49 thoughts on “White Lobia Recipe Pakistani Cooking Food Recipes Urdu in Hindi

  1. bot vadiya lobiya banaya tusi dear dil karda khan vaste.. 👌🏻👌🏻🌺🌼💝🌷🌹💙💚💮💟💞💛💗💐🌻🏵️🌼💝🌺🌷🌹💙💚💮💟💞💛💗💐🌻🏵️

  2. Delicious food pakistani, Thanks for show. Here have my sopport. Blessing and happy day.

  3. Wow!!the white lobia looks so healthy, delicious and yummy!!amazing recipe so beautifully presented with detailed ingredients and your expert tips!!fantastic commentary in simple, crisp and clear steps!!

  4. Intahai mzaidar bohat zabardast Ma sha Allah
    Thanks lakin agar ap white lobia ke quantity b bta daiteen to recipe mukamal ho jati Respect from Mexico

  5. White Lobia kitna lea ap nay ore usko kitnay pani may boil kea ore boil kartay waqt salt add kea thaa ya nahi ore agar salt add kea thaa to kitna?
    Recipe ko poora cover kea karain please kuch cheezain adhoori chorr daitee hain

  6. ترکیب تو اچھی لگ رہی ہے مگر آپ نے کہیں یہ نہیں بتایا کہ لوبیا کی مقدار کتنی ہے اگر بتا دیں تو بہت آسانی ہو گی

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