White Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale and Parmesan Encrusted Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

– Hey guys, today I’m
gonna show you a fantastic soup and sandwich
combination for the fall. It’s my white bean soup
with sausage and kale combined with a Parmesan-encrusted
grilled cheese sandwich. It is such a comfort food
classic that is perfect for a night when you just want
to stay indoors and be cozy. So let me show you how to make this meal if you wanted to save
the most amount of time, especially if you were
hosting a group of friends to put this together. So in a large dutch
oven, you wanna combine two tablespoons of olive
oil, one and a half cups of diced yellow onion, and
a half a cup of celery. You can season to taste
with salt and pepper and then cook your
vegetables until they start to become tender and fragrant. At this point, we’re
going to add our beans. So I’m using cannellini
beans but sometimes you’ll also see them
labeled as just white beans. You wanna make sure that you take them out of the can and give them a good rinse. So you don’t wanna dump them
in straight from the can. And then to that we’re gonna
add four cups of chicken broth. Now, this is another
thing that I’ve learned over the years when it
comes to chicken broth. I find that the ones
that are not low sodium have the best flavor. So unless you’re dealing with
sort of health considerations I would always take just
the full chicken broth. Don’t go for the low sodium. And then you also wanna add
five sprigs of fresh rosemary. And you can just pop them in the pot. Then we’re gonna place the lid on the pot and we’re going to let
this simmer for 10 minutes. And as that simmers, the
beans are gonna soften and the broth is going to get infused with that beautiful rosemary. And that will just end
up becoming a really nice undertone of flavor
once our soup is pureed. Then after the 10 minutes
is up, you can transfer this soup into a blender. And puree it until it’s nice and smooth. Then put it back into
your cleaned-out stockpot. And taste it. And then if you feel it
needs a little more salt and pepper, go ahead and season. Now, if you’re party
planning what I would do is at this stage, let the
soup cool down completely, place the lid on the
pot, and place the pot in your refrigerator until
you’re ready to serve. Then when it comes time
to serve your meal, this is what I would do. I would prepare the grilled
cheese sandwiches first because you can keep
them warm in a very low 250-degree oven. We are going to be working
with sourdough bread. I think that’s really a great bread to use for a grilled cheese
sandwich because it’s light but crunchy at the same time. And then we’re gonna brush one side with some melted butter. And then here comes the really decadent and delicious part. We’re going to take some
grated, freshly grated, Parmesan cheese, and
we’re going to place it on the buttered side of the bread. And you can press it in
with your fingertips, just making sure it adheres. Then you wanna use a
non-stick griddle or pan. The non-stick is really
key because that Parmesan will stick if you’ve used stainless steel. And then I like to use a
more mild-flavored cheese on the inside. So you’ve got that really
strong Parmesan flavor on the outside and then something soft and some gooey on the inside. It’s a great combination that
doesn’t fight each other. So I like to use either a
provolone or a mozzarella would also be great. Then we’re gonna grill the
sandwiches on each side until the cheese is melted
and you start to get really nice color on the outside. And you’ll see the Parmesan
will kind of get crispy and encrusted into the bread. And it just makes for such a
great crunch once it’s done. And then keep them warm
in a 250-degree oven. Then, to prep the soup you’re
gonna go get your stockpot out of the fridge, place
that on a very low simmer, just to bring it up to temperature. And at this stage it might’ve thickened while it sat in the fridge. You can just thin that with a little bit more chicken broth or some water. Then you can add a little
bit of olive oil in the pan. And while that’s heating up, we are going to remove the sausage from its casing. So I’m just working with
sweet Italian sausage. If you wanted to give
your soup a little bit of a kick, you could use
the hot Italian sausage. That would also be good. And then you wanna just kinda break it off into big chunks and
place it in the skillet. And it’ll start to brown on all sides. And while that’s happening, you can go in with a wooden spoon and just
cut maybe the chunks in half. You’re basically looking for
little bite-sized pieces. So you don’t want them
too big that when people bite into it, it’s too hot
’cause you’ve got this soup and it becomes really messy. You want it to be easy
for your guests to eat. Then once it’s fully cooked
through, you can transfer the sausage with a
slotted spoon onto a plate lined with paper towel, just to drain any of the grease off it. And then you can also
prepare two leaves of kale. So the kale just needs to
be stripped from the spine because you don’t wanna
throw that part in. It’s really kind of tough and hard to eat. And once you do that, you
can give it a rough chop. Then you can place the sausage in the soup as well as the kale. And now your soup is ready to go. Then you can remove the
sandwiches from the oven. And I like to cut them on the diagonal, which I think looks really pretty. So then what I like to do is either bring the soup pot to the
table and let everybody serve themselves, sort
of a fun family style, and then load up the
sandwiches on a big platter. And you can even top it
with just a little bit more Parmesan cheese
and some fresh parsley. Now, if you would like another delicious and comforting soup to
make this time of year, click this annotation and
I’ll show you how to make a classic French onion soup. See you over there.

45 thoughts on “White Bean Soup with Sausage and Kale and Parmesan Encrusted Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  1. Beth has some terrific recipes…. To be honest , the flavours and ingredients in some recipes feel very weird because the taste is very very different compared to Indian food…but I must say she has some amazing recipes that have just blown my taste buds..they are Innovative and all of them have the incredible homecook charm….love you Entertaining with Beth♡♡♡

  2. I just LOVE your videos! Your recipes are so comforting and warm. They always make me think of family gatherings. This recipe looks so yummy and I am yearning for soup!

  3. Now that's a beautiful soup! The white beans make for a nice color, and that sandwich….. Mmmmmmm yeah that, I can't wait to make it. Thanks Beth! ♥️😋👩🏽‍🍳🍷

  4. Beth, your Fall recipes are my favorite!! Perfect for me, because I always just feel like staying home and cozying up. 😅😅
    I think your videos are so cozy too. Hehe

  5. I love parmesan crusted grilled cheese, one of my faves!!! I like to just mix the parm into softened butter then spread on the bread. Stays much better that way😊 Delicious recipes, as always!! Your videos make me feel so cozy and homey❤️

  6. Beautiful soup. I was wondering if this would be good with veg. broth and leaving out the sausage to make it vegan? Love all your recipes and I've adapted some t make them vegan. Great style Beth.

  7. Hi Beth! I tried dming you a few times on insta but you haven’t replied to them?? (I know you saw them, and I understand you get tons of DM’s a day so you probably don’t have time to answer everyone’s, that’s okay!)

  8. Hi Beth.. This soup looks amazing, I will definitely be giving it a go soon! I was just wondering, here in Australia we traditionally do ham at Christmas time, and I would really like to do a baked ham this year.. Any chance you have some tips?

  9. This actually looks very good and you better believe that I am going to try this. I am so glad that I watched this. This looks unbelievably good.

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  11. Thank you Mrs. Beth for adding a link to a large dutch oven i can afford. I have been following you for years and you along with chef john inspired me to start cooking.
    Forever greatful

  12. Made this tonight for dinner and it’s delicious! So rich and creamy, like a potato soup but not quite as heavy. New family favorite, kid and husband approved! Recommend doubling the recipe for extra leftovers or the freezer.

  13. Loved that Dutch Oven – glad to see American Made Lodge. I've loved their cookware for years! The recipe is one I want to try. Perfect timing….if only the weather would cool down. 🙂

  14. Made this soup today. It was delicious! I had half a baked potato in the fridge and threw that in with the beans. Also, I didn’t have rosemary, so I used a comb of sage, thyme, and bay leaves.

  15. Newly subscribed. Just made this today as the temp has dropped 30 degrees this week. This was fantastic! I did add a little carrot to the onion and celery for a little sweetness as I used a spicy Italian sausage . Thank you for the recipe!

  16. I’ve always had more success using mayonnaise for toasting the bread – seems like the bread doesn’t burn while waiting for the cheese to melt unlike when I use butter. And that tip about mixing the parm right into the butter is genius! Must try this entire meal idea this week. Thanks!

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