WonderCon 2018 and the Viking Corn Dog Food Truck

(upbeat music) – It’s hard to believe that it’s been an entire year since WonderCon 2017. I’m here with my friend Taylor, and right now we’re just kind
of wandering the exhibit hall. He’s got a signing he wants to get later. I’ve got a couple of panels I wanna go to, although I’m gonna go back to my old form. I used to come to these
conventions half to have fun and half to do business, and I
haven’t done that in a while. Taylor, have you ever seen
this many t-shirts before? – Never, never in my life. I don’t know which ones I’d want too. Let me be brave. Oh dude, Gryffindor. – Oh, they have
– I’m a Gryffindor guy, okay? – You’re a Gryffindor guy?
– Kind of Slytherin, you know? Even though it says on the
internet that I’m Slytherin. – Oh really?
– Yeah, I’d like that. – I know you well enough, I think there’s at least a little Slytherin in you. – Who knows? It’s never-ending. – I think Taylor’s enjoying how many t-shirts there are here. – I wouldn’t have any
money to be real though. – I almost walked by Dave
Kellett without saying hi. I didn’t know about this book. I knew about, I’d gotten this, in fact, I think I posted a photo about getting this on Instagram, but I didn’t know about his
newer book Anatomy of Animals, and I need more coffee
table books for people to come over and just go,
“What the heck is this?” – And that’s what I’m here for, to give you good coffee table books. – So, this will not go on my shelf. This will go out for everyone to see whenever they come over. Dave is a cartoonist. I first met him through
his webcomic Sheldon. How many years has it been since you quit your job to do this full time? – 2007, I was a toy
designer with Matel toys, and quit my job in 2007
and I’ve been doin’ this now 11 years with Tom. – And I just quit my job to pursue my stuff.
– Great. – I love to support other
creators in what they’re doing whether it’s more drawing
artistic, whether it’s animation, whether it’s filmmaking,
whether it’s anything else. And Dave is one of my favorite
people to help support. – Thank you for that.
– Absolutely. It’s time to head outside and find a food truck and get some grub. – I thought we lost each other. – I have to admit this, this looks good. I think I’m gonna have
to get a giant corn dog. What do you think? It is very important that
you keep your wiener wrapped. – Yeah it is. That is a great message that
he is promoting right now. Wrap your wieners, all right? – If you see the viking
truck with a giant corn dog, get one, really good. WonderCon would be a lot
cooler if Juliana were here. If only she were here,
it would just be the… – Hi, I’m here. – Hey, I’m here. – Yeah, Taylor’s still here too, but we don’t care about him.
– Yeah, I didn’t leave. – I am on a mission to
find every Link and Zelda that are here and take
a picture with them. So that’s my plan for the day. – I haven’t seen a lot of those today. Normally, I do.
– See any Spikes from Cowboy Bebop, send ’em my way. Any Spikes.
– Wait, what? – I don’t, I don’t.
– You’ve never. – No, no.
– You’ve never seen Cowboy Bebop?
– All right, I’m out. – Well, we will have to
do some Cowboy Bebops ’cause that is my all time favorite anime because it’s an anime, it’s
a film noir, it’s a western, and it’s a ’70s cop show
all rolled into one. – Dope. – WonderCon 2018. – Hello. – I love running into
friends at ComicCons, like Neal right here. Are you a friend or a fiend? – A fiend, yes, I’m definitely a fiend. – Maybe a little bit of both.
– Yes. – So we’ve seen what, I shouldn’t put the camera so far down. We’ve seen what we’re going to see here in the exhibit hall for today. There’s a Superman panel
that Juliana wants to hit, and since I don’t really have anything I wanna see until later tonight, we’re gonna go to the Superman panel, which means we gotta go out those doors. Oh wow. – Boom baby. – We made it. It would be really nice
if Taylor would join us for once.
– I did just now. – What’d you do while we were gallivanting around the exhibit hall? – I got some food again. There was that crab from Moana. So shiny.
– Yes, that song is fabulous. – Yes, I love it.
– Wait, sing that song again? – No, so shiny. I don’t know the lyrics, but I love it. – It’s the end of the night, it is 9:29. We went to the Superman panel. I need to show you guys what they gave me. I got Superman underwear trunks. I got trunks, and then we went
and saw the world premiere of the new Suicide Squad animated movie – Hell to pay.
– Hell to pay. Which was pretty good. Taylor, how was your first Con experience? – A wonderful experience with
– A wonderful day – extraordinary people.
– at WonderCon. – That’s the best way I can say it. – Are you gonna be back next year?
– Yeah. And how many Links did you see today? – I think like five or
six, but only two Zeldas. Where is the Zeldas? – That was our day. I think this was a fun day. This was a good day.
– Yes. – I’ll be back tomorrow, I
don’t think I’m gonna vlog, but I’ll be back anyway, so
until the next episode… (upbeat music)

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