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  1. Just go vegan and eat as many calories as you want and no restrictions so you won't binge and fail. Make sure it's a healthy vegan diet (high carb low fat ) and loads of delish carbs such as potatoes , rice and fruits 🙂 No other diet is better because it's our natural diet , don't take no sh!t from uneducated meat eaters. Do more research about it

  2. Hey what about nutrigenomics ? We can figure the perfect diet via a series of gene variations, I can send you some studies which have shown what kind of diet works for people based on their geneticsC if you would like to read more about it. I can send it to you.

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  5. Wow, it is almost as if he does not want to say what the healthiest diet is. It seems pretty simple, just look at each type of food and rate it according to effects on your, blood pressure, heart, cancer, immune system and weight. I'm sure there are databases of that kind of info (making sure they are not funded by the industry that makes the products being evaluated. For example, fruit has benefits for all of those factors.

  6. Great video! This is my umpteen times watching it. Never fail to remind me on mindless over-eating to mindful healthy eating. Thank you.

  7. Really enjoying your series, Dr. Mike! I have spread these around to my own patients and family and I hope they inspire them to make positive changes. I totally agree with everything you talked about and it is what I tell my patients too. One thing you did not mention in this video that I would suggest is that we eat small and frequent "meals" to avoid long periods of not food. I believe it leads to a drop in serum glucose and brain hypoglycaemia which then triggers "survival mode" where our brain switches metabolism over to energy storage rather than energy burn. Could talk a long time on this, but maybe off line is better.

  8. Claudia 1:23
    What's the best diet for losing weight? I'm not surprised people are confused. While you're watching this video there's probably a pop-up window from the diet industry telling you about a diet a detox or a superfood not to mention the Hollywood star that just started that diet.
    No research has shown convincingly that one commercial diet trumps all the rest the only thing that predicted success and head-to-head trials was how well you stuck to which every diet you picked.
    So to reframe this our society lurches from diet to diet looking for some magic formula but but it's not the formula as much as the pattern instead of obsessing about the exact composition of a diet the science tells us to choose the one you like the best and can actually stick to a cochrane meta-analysis in 2015 s of commercial weight loss diet so it wasn't less carbs or fat it was more structure and more in person.
    Social support really diets are just food rules that influence our pattern of eating or what the Economist call a commitment device itself where people do to improve their chances of controlling future rational or or impulsive behaviour. So instead of auto pilot you follow food world that nudges you towards certain eating decisions mostly less overeating each commercial diet has their own magic formula of what we call macro nutrients.
    Toño 2:40
    So low carb high protein low fat sugar and so on and they typically have a story to go with it so you can eat like a caveman or or use the scoring system or its pre packaged or famous doctors take or or whatever and I suppose my two messages with macronutrients are one? i think we spent too much time and energy focusing on them and to its it's really more about quality than quantity low carb.
    Well ,carbs can be healthy and their complex form fruits, veggies, legumes whole grains and not so healthy in their simple form like free sugars and refined starches you know let's face it carbs tastes awesome and and our society tends to over eat them so people restrict their intake tend to lose weight.
    However when we study relative weight loss outcomes a 2014 systematic review by dr. Celeste now and colleagues looked at weight and and cardiovascular markers of at-risk people on low carb diets that were followed for up to two years and they found no difference compared to balance weight loss diets so how about lowering sugar well try to pick one word to describe sugar and industrialized societies it would be sneaky. So much sugar has worked its way into our diets I mean many drinks have eight or more teaspoons of sugar the average American intake is approximately 20 teaspoons of sugar a day more in teenagers and and less in Canada. it's the obvious sweets but but it's also foods we think of as healthy so cereals and granola bars and fruit juices.
    Lizbeth 4:08
    When high sugar contributes to excess calories that is when we seem to get into trouble when interesting caveat is it is that when i diagnosed patients with pre-diabetes the first thing they do is drop sugar from their diet.
    However when we look at the diabetes prevention trials It was less about sugar restriction and more about the healthy cascade of being active half hour day five to seven percent weight loss eating less saturated fats and eating more fiber that reduce risk of progression 2 diabetes by fifty eight percent.
    How about low-fat well I think our story's changed on fat from all bad too again more of a continuum you know be trans fat so fried fast food many package baked goods not so good and we're reducing these are saturated fats mostly in dairy and red meat plant oils like coconut palm.
    They seem not so good in excess but okay in moderation then we have your monounsaturated fats or mufa the Mediterranean diet which I'll discuss in a second is pretty high and move fast so avocados not seeds olive oil dark chocolate and shows health benefits.
    Jonathan 5:13
    Finally we have proof is so these are the longer chain fats found in oily fishes early trials showed some reduction in cardiac offense more recent trials not so enthusiastic meta-analysis still showing some small benefit no harm so the suggestion is at least two servings a week people seem to do better when they replace saturated fats with movement and PUFA fats.
    What about high protein diets? again it's more quality than quantity protein can come in different packages with different health effects. So say comparing a high-salt ham steak versus a mistake or or lentils are a handful of walnuts most data points that if you eat healthy protein white meat not being fish you do better especially for the spread throughout the day perhaps most importantly a breakfast.
    There are also some diet showing good results in people with disease so the DASH diet dropping high blood pressure by five to 11 millimeters of mercury or low glycemic index diet dropping a1c the measurement for blood sugar over time and people with diabetes by . five percentage points many of our patients have high cholesterol and dr. David Jenkins and his colleagues here at the University of Toronto has shown they can reduce cholesterol by thirty-five percent with the portfolio diet the data for vegetarianism has largely come from cohort studies and and now some randomized trials showing that people do better.
    Fabiola 6:34
    It's hard not to conclude that a diet rich in plant based on processed foods is a smart diet and of course many people make the excellent point that the burden on our planet is is less with a vegetarian or vegan or local diets.
    One way to think about all this is to reflect on Brazil's new Dietary guidelines here they shifted from focusing on the perfect macro nutrient mix towards more appreciation of food stepping back a bit to see you know we're buying more alter processed foods and packaged foods that can be anywhere and that maybe there's an opportunity for healthier eating and and better relationships by encouraging creating meals with your family and friends.
    Ok, if there's no magic formula is a diet that actually does work.
    I think the answer is yes the diet is more about culture and and small behaviour a diet not focused on weight loss but unhealthy outcomes like less cancer heart disease dimension a longer life.The guy with the most robust evidence is a Mediterranean diet instead of food rules or or absolute this is more about moderation let's meet more veggies fruit for dessert.
    I think shopping at the market or at least the outer Isles of a grocery store not the processed foods for sale in the inner Isles it's called the Mediterranean diet but really it's more of a lifestyle now reaching the traditional includes lots of physical activity regular meals and good social support.
    Gaby 7:50
    So. let's continue the shift from diets healthy behaviors that affect everything by looking at the National Weight Control Registry the NWC are administers annual questionnaires to more than 10,000 people more women than men who have lost quite a bit of weight and kept it off for more than a year.
    Not surprisingly, ninety-eight percent said they modified the food intake in some way and and ninety-four percent increase their activity levels but there wasn't one formula most restricted some food some counting calories others ate all the food is just limited their quantities seventy percent a breakfast every day the majority watch less than 10 hours of TV and radio just three times a week and these people generally exceeded the prescribed half hour day of activity averaging an hour day mostly walking.
    Nearly all registry members indicated that weight loss led to improvements in their level of energy, physical mobility, general mood, self-confidence and physical health feedback loops and important losing weight is one thing but it seems like the trickier part at least for about eighty percent of us is keeping it off weighing yourself and using this is a small night in your daily food decisions.
    As an example seventy-five percent of nwc our subjects wait themselves weekly thirty-six percent daily and they looked at this more closely at the stop regain trial where daily self _______was associated with a decreased risk of regaining 2.3 kilograms or or five pounds on average. Another feedback knowledge is a food diary. Even just for a week and easier now with apps patients find it's so simple they don't do it but let's see what you've eaten can actually double your weight loss.

  9. There is no one diet that will be one-hundred percent successful for every single person in the world. Everyone is different so there will never be one diet that works. The best diet is just eating better and in moderation. Just eat until you are full and don’t over eat. You need carbs, protein, and lipids in your diet no matter what. But going over the daily recommended amount causes them to be stored as fat in your body. Adding in some exercise wouldn’t hurt either. People need to pay attention to the types of food they are eating as well. It is very easy to fall into the fast food lanes with our busy days. No one has time to cook anymore so they resort to the fast and easy fast food lanes and because they are cheap. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive if you know what you’re looking for.

  10. Great video ! ..Also love the drawings easy to grasps everything! I wish i watched this video first! Many other videos was too detailed and confusing. THANKSSS.. I feel empowered after watching this ! YAYYYYYY
    "Think more of whats heathly to eat rather what NOT to eat" –LOVE THAT! I always look at that other way around! Boy was i twisted lol 🙂

  11. After unsuccessfully trying a number of different diet programs, I had almost given up. I recently never received any substantial results. But the diet “lyly amazing guide” (Google it) proved to be the program for me. Inside only one week, seven days, My partner and i lost 10 pounds.

  12. Doc, please watch these videos made by another doc using scientific articles:
    Please do not skip this. Thank you.

  13. Nutrients, Vitamins, Irons, Fats, Proteins, and Health's can come in various forms Carnivorous, Herbivorous, Omnivorous, and Sub Carnivorous dietary choices like Insectovorous, and Fishivorous. Veganism, Vegetarianism, Fruitarianism among other choices to be preferred for people's diet likings. Different products and supplies to be shipped and handled.

  14. Dont eat meat, educate yourself and act positive for the enviroment! I'm vegatarian since 1 and a half year and i'm 13. So i am am the living proof that eating heathy is simple. Just try it out for a weak! Remove meat from your diet and you will feel alot better!

  15. I read plenty of great reviews on the net about how exactly Fenoboci Diet Plan (google search it) can help you lost a ton of weight. Has any one tried using this popular diet plan?

  16. ok i want to say somthing i am as fat as a truck but i always loved water i raely drank sprit witch was one of the drinks i like im 180 and im only 11 so i really need help

  17. When you say eat healthy 80% of your time, and 20% you can not so healthy things, what do you mean exactly? 80% of a month, surely, as, if you ate something bad for you once every week and gained a pound each time, that's a stone's weight gain in fourteen weeks if it's not burned off.

  18. As expert, I do believe Fenoboci Diet Plan can be great way to lost lots of weight. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

  19. Ive just lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks, i lost that much weight i wrote a book about it. Its called <the psychology diet> its on amazon, I wanted to share all of my secrets with you all…made it dead cheap so we can all get the benefit, and its not a fad diet it lasts a lifetime (:

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  21. Funny how there's loads of vegans commenting about how their diets helps the environment even tho a lot of them eat food that has to be shipped from South America which has an impact on global warming because of the carbon dioxide being produced via the journey their food takes to get to them…

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  26. Get occupied with tasks/hobbies and have fun with them. The more occupied you are, the less you think about food. Boredom creates cravings.

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  28. Thank you so much for being so good at what you do! <3 I admire your intelligence and how you share your knowledge with empathy and kindness. I already feel different about how I want to feed my body, and I'm definitely sharing with everyone I love! I wish the world more Docs like you! 🙂

  29. Agree with most of what Dr Mike says. However, I have found that it's easier to reduce calories by eating a low carb, high fat life style, including saturated fats. I test my blood glucose periodically which bears out the above. Main thing though, is exercise, avoid junk foods and sugar.

  30. This is so true. I started my weight loss journey (again) 3 months ago, I lost 30 pounds now. I gained more everything back after graduation but I decided this needs to stop, I want to be healthy to live longer. It's all about small changes, baby steps. I used to drink soda, eat fast food 4x a week, drink beers on Friday night. I haven't been drinking anything except water now, I still have the occasional regular fries once a month and I make sure I share it with a friend or a relative so I don't have to eat it all, I make sure I work out at least 30mins-1hr everyday, I don't want to deprive myself from the pleasures of life – occasionally I eat one small cookie. If i'm craving for something, I make sure I have my fruits or roasted almonds with me instead. Ate more fish, less beef and pork, more veggies. Every time I take a bite of sugary refined crap, I just don't feel good at all. It really changes my palate(?) not sure if that's the correct term, but I no longer look for bread/pizza/burger, I just want to eat my veggies. After so many trials and errors, I finally found one that works for me.

  31. This is a great video. I became whole-food plant-based after diagnosed (male, age 55) with diabetes (12.5 A1C), hypertension (160/110), high cholesterol (234, 129 LDL), I also had ED, chest pains, and was 30 pounds overweight while having low muscle mass, so more like 40-50 pounds FAT overweight. I am sure I was close to having a cardiac event. OK, so I went full WFPB vegan. Plus strenuous exercise (2 hours) once or twice a week. Almost a year. Pretty much all better now.

    That being all said, the vegan community in some ways lacks perspective (the health side, that is, not the ethical or environmental side). If you have one of these health problems, then yes, you SHOULD go whole-food plant-based, UNTIL YOU GET BETTER.

    That's where the common-sense evidence-backed approach of this video shines. It works for people who are not yet sick. You CAN eat about 3 ounces of animal products a day (and don't forget BEANS — Google "Blue Zones"). However, beware your triggers and portion creep. For me, I know that 3 ounces a day (or one meal a week) will turn into a whole lot more than that, just in cheese alone. Then your gut bacteria completely change back to rotting flesh carnivores and the door flies back off the hinges. Many cancers (via IGF-1 and TMAO), and heart disease (via LDL and oxidized cholesterol, where even HDL is turned evil) are due in large part to your microbiome. A good place to start with evidence is https://nutritionfacts.org.

    Here's a life hack that has worked wonders for me: Eat less than 600 calories per pound. It will be almost impossible to gain weight. There are 454 grams in a pound. Look at your food label. If the serving size in grams matches the calories, you are perfect. 450 calories per pound, just under 30 per ounce (28 grams, a common serving size for snacks), and one per gram. If you are looking at hummus and one has 50 calories per 30g serving and one has 90, which one should you choose? If you go over, then compensate. Eat four cups of spinach or half a head of broccoli. Don't ADD oil, even olive oil, to anything. If there's a little in there already, OK fine. The Mediterranean diets studied do not reflect modern usage. Eat whole olives instead.
    Google "caloric density."

    In the spirit of this video, whenever someone comes to you with an idea ("Deuterium activates your mitochondria and prevents cancer so a carnivore diet is good for you"), don't look at the reasons why that may be true. Look for the reasons why it may be FALSE (or non-constructive, meaning random noise, as with the example). That's how science ACTUALLY WORKS. You try to find exceptions until you give up and accept it as fact. Consider Einstein's General Relativity. One counterexample would call the whole thing into question. Look at all of the criticism and judge how much you believe THAT. You might often find, on both both sides of the fence, that the criticizers are using evidence that doesn't quite exactly say what the criticizers are saying.

    In addition, small studies over short periods of any cohort size with "soft" endpoints (weight reduced, A1C improved, LDL reduced) as opposed to long studies (>5 years) with large cohorts (>5,000 people) and "hard" endpoints (heart attack, stroke, death) can be constructed to say whatever they want and a multitude of biases creep in all over the place. (Watch out — the same can happen with meta-analyses of large studies due to selection bias, improper comparison, and other mistakes and biases. This is VERY popular right now! Look at the ORIGINAL studies.) Over and over you will see that replacing a less crappy diet with a more crappy diet (or vice-versa) (e.g,. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ijc.21042 plus anything released by the Egg Board or Dairy industry) doesn't hurt or maybe helps a little in soft outcomes. Overwhelmingly these soft improvements are associated with weight loss. Eating nothing but Twinkies improved soft markers for more people than low fat. (Sorry I don't have the reference. Google "Twinkie Diet.")

    Finally, consider the Blue Zones. There are large populations of people who regularly live past 100 with no dementia, heart disease, breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers, diabetes, arthritis, diverticulitis — and the list goes on. They don't have cell phone apps and diet books and vitamin supplements and dietitians. What do they eat? They eat what their grandparents ate. 30-40% of calories from beans, less than 5% of calories from animal products (meat, eggs, and dairy at most 4-5 times a month), and the rest from whole cooked starches (plus nuts, seeds, and berries). When you look at modern videos of these people, the younger ones are fat. Guess why that is!

  32. To reduce carb cravings – eat more meat and beef – the most nutrient sufficient food. Eat raw coconut. Eliminate processed foods/sugars, juices and chemicals.

  33. I appreciate this video so much. Your tone, the visuals, everything. It’s really what I needed, thank you!!

  34. I’m not not being pessimistic but I’ve tried many of these exercises and still the same painful lower back…

  35. This video talks about a proper habit formation and focuses on all the right points. Great video! Suggest reading or listening to Atomic Habits for the deeper understanding of the info.

  36. I have seen lots of healthy eating videos and I'm extremely impressed with yours! You do an outstanding job of sharing a very balanced view of healthy eating. Thanks!

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