100 thoughts on “Why is my Kitchen Sink P-Trap Leaking at Connection Nut?

  1. We uploaded an improved version of this video HERE: https://youtu.be/tqf11On2xEA It is shorter and we removed the overpowering background music so you can hear it better.
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  2. If you put pipe dope on all the cone surfaces they will not leak, NOT on the threads because they don't seal the connections. It will always be water tight. Nice video.

  3. I have good luck putting plumbers putty on the mating surface when they leak. Save a trip to hardware or big box store.

  4. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! My plastic P-trap had come apart over time in my RV with me shoving too much stuff around it in the cupboard. Now I understand how the gaskets work. All I had to do was get the gasket back in place and re-tighten the nut. You're a good teacher!

  5. Thanks so much! I just fixed my pipes under my laundry sink because they were leaking. It was helpful when you said that the pipes needed to be leveled and I didn't need to TIGHTEN THEM WITH A WRENCH; LIKE I HAD. HAHAHA. So I went back untightened them and added a seal/gasket to one of the connections and that did it!

  6. thank you, been dealing with a leak for a year and found out that i was installing that rubber gasket wrong. now it's fixed for real

  7. Absolutely excellent!

    OK, so I posted the above comment about an hour ago, before fixing the leak. I followed the instructions, and in 5 minutes it no longer leaked. (I will use the newspaper suggestion overnite tho, just to be sure.) I am beyond thrilled to have saved an expensive plumber's fee, about $130+ tax. I have cleaned P traps previously, but they were metal, with rubber seals, so I guess the P trap didn't have to be level, but with PVC it does. You are an excellent teacher! I am a mere woman, and I feel I just took a lesson in "Plumbing 101." A million thanks, and I have subscribed to your channel.

  8. Until about two hours ago, I had a P Trap with the slowest leak on the planet. It was driving me nuts ;o) I had watched your video sometime yesterday, and I woke up in the middle of the night knowing what to do and got started. When you said that the back part doesn't have a gasket and has to fit perfectly flat, that we should "make that guy happy" before dealing with the other connectors, both of which do have gaskets, I was thereby enlightened and able to stop the incredibly-slow-drip madness! I appreciate your help! Thank you jeffostroff!!

  9. Thank you for the explanation! Things make sense and then become easy to understand and remember… I'll be careful so my P trap won't leak!

  10. Thanks for the thorough explanation of the seals and joints, etc. Probably one of the best demonstrations on YouTube….

  11. im sre you're on chapter 5 on teaching your son how to ride a bike …. sheesh thank got for ffw . . . .

  12. Great video… but why don't they just make the connection not on the curve? Couldn't you leave the bottom part as one piece so no leaks?

  13. It's a poor design to begin with where under the sink isn't that much of a problem but hidden like for a tub is another story. Both rubber and plastic washers will disintegrate or crack in five or more years and minor movements doesn't help where near perfect alignment is required. Years of slow leak under a tub will result in major damage (dry rot and termites) if not caught in time. Whenever you change over like a new sink, garbage disposer, or tub, the pipe alignment will be a little off. This is frustrating because the alignment looks pretty good but you have a new leak. Couple of hacks work for me as a DIY. One is a flexible down tube, the long one under the sink. The other is a rubber coupling inserted in that down tube provide just enough flex to get it in alignment. Just hand tight is enough, don't push it with it a big wrench or it will crack. Been there done that. Counter intuitive, more you tight the worse it gets – yelp that's what my plumber said.

  14. When I see a 15 minute video my head thinks No-oooo. I've learned more in the last few minutes than I would've watching shorter ones. Maybe it's a maths thing – thanks for your lesson in excellence. Thank you.

  15. Buying high-quality pipes virtually eliminates this issue. Some plumbers love to save a buck by using cheap stuff that leaks shorty after they're done.

  16. why did you write a review with a product that should never be used, as you stated in your previous vids???? ABS ONLY WITH A CLEAN OUT!!!!!

  17. One issue I've had is the gasketless connection's angled piece of plastic getting marred or dented by impact with some sharp edged object making that connection worse. Why is that one particular connection designed without a gasket in the first place? Because of the bend? It's the most confusing thing to me.

  18. Great video! Thanks for taking the time out to provide good instructions. It would better help the viewers if you decrease the background music a bit.

  19. Why two traps? One would meet the code, eliminate an extra failure point and save space.
    Also, if so concerned about that connection, would that hurt to add a bit of teflon tape?
    Not arguing on anything done in the video, simply trying to learn more.

  20. Good video. Very informative. What size pipe/p-trap is it for a slop sink? How durable is the clear p-trap compared to the pvc p-trap?

  21. CAUTION!! ,in some jurisdictions and Commercial establishments PLASTICS are not allowed and only Copper or Brass are allowed,example; high rise apartments Condo offices and /or MULTIPLE DWELLING UNITS.When in doubt call a Pro or consult the Plumbing code or Bylaw.! edit; speaking from experience , and I thought i knew enough of plumbing, having worked for a licensed Plumber for two years in Toronto, Canada . Thanks for your Channel ,some can use extra plumbing education, new Sub.

  22. Once hand tight, you stated a quarter turn with a wrench would be OK. I'm thinking half that, one eighth turn, would be more appropriate, but, "hand tight" is very ambiguous and is unique to each person.

  23. Glad to come across this video,did not know the difference in size between bathroom and kitchen pipe. Both mine are in need of replacement. Glad i watched this first!

  24. well I started watching this but the music got to me so I left. Trouble is you might have taught me something but I lost interest in your video and.. Oh look a pretty butterfly….

  25. I had to replace some rusted out metal traps, although the drain pipes are ABS. Do you object to use of a bit of teflon pipe dope on the PVC?

  26. I've also found that sometimes new P trap parts have residual flashing on the mating surface left over from the casting process. It helps seal the joint if you can remove the flashing with either a knife or fine sanding block. Make sure you don't deform the rest of the mating surface, though.

  27. FIX so if your like me you tried re positioning several times but always got a leak what finally worked was a few careful wraps with teflon tapes around the v shaped valve this is where the sealing is done so far its holding great.

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  29. Please get rid of the music and speak up. I cant hear you. I have to go on vision only. I only have my phone in this fixer upper.

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  31. Jeff, you explained everything really well. Just would make a note to remove the music while you are speaking, as it was hard to hear you.

  32. Whats it mean when you hear your sink dripping not from faucet but coming up from the drain, and the garbage disposal quit working 2 days ago? Also had a plumber from our home warranty policy to fix our upstairs toilet wouldnt flush, he snaked it ,2 days later heard a loud clunck and doesnt flush anymore and we saw water running down downstairs bathroom window?

  33. Nice visual (clear p trap) and explanation of the weir along with the measurements for the slope toward the wall. Exactly what I needed. This set up with two p traps is the ultimate for water flow but I am wondering whether I should install a tee between the sinks which would cause water crashing together when emptying both sinks or just run one straight down and the other sink into that line. If you have any videos on that subject maybe you could throw in a link for me. I'm liking your videos the more I watch them. Thanks!!

  34. Beware that the clear P-trap is known to have design/material flaw and the plastic will crack in weeks to months. Read the reviews and see pics on Homedepot's web page. Great video(except for the annoying music), thanks buddy!

  35. HI. A few days ago I changed the 3 pipes you're working with here to pvc as the metal ones were rotted out. I was careful about the gaskets and the leveling and followed what you said to the letter. All good. I had reason to be under the sink again to store something and I noticed a streak on 1 pipe. Its dry down there but all the plastic fasteners were slightly loose…this is after I tightened them "hand tight" plus a 1/4 turn with the pipe wrench. Is that at all normal? Should I go back in with that plastic plumbers thread tape or some adhesive? Any guidance would be appreciated.

  36. To much talk with distracting music and no solution , why didn't you show how to fix the back pitch of the rough pipe or blockage???,. That horizontal p trap piece should never be full of water like in the video , shows there is a blockage or back pitching pipe, I'm just saying , I M a service technician plumber. And I am good at what I do no matter what.

  37. I've had a leak at that center connection forever in my bathroom. I got so frustrated with it I encased the entire joint in silicone RTV to stop the leak. Is there seriously not supposed to be a seal there? That makes no sense! Not arguing the video. Just amazed that an underwater joint with no seal is expected to be water-tight.

  38. Thanks for this video. I just installed a p-trap in a bathroom vanity and all the joints came with gaskets. Still had to be careful to get the underwater joint square though.

  39. I am SO glad that you put this video out. I had this exact problem. Thinking about it now, it makes perfect sense as that junction is set up in such a way as it has to be perfectly level so there is no gap. I get it now!! I haven't seen this critical point in other videos on this subject. The connection is not leaking after about 5 minutes – jury is still out as to whether it is fixed – but I think it's going to be ok. Thanks for putting this together. A lot easier and cheaper than getting a plumber over to the house!!

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