredient in it.I love spices but this is one I don't appreciate.

  8. I watched a movie where they put weed in the chicken and I'm wondering if Popeye's does the same thing because of the fighting and people killed over this chicken sandwich because it's freaking ridiculous. So not funny

  9. I was listening to K-Love radio this morning and they were talking about Popeyes chicken sandwich and how great it is, now I want to try it.♥️😉

  10. I haven't had good chicken at Popeyes since the 80's it's always dry and the chicken looks like it came off of a 2lb. bird.

  11. I think the secret is the slogan
    “Love that chicken from Popeyes”
    Has a hypothetic affect on the subconscious thus making us believe we love the chicken
    when it’s not even that good.

    Sike it’s the black lady in the back cooking it

  12. Better than chit-fillet or kfc. Especially their spicy. Only complaint is their dirty rice… BoJangles is much better.

  13. Since my family is Mexican when we get our popeyes we make tortillas and eat them with the chicken with hot sauce. Very delicious recommend you try it.

  14. Salty, greasy battered , spicy, fat loaded, MSG enhanced (Accent) meal……..and overweight fat a$$ed, obese Americans. It figures….libs killing each other over a bad, unhealthy, piece of chicken. Americans are true GLUTTONS and idiots. Wait till they come out with jalapeno flavored, heavily battered, fried salt strips or mac and cheese-balls. Lines will be around the block.

  15. I am not impressed with pop. the chicken is more like a big pigeon because the size of pieces are small, the spicy is not even spicy. their hot sauce taste more like vinegar than chile.

  16. I hope burger king didn't ruin the popeyes experience. I'm still waiting for the popeyes chicken to open on the big island of Hawaii and I have been craving it for over 4 years. If they screw with my chicken and cajun mashed potatoes, I'm going to be pissed! Hope it opens soon in my location

  17. Yes when it comes to fired chicken Popeyes is the bomb, when it comes to a chicken sandwhich they will always be second to Chic-fil-A.

  18. Popeyes is the best hands down. Please check out my Popeyes chicken sandwich Review/trailer I think you’ll love it

  19. My sister ate Popeye's so much when she was pregnant back in 1985-1986, and turned me out on the Red Beans and Rice, that those are my favorite combos to this day. Popeye's is by far, the best fast food chicken restaurants around 💯!

  20. Was this video based on the spicey version because I find the mild flavorless. Maybe it's because the owners are trying to save money on seasoning?

  21. There is nothing "delicious" about popeis or its chicken. This is straight up bottom of the fast food chain. Here in NY, you can only find popeis in ghetto neighborhoods, along with white castle. Nobody that likes good food is eating this garbage.

  22. The only thing i dont like about popeyes is that the employees spit in the grease while the chicken and fries are cooking, and even occasionally flick some boogies into it.

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