Where Does Milk Come From?

Hi, my name is Ethan. Hi, my name is Justin. We love milk! Have you ever wondered where your milk comes from? Today we’re going to go to the dairy farm. Come on, let’s go! Most milk that we find in grocery stores comes from cows. Back in the olden days most families owned their own cows which they made butter and cheese and they also had milk to drink. This is a Holstein cow. Most Holstein cows produce a lot of milk. And you can find Holstein cows on a dairy farm. This is a Hereford cow. It produces lots of meat, not milk. Cows eat lots of hay. This dairy farm had a huge hay mow. They also drink lots of water each day. The first thing we had to do is put the food in for when the cows came in. Baby cows are called calves. We have to feed them too. The cows come in and go to their places so that they can be secured so that they don’t move around too much. The food we put out will keep them busy longer so that they will stand still. This is a cow’s udder. Each cow has 4 teats that comes out of its udder. And that’s where the milk comes from. Only cows that have a calf can produce milk. So, only female cows produce milk. After the cow’s teats have been cleaned with warm soapy water they can hook them up with a machine with 4 suction tubes. Each suction tube goes on the cow’s teats and milks the cow. The milk goes through the tubes and into the container. We got to try the suction tubes. They’re strong, but they don’t hurt the cow. We used our milk to feed the calves. But usually milk is shipped to a factory and processed so that it can go in the grocery store. Lots of things come from milk, like yogurt, cheese, chocolate, ice cream. My favorite is ice cream. And my favorite is chocolate. We hope you liked our video. Bye! Thanks for watching, bye!

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