today i want to know that why my subscribers has subscribed me? Assalam-o-Aliakum, welcome to love 2 cook, you can do it! the best place for easy cooking. As you all know i have started my youtube channel first time and now i am trying to grow my audiance. for this i keep trying to search different things to improve my channel. recently i came to know that my channel should give value to the people who are watching it. Means that i should not impose my recipes on you, rather i should make the content or recipes which you want to see. so please tell me what can i do for you? which recipe you want to see on this channel. now you can write the recipe in the comments. the recipe which you are trying to make for a long time and unable to do it tell me about it. this sunday is going to be my content making day. so hurry up and comment the recipe. i am already planning to make shwerma this time for that i am going to make pickle. then tahni sauce and i will also try to make pitta bread at home. this recipe was requested by my friend. i am also planing to make different burger sauces in next videos. now i want to know how my channel could help you? please tell me the recipe which you want to see in the comment below and subscribe if you have not done yet. click on the bell icon. see you tomorrow with another recipe. Allah hafiz

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