Which Grocery Store Has The Best Rotisserie Chicken?

– Alright, we’re off. – [Both Men] Chicken Watch 2K15. – We’re gonna find the
best rotisserie chicken at any grocery store chain in Los Angeles. – Rubric: skin, dark meat, light meat, “wow factor”. – Oh yeah, “wow factor”. If you look at this
chicken and you’re like– – [Both Men] “Wow!” – Bonus points if you can
take the leg or the wing and flick it, and the meat comes off. – Okay, alright. – Read off some chicken facts? Poke your head through here. – “Alektrophobia, fear of chickens.” – Woah! Who could be afraid of chickens? – So we’re in a mediocre strip mall. There’s a Radio Shack here, so that should tell you
about how up to date this strip mall is, but who knows? We’re at the Jons Marketplace. – [Keith] This one’s made at 8:30. That one’s made at 8:30. Well, that’s it. – Chicken Watch 2K15. – Chicken Watch 2K15. – Chicken Watch 2K15. – The chicken doesn’t look very good. If I had to describe
this chicken in one word, it would be (slurps) – This skin is nightmarish. – [Keith] Cheers? Cheers.
– [Chris] Cheers. It’s delicious. I’m very impressed, because it looks like it’s
gonna be the worst thing. Also, this one’s five hours old. – It’s a little chewy. – A little chewy. – [Chris] Flick test. Ooh. $6.99. – $6.99. – Jons looks straight out
of a zombie apocalypse, yet this chicken is okay, so I’m gonna give it the “wow factor”. – Let’s go to Vons. – Let’s go to Vons. (sniffing) – “Chicken sperm can survive
in a hen up to 32 days.” – 32 days? Damn! – Chickens are sexual beasts.
– [Keith] Yeah. – You guys, this isn’t just Vons. This is Vons Hollywood. – [Chris] Oh wow. – [Store clerk] Do you want a hot one? – [Kieth] Oh yeah! Dude, that’s perfect!
– [Chris] Wow! – [Keith] Thank you very– – [Store clerk] Welcome
to Vons, fuck Ralphs. – [Keith] Woo!
– [Chris] Yeah! Right! – Yeah! Chicken Watch 2K15! – [Chris] Wow! – [Keith] What’s going on there? – It looks like somebody grabbed some. – Somebody had some of it. Oh my god, that skin is amazing. – That’s the best skin. – I could eat that chicken skin all day. It feels so moist.
– [Chris] Oh my god. How’s the dark meat? – Not as impressive as
everything else has been. – It’s still really good. – It’s still really good. I can’t even flick it, ’cause it– – So does that mean it passes? – Yeah it passes, ’cause it’s so tender I pulled both legs out without trying. – Vons not only gets the “wow factor” because of the taste of the chicken, but also because the guy
brought it right out to us, was really friendly.
– [Keith] Yeah. – And also said, “Fuck Ralphs”. – $7.99. – $7.99. $7.99.
– [Chris] $7.99. – Let’s pack this up and
move on to Albersons. – [Both men] Chicken Watch 2K15! – Man, chicken always in the mood. Right up to Vons, right out to Whole Foods. – Throw another fact down, Shane. – “Eating makes a chicken get hot.” – [Keith] None of these have timestamps. – No timestamps?
– [Keith] No timestamps. – [Chris] Well, what’re we supposed to do? – [Keith] I guess we just guess. Aw yeah.
– [Chris] This one’s black. – [Keith] This one spent
some time at the beach. – I am not a fan of that.
– [Keith] Too brown. It’s very flavorful. – [Chris] It’s like naturally shredding. – [Keith] It becomes strings. You could knit a sweater outta this shit. – The flavor’s really good. – But the texture’s not perfect. – [Both men] Ohh! – No “wow factor”.
– [Chris] No “wow factor”. – I did think it looked sexy. – So I get one sexy nod, too? – Yeah, price was $7.99. Let’s pack it in. – Chicken? I’m thinkin’ Roscoe’s. Oh chicken, no, you thinkin’– – [Both men] Costco’s! – ♫ Chicken Watch 2K15 ♫ – “Chickens can be cannibalistic.” – Oh fuck! – “Debeaking helps them not be cannibals.” – So we’re pulling up to Costco right now, which is a membership only store. And we do not have Costco memberships. Are going to Costco? – [Chirs] We’re making a video
about chicken around the city and we wanna try the one from Costco, but we don’t have Costco cards. – Okay, just come–
– [Chris] Can we walk with you? Hell yeah. – [Keith] ♫ Chicken Watch 2K15 ♫ Wow. – Thoughts? – Skin does look crispy. – Ooh!
– That’s really good skin. – Now we try the white meat. – I think it tastes good. – I feel like garlic something,
something else, you know? – What do you expect? – Now, so we try the dark meat. – It’s like standard. Okay.
– [Keith] A little bit. – [Woman] Some came off mine.
– [Keith] We got some. – Here’s the thing. It’s definitely not
getting the “wow factor”. – It has big breasts. Sexy nod.
– See! See! We were just talking about–
– Sexy nod. – Chickens are really small, right? – Right. – Chicken breasts are like
the size of human breasts. – It was $4.99. Really we ought to thank my mother-in-law, ’cause that was my Christmas gift. Costco membership.
– Wow. – [Group] Chicken Watch 2K15. – [Woman] 15. – We’re on our way to Whole Foods? I feel like I just now am experiencing a little bit of chicken fatigue. ‘Cause we’ve had so much salt.
– [Chris] I’m feeling a little chicken fatigue. Whole Foods. Everyone in Whole Foods in
Los Angeles is really hot. Or hippies. – This chicken in $14. This chicken is $9. – We should probably
get the organic chicken. I got kombucha in my beard. That’s a pretty good lookin’ chick. Skin. – It’s fine. – You wanna be called “flavor buds”? – Yeah, we should be “flavor buds”! – I’m not even focusing anymore. I’m just eating. – This white meat, though, is leaner. – There’s something free range-y about it. – This is the best dark meat so far. – It’s like together. It has its shit together. I dunno, that’s hard. That’s a hard flick test. I don’t think Whole Foods
gets the “wow factor”. – No. – Because you’re like,
“You better be good, “you’re $13.99.” I don’t know if you saw
all the moms in there, but they got the Chris Sexy Mom Nod. – Woah, boy! I saw some sexy old ladies, too! – (groans) I’m so full. – ♫ Finger lickin’ chicken,
put it into your mouth ♫ – You gonna give these kids some chicken? Talk about chickens
without the words breasts or cock being brough up. – Or thigh, or leg. – Nobody wants a chicken brain. – We’re going to Sprouts. Have you ever been to a Sprouts? – No. I’m so tired. I need some vegetables. (sighs) – [Both men] Chicken Watch 2K15. – 2K. – I didn’t take into account how all this chicken would make us feel. – [Keith] Wow. – [Chris] Wow, it’s a chicken. – This skin doesn’t look right at all. But it’s amazing. – It’s really good. – Whoa. Whoa.
– [Chris] Holy shit! It’s the best dark meat, too. – Yeah. – [Chris] Ohh. – It’s right there, it’s like in-between– There you go. “Wow factor”? I mean, I’m blown away.
– [Chris] After abs… – Wow!
– [Keith] I’m fucking wowing! – I was sick of chicken. What was the price there? $6.99, right?
– [Keith] Fuckin’ so cheap. What if I drink a little
bit of chicken juice? – Keith. – Ooh! Ooh! Chris, a wishbone! – Oh yes! – This is the best rotisserie
chicken I’ve had so far. – I feel like we have a winner hands down. So what do we do to celebrate? – There’s a Chuck E.
Cheese’s across the street. – [Both men] Yes! – Don’t let the spiders eat the butterfly! (playful orchestral music) – [Both men] Yeah! (laughing) – [Chris] We did it!
– [Keith] That was awesome! (cheering) – If you haven’t had your chicken yet, we hope one day, you find your Sprouts. – And honestly, no matter what year it is, in our hearts, it’s always… – [Both men] Chicken Watch 2K15. – “If a rooster is not
present in a flock of hens, “a hen will often take
the role, stop laying, “and begin to crow.” – [Keith] Wow.
– [Chris] That’s kinda neat. – Will it start producing
sperm and grow a dick?

100 thoughts on “Which Grocery Store Has The Best Rotisserie Chicken?

  1. I remember how it felt watching this video when it first came out, in 2015, and it’s so crazy that right now it’s 2019 :(( time flies by soooo fast

  2. okay so, the best rotisserie chicken is at a fast food palce in australia called Red Rooster. very delicious and juicy and tender with a whole chicken costing about $20 think, plus as a fast food palce you can get lots of sides including garlic bread, chocolate mouse, seasoned chips, roast veg, peas and other stuff

  3. I’m finally trying Sprouts roasted chicken, which is now 7.99 in California. I’m confused at how a chicken can be covered in herbs, and still so bland.
    I know I’m years late. I’ll go back to eating my tiny, dry, bland, over seasoned yet under seasoned chicken.

  4. Can you please do a best fried chicken at your store chains please. I have yet to find one on youtube and it is really pissing me off.

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