White House Kitchen Garden Fall 2016 Harvest

(applause) Michelle Obama: Thank you. Hey! What’s going on people? What’re you doing? Where’re you going? How’s everybody? Audience: Good. Michelle Obama: Are you
excited to be here? Audience: Yes! Michelle Obama: I am! Do you know why I
am very excited? Because this is the last
White House Kitchen Garden Harvest for me. The last time I’m going
to be here to harvest the garden and you guys got
to come and help me. So I’m really, really happy
that you all are here and you’re ready to work. But before we begin I just
want to take a moment because since this is our
last harvest we of course want to recognize some
special folks we’ve got. This is kind of a reunion
harvest for us because we’ve got folks who’ve been part
of making this White House Garden a reality with us to
help harvest and I just want to announce some of those
people who’re here: we’ve got Sam Kass who’s going to
help out, you guys remember Sam from way back? (applause) Michelle Obama: Bill Yosses
is here, we have Al Roker, we have our friends from
NASA who are here, it’s great to see you guys, Will
Allen, and I don’t know if you can see him, you might
miss him but Alonzo Mourning is tucked in the back, he’s
very, you know, can you just, you know,
make some way. Ashanti is here,
looking gorgeous. (applause) Michelle Obama: Donna
Martin, Kathy Burns. We have our former students
from Bancroft and Tubman. (applause) Michelle Obama: Dorote
and Tammy, you’re here. And I just want to take a
moment because I didn’t give him the recognition that
I thought he deserved yesterday but one of my
favorite people at the White House, who has been a
tremendous asset to us not just because he’s taken such
good care of this garden but he is the real person who
loves and cares for Sunny and Bo and that is our dear,
dear friend Dale Hanney. (applause) Michelle Obama: Right here
Dale, thank you, thank you for your many, many years of
excellent work to make this garden special. I hope you feel as proud of
this White House Kitchen Garden as I do because it
wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you
Dale, so thank you. Thank you so much. (applause) Michelle Obama: So the kids
who are here today represent so many parts of Let’s
Move and our programs and initiatives Let’s Move
Cities, Towns, and Counties, Let’s Move Child Care,
I could go on and on. But we’re excited that they
all could be here today to help us. And we’re going to have a
few more special guests as well. So we’ll keep some of those
a surprise, we have Rosita and Elmo who are
here with us. Elmo: Surprise, surprise! (applause) Michelle Obama: They are
going to commentate the harvest. They’re going to give
a play-by-play — Elmo: Yeah! Michelle Obama: — Of
everything that is picked and stored and you know,
all that good stuff. Rosita: Eaten! Elmo: All that good stuff! Michelle Obama: Are you guys
(laughs), Elmo and Rosita are you ready for this? Elmo: Yes ma’am! Yes ma’am! Rosita: Yes! Yes! Michelle Obama:
Are you exited? Elmo: Yes! Rosita: Very excited! Michelle Obama: How
excited are you? Audience: Very excited! Michelle Obama: All right! (applause) Michelle Obama: All right,
everyone let’s get to work, let’s harvest the garden! Audience: Woo-hoo! Elmo: This is exciting! Rosita: This is
very exciting. I can’t wait. Elmo: Elmo, he heard that
Mrs. Obama is going to be harvesting some
sweet potatoes. Rosita: Sweet potatoes? Elmo: Yes! Rosita: I love
sweet potatoes. Hello! Elmo: Hello there! (laughter) Rosita: How’re you? I love it, look
at all of them. Welcome everybody have fun! Elmo: Hello everybody! Rosita: Hi! Hello! Elmo: Have fun harvesting! Rosita: What’re
you going to do? Oh, please pick some
tomatoes for me! Elmo: Oh yeah,
tomatoes are delicious. Rosita: And cucumbers! They’re over there! Female Speaker:
Where’s your basket? Rosita: Look at
everybody going! Elmo: Well Elmo knows
that there’s lettuce, and peppers, and herbs, and all
of kind of things in there. Rosita: Yeah and parsley, I
love parsley, and lettuce. Do you know if they
have hot peppers? Elmo: That’s a
good question. You know Elmo
loves hot peppers. Rosita: I love
hot peppers too. Elmo: Delicious. Rosita: Yeah. Elmo: Can you pick Elmo
some strawberries please? Rosita: Hey Elmo? Elmo: Yes ma’am. Rosita: Did you know whose
credit by French fries in the United States? Elmo: Who? Rosita: Thomas Jefferson. Elmo: No way! Rosita: Yeah. Elmo: Thomas Jefferson
created the French fry and brought it to America? Rosita: No, no, no. No he didn’t create them he
brought them to America. Elmo: (affirmative) Rosita: I think so. Elmo: Who’s
Thomas Jefferson? Rosita: Excuse me, we were
five years old but it sounds like a big name. Elmo: Who? Rosita: Thomas Jefferson. Elmo: Who? Rosita: Hello. Elmo: Well we’ll find
out, we’ll google it! Rosita: Yeah. Elmo: (laughs) Rosita: What else? Elmo: Look at this,
some olive oil. You smell that? Yes, smells delicious. Elmo: Some kind of
really yummy cooking. Rosita: Do they have
mushrooms there? Elmo: Ho, yes they do! Elmo heard that
there were mushrooms. Rosita: Yeah, do you know
that mushrooms have their own immune system? Elmo: They have
their own what now? Rosita: Immune system. Elmo: Their own
immune system? Rosita: No they don’t own,
they have their own, never mind. Elmo: They have a home
entertainment system? Rosita: Yes, yes! Elmo: Oh, cool! Rosita: (laughs) A home
entertainment system. Elmo: They sound
like fun guys! Rosita: You know, I want to
go see what they’re doing. Elmo: They’re hard at work! (applause) Elmo: (laughs) Rosita: Oh! Elmo: Wait a minute! Rosita: Oh! It’s Mr. President! Hello! Elmo: (laughs) Rosita: Wow. Elmo: It’s very exciting. Rosita: I know. This is so special. Elmo: It’s very special. Rosita: Yeah. I’m so glad that he’s
talking with the guests. Elmo: What is the
(inaudible) is almost now okay? Rosita: Yeah,
I’m so excited. Elmo: You look good. Rosita: (Speaking Spanish). Yo bueno empezar
hablar en espanol? Voy a empezar hablar en
espanol (inaudible) en ingles. Elmo: What? Rosita: Oh, nothing. I am so excited. Never mind! Okay, he’s harvesting. Elmo: Yes, that’s
very important. Rosita: Yes. Elmo: That’s very important. Rosita: Very important. Elmo: You know maybe you
should save up some of those potato facts. Rosita: I’m just
going to repeat them! Elmo: Okay. Rosita: I am so nervous now. Elmo: That’s okay. They’re very informative
it’s good to hear them again. Rosita: Can you
say them for me? Elmo: Sure (laughs), sure. Thomas Jefferson. Rosita: What, who? Elmo: Never mind. (laughs) Rosita: How do I look? Elmo: You look wonderful
Rosita, you look very — Rosita: (sneezes) Elmo: — That new
conditioner is really working. It’s very nice. Rosita: Thank you. Sorry, I’m just
looking for tomatoes. Elmo: Yes. Rosita: Like a
big juicy tomato. Elmo: Elmo sees
some, Elmo sees some. Rosita: I’m harvesting. Elmo: Elmo sees
a caterpillar.

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