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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with whole chicken pie that’s right this thing came out looking so stunning
and so beautiful i would have been thrilled if the chicken underneath just
came out okay but not only was the outside gorgeous but inside the flavor
and texture were as well so to summarize i loved everything about
this and we’ll begin this showstopper by prepping a very simple vegetable
stuffing for the bird which will include some diced mirepoix which is just a
fancy French culinary term for onion celery and carrots and it’ll also toss
in some sliced garlic as well as some freshly chopped rosemary or of course
any other herb of your choice and then we’ll go ahead and season this up with
some kosher salt as well as some freshly ground black pepper and the obligatory
little shake of cayenne and then last but not least we will add a little
drizzle of olive oil and we’ll take a spoon and give this a mix and hopefully
what this mixture is going to do is flavor and perfume our bird from the
inside out plus as you’ll see we’re gonna use some of that in our sauce when
we finish the plate but anyway we’ll go ahead and give that a mix and then set
it aside while we move on to prep our chicken if you can even call it that and
what you’re gonna need here is one whole chicken with no guts inside and if you
want the same times I’m given in this video to work for you you want to get
one between three and a quarter and three and a half pounds and as far as
trimming goes I did cut the little flat part of the wings off because I think
that’s going to make this easier to wrap so I did remove half the wing and then
besides that the only other thing we’re gonna have to do here is generously salt
this inside and out and I do mean generous all right we want that cavity
salted as well as the entire surface of the bird which is why I sprinkled more
salt on the sides after I turned off the camera and then once successfully season
we’ll go ahead and spoon our aromatic vegetables into the cavity and since I
was just guessing at the amounts I only ended up needing about half of what I
made which by the way actually worked out perfectly since of course we’re
gonna make a stock with the leftover bones and scraps and what do you need
for stock some mirepoix so if you have any extra make sure you save it
and then the last thing we need to do here once our chickens been vegetable is
go ahead and tie the legs together and that chicken has now been officially
prepped and at this point we can go ahead and transfer that into the fridge
until it’s ready to wrap and by the way feel free to do this step hours ahead of
time all right not only isn’t it a problem it’s probably even better but
anyway once our chickens prepped in in the fridge we can move on to rolling out
our dough which for me is exactly one batch of our butter crust pastry and
what we’ll do on a very generously floured surface is go ahead and roll
that out to about an eighth of an inch thick and again please be sure you’re
using enough flour so this does not stick to your surface since that is one
of the few things that can screw this up and then what we’ll do once that’s been
rolled out to a nice big circle like I said about an eighth of an inch thick we
will carefully transfer our chicken on breast side down and yes those are some
paper towels you see in the edge of the frame which I used to pad off some of
the moisture we don’t want a lot of moisture on the dough but anyway I
placed that breast side down right in the center and then I started gathering
the dough up to see if I had enough to cover which of course to make the video
more exciting I did not but that’s fine because now I can show you basically the
worst case scenario so once I saw what I was dealing with I simply cut the excess
dough from where I saw there was too much and what I’ll do is just sort of
piece those onto the back and that should and as you’ll see did solve the
problem it says we’re gonna egg wash this before it goes in the oven anyway I
figured I would use some of that here to help things stick and I brushed some of
that on my patches and also a little bit on the parts that overlap and then I
proceeded to go around pressing everything together using a little bit
of that egg wash when and if necessary and you really should keep two things in
mind as you do this one is that pie dough is very very easy to patch
together and that’s because as that butter kind of warms up the dough is
almost going to take on a clay-like texture meaning it’s very easy to sort
of push and press and smear together and as we go anytime we see a little extra
piece of dough we can cut that off or pull it off in case we need it later so
that’s what I did I went around patching into pressing
pushing and smearing those seams together
but be careful when you’re trying to fix a bear spot that you don’t pull and
stretch that dough too thin all right what is probably a better idea is to
take a piece of extra dough and just open end up and work that in and then
reap a CH and that’s gonna work out a lot better oh and the other thing to
remember is once we turn this over and bake it it’s gonna look incredibly
beautiful and we are not gonna see any of that patchwork underneath and then
what we’ll do once we think this is successfully wrapped is very carefully
but confidently flip it over and then very very gently press on the inside of
both legs so as to achieve some kind of chicken leg shape and that’s it we’ll go
ahead and transfer that into a lined baking sheet and I guess you could bake
this right away but I highly recommend we pop that in the fridge for about 30
minutes so the crust is nice and cold when it goes in the oven and I forget
exactly why since culinary school was like 35 years ago which by the way was
probably the last time I wrapped a chicken in pastry but anyway I do like
to pop it in the fridge for about a half hour at which point we can pull it out
and before we pop it in the oven we’re gonna give it a nice brushing of egg
wash which as you know is just one egg beaten with a couple teaspoons of water
and we’ll go ahead and brush that all over making sure we’re getting the
entire surface even all the way underneath and then once that set one
optional step would be to sprinkle this with extra coarse sea salt which I’m
gonna do using the world-famous fleur de sel and by the way I only want you to do
in this step if you have coarse salt all right fine table salts gonna
disappear and it’s gonna make it too salty but if you do have the core stuff
go ahead and sprinkle a little bit over and that’s it once our whole chicken pie
has been egg washed and salted we’ll go ahead and pop that into the center of a
400 degree oven for exactly one hour in ten minutes
and please no peeking in my throw off the time and after an hour in ten
minutes if everything’s gone according to plan your whole chicken pie should
look like this in other words it should look like one of the best things you’ve
ever seen and as much as I’d like to tell you it’s ready right now it’s not
since you have to let this sit at least a minimum of 30 minutes before you cut
in and if you while you can even go longer write the word on the street is
you can go as long as 60 minutes oh and as usual if you have any accumulated
juice on your pan save those we can actually
pour those in the sauce later and while I was waiting I did a couple things one
was to transferred into this pie dish for a hopefully provocative presentation
and I went ahead and garnish with a little bit of fresh rosemary and the
other thing I did while was resting is cut a little piece of crust off the back
so I could steal some of those aromatic vegetables for my sauce oh and if you’re
wondering if the pastry gets nice and crispy
check it out knife don’t lie so yes that does sound incredible oh and don’t throw
away that piece we’re gonna put it back but anyway we’ll transfer some of those
vegetables into this pan along with a little bit of butter and we’ll place
that over medium-high heat with a pinch of salt and we’ll want to cook those
vegetables in this butter until they’re just tender which depending on how small
you cut these isn’t gonna take long in fact they might have come out of the
chicken tender but you’ll know because you’ll check and then what we’ll do once
we think our vegetables are tender enough is that in a splash of wine and
I’m using a French rose a because I’m trendy and if you did have any
accumulated juices from your sheet pan go ahead and dump those in also and then
once our liquids are in will be using standard food wishes pan sauce procedure
which means we’re going to reduce that liquid down by about half throw in a
chunk of butter stir it around until it disappears season and eat so that’s what
I’m doing here again we simply reduced by about half toss in a cold chunk of
butter turn off the heat and then just keep moving the pan or stir in the
butter with a spoon or both until it disappears and other than giving it a
quick taste for seasoning that sauce is done and once that set we’ll go ahead
and pull that off the heat and slice up a portion of chicken and you go ahead
and plate that up and spoon around some of our sauce which by the way I should
mention you could add a splash of cream to – maybe mimic something a little
closer and flavor profile – a chicken pot pie that would not be a bad idea so
by all means feel free to tweak this sauce I mean you are for all the Elon
Musk of your chicken under crust and speaking of innovations you can also put
some chopped herb in the crust itself which may or may not make it better I
guess it depends on who you talk to but anyway will sauce that up and that’s it
our whole chicken pie is ready to enjoy and you know what I should just start
serving this stuff by itself that undress salad is not fooling anybody
but I’m sorry I was so distracted by the beauty of this chicken I could not wait
to grab a fork and knife and dig in and unlike other dough wrapped chicken
recipes they use things like brioche or puff pastry here you don’t have to pull
off a bunch of flabby skin because of the butter content in the pie crust and
because it’s so thin that stuff gets really hot and it actually sort of fries
the chicken skin underneath and not fried crispy but cook it enough where a
lot of that fat renders out and the skin actually becomes edible if we so choose
so I really was blown away by the texture here and not just by the crust
but by the delicious meat as well okay because that buttery pastry protected
our poultry it stayed nice and juicy and moist and those rosemary and garlic
scented aromatic vegetables really perfumed the chicken beautifully so I
really did love everything about this in fact this whole chicken pie was so good
I think I could have eaten 3.14 of them so if you’re looking to turn that boring
old whole roast chicken into a total showstopper that will have your guests
literally applauding as you place this on the table and of course your results
may vary but if you did want to take your whole roast chicken game up to
another level then I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to
food wishes calm for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as
always enjoy you you

100 thoughts on “Whole Chicken Pie – Food Wishes

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  2. I love the cadence of the voice over. It's like watching a baseball game… I don't know how to explain that reference but the 3 of you that still watch baseball know what I mean. 🙂

  3. Am I the only one who turns down volume and watches with subtitles. The cadence of his voice is the most irritating thing I’ve ever listened to.

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  5. You had me going up to the point that you added the “chicken juices from the pan” into the sauce. Yikes. On my teensy little iPad screen, those “juices” were bright red. The color of blood – which it most likely could not have been, given the length of time and temperature you baked it. But it sure looked like it. ….. so oops. That’s it for me. Interesting idea, for sure. But since I’m the mother hen of my baked chicken, I shall just say no to this one. No offense, of course, but upwards and onward to the next video!

  6. That chicken has got to be hard to carve with the bones in. Try this, bone out the chicken before wrapping in pastry and carve it like a wellington. It's easier to do than one might think.

  7. It's probably so the butter can firm up again. Like with biscuits it's better for the pastry to be chilled until it gets cooked so it can get that nice layering.

  8. Dude I Love it no nonstick pans or plastic utensils and no fingers touching the fish moshed product, I’m SOLD!!

  9. I think this would be waaaay better if you deboned and stuffed the chicken first. Chicken Wellington!

  10. but how do you go about carving the leg and thighs….. I can only imagine a mess…it's hard enough without the crust…

  11. Chill the dough well after handling because it is a butter crust & will soften if handled. If cooked while softened the butter oozes out rather than cooking with the dough. Also true of butter cookies.

  12. Why does everything you make have Cayenne in it. I mean I get it you like the spiciness but then doesn't everything you make just taste like cayenne pepper!!?

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    I usually cook my whole chickens like that to avoid dry breasts.

    Would that gum up the pie crust?

  14. I think the naked greens look tasty and a good foil for the roasted bird. Plus there is sauce to dabble them in if you want. I would leave them.

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    Now my only question is, could it possibly work for a turkey, too, and if so, how?
    I can see wrapping a turkey breast (yuck), but I'm a Whole Bird Bird. Not sure what the crossroads of Pastry Baking Time & Turkey at 165° F would be.

    This may have to be a bird dream deferred… 😖😂

  17. I wonder if that instructional video you have for deboning a turkey would also apply to this recipe, and minimize the dimensions of the chicken to be wrapped.

  18. I made this for my very first dinner party. It was a show stopper! Thanks chef John! I served it with a simple spinach & greens salad. No one had seen chicken served like this before and the presentation was beautiful! 😊

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