42 thoughts on “Where’s That Food From? (GAME)

  1. not to be pedantic but your "great Britain" has northern island highlighted. thats the united kingdom. northern island isnt part of great britain only wales and scotland. easy way to remember. britain is the island not including the other islands uk is all the islands

  2. That round… 'Kiev is in Russia'…'It might also be a european country'. PARTS OF RUSSIA AND UKRAINE ARE IN EUROPE… they need to take 1st Grade Geography again

  3. I love that Rhett gets a lot of answers right. He has good strategy and reasoning 🙂 but that’s because he’s a major foodie lol

  4. I know this is very old but you know in Ukraine there is a war, like real war with Russia, I know it because I don't live far from Ukraine, so maybe you actually made someone angry and think it was a joke

  5. How did they not get that Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada. Every Hawaiian pizza I've eaten has had Canadian bacon on it and from the picture they showed so did the one they ate.

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