– Why are you sat on Buster? Let him be, mate. Let him be. Hello, everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today is a very special video, just ’cause I’m gonna do what I want. My video today. In fact, most videos are mine. I just let you control me. That sounds wrong. It’s my birthday on Saturday. I’m uploading this on Thursday, so I thought I would do my dream cake, and that might surprise you. In fact, when it comes to dream cake, any cake is good, right? If someone’s giving you cake, you take it. You accept it. But for me, this might surprise you, ’cause my dream cake is quite simply just a very basic chocolate fudge cake. I don’t know why. Hopefully I’m not the only one. Maybe one of you can
let me know down below who agrees with me, and as
it’s my birthday on Saturday, I thought, I’m gonna make just a very simple chocolate fudge cake. But we’re gonna do it 10 tiers high. Look, I’ve already made eight
of them over there last night. It’s a very simple recipe, my favourite chocolate sponge mixture. All the recipe ingredients are downstairs. Downstairs? Down below. On the website. And before we do this,
a massive thank you. The one pot pasta recipe
somehow got trending and I think still is on YouTube. I don’t know how or
what happened with that, but that’s good. So, thank you. I’ve always wanted to be trendy, and I knew it was getting in trend, because all sorts of people
that don’t understand the whole concept of my channel were sort of leaving comments here. Call yourself a chef? I’m like, I’m not a chef. I’m a virgin in the kitchen. Chocolate cake. If you wanna get me
anything for my birthday, pre-order my new book. Thanks very much. Actually got to number
one on the preorder charts on amazon.com, ’cause it’s
finally out in the US now. This is a mixing bowl
that I’ve just washed. We’re gonna go six ounces of sugar. This is very simple to follow. You’ll see why in a minute. Six ounces of butter at room temperature. Look how droopy that is. Save a little bit for greasing your tins. We’re gonna electric whisk
it, cream it together. (mixer whirs) Boom. Now, I know we could do that by hand, we’d like to show you that,
but as it’s my birthday, I’m being lazy today. Actually, also ’cause it’s my birthday, do you know what would be cool? If you all make this
chocolate cake recipe. Don’t make it 10 tiers,
just like one or two, and then we’ll all feel like we’re making my
birthday cake together. Aw, yeah. All right, three eggs, which
also weigh roughly six ounces. I think if we all did
make my birthday cake, it would be like, that guy from Matilda
would be well jealous. Even though I haven’t seen that movie, I’m just trying to be in trend. Here we go. (mixer whirs) See these bits on the
sides trying to escape? Make sure you push them right down, get them in the bowl, too. (mixer whirs) This is another six ounces, or
I’m doing 75 grammes, of flour. One and a half teaspoons of baking powder, give it some rise, and let’s just fold it
all in using a spatula. Oh, yeah. I love that term, fold. It’s something I should do
a lot more of on wash day. Just tend to just throw
my t-shirts in a drawer and then whip ’em straight on. Speaking of t-shirts,
I’m actually bringing out some My Virgin Kitchen-themed
food pun t-shirts very, very soon, which you’ll start seeing me wearing in videos going forward. The great thing about the spatula, we can sort of get right
under the bottom of the bowl and lift it all up to
make sure there’s no flour just trying to hide there going, hey, I’m hiding down here. He hasn’t found me yet. Just scrape it right ’round. Aw, yeah. Little disclaimer, flour
doesn’t actually talk, but just give me some slack. You know, it’s my birthday.
All right. So, with the cake mixture
all done down there, I’ve now got the kettle. You can probably hear it in the background (kettle boils) ’cause it’s boiling up. ‘Cause we’re gonna put
our cocoa powder in there. Mixing it to make a little pasty thing can help it be a little bit more moist. Yep, so, 40 grammes of cocoa powder, which is so expensive, this stuff. I don’t know why it’s so expensive. And what I’m gonna do is just add a little bit of boiling water at a time, and it’s gonna thicken up immediately. Look at that. It’s not even gonna look
like it’s gone in there. But we wanna make a
relatively thick paste. A little bit more. It’s normally about
five tablespoons or so. See, that’s making it
cling a bit more now. That’s good. It smells so chocolatey. Just do it in little
batches like I’m doing here, because, there we go. We want kind of like that
pasty texture like that. We don’t want it to be too wet, okay? We don’t want it to affect
the consistency of your cake, because baking is all
about science, folks, which is why I’ve never really been that comfortable about it. I kinda need a Doc Brown sidekick. Oh, in the gadget video,
speaking of Doc Brown, someone actually did
Photoshop, a lot of you did, the Back to the Future poster… Here’s two of my favourites right there. I particularly liked the Doc
Brown/Amy version with the wig. There we go, so like a sort
of putty kind of texture. Nice. While we’re here, might as
well just grease our tins. So just a little bit, just
to hold that paper down, and around the sides. Two greased tins! All right. So, we have got this thick, clumpy paste. Look at that. Ooh, I’m gonna try and
dollop it in one go. (Barry laughs) Lush! All I’m gonna do is whisk this through
with me whisk-y thing. You can do this with a spatula too, but it does take a lot of elbow grease. (mixer whirs) Look at that colour. Stonkin’, and stonkin’ will be one of the t-shirts that I get. So pushing this down in the bowl. Loving the marble effect on it, actually. You just wanna make sure that
all of the yellow-y stuff, that’s the technical term, is blended in with the
chocolate-y goodness. One more time.
(mixer whirs) Boom-chicka-wow-wow. It’s done. Right, folks. So I’ve now put the cake
mixture into the tins. You can actually be really over
the top and weigh the tins. Mrs. Barry likes to do that, but you can do it by eye like that. Okay, it’s going in the
oven for 20 minutes to bake, and I’m just gonna chill while they bake. It’s been 20 minutes. Our cakes are cooked through. I know this because
we’ve done eight already, but if you wanna make sure,
put a toothpick through it, and make sure it comes out clean. We’re gonna get it on our
wire rack now to cool down. Huh!
(tin clatters) There’s pretty butch cakes. They’re holding themselves together, but we have to let them cool down for now. Homer is just keeping
his eye on those cakes, as you can see. Excuse me. So they take a little while to cool down, but the good thing is about
making all the other ones, which are over there,
the good thing about that is we can now make our very
simple buttercream filling. I’m gonna be super lazy for this step. We’re going to use a good ol’ stand mixer. We’ve got a kilo of chocolate, a kilo of butter at room temperature, and a kilo of icing sugar, also known as confectioner’s sugar. The first thing we’re gonna
do is melt the chocolate up in the microwave. There. So that’s going in. Boom. A lot of love for the microwave gadgets on the last gadget video. Thanks for that. I think you’ve helped
them achieve their target, especially the Toasty. 30-second blasts, stirring it in between. Oh, my God! I think I’ve left tin foil in there! Ah, yes, look. That little piece of tin foil. Ah, wow. Don’t do that. That’s also why you take
your lids off Nutella. You know why I tell you guys about that? It does that as well. Make sure you get… If you’re ever gonna warm Nutella, make it super spreadable. So, 30 seconds out. Just mix it about a little bit. And I’ll keep doing that. because it’s such a large
amount of chocolate, it might take several minutes until that nice, smoothy chocolate. Let’s just show you the best thing ever. Aw, yeah. Shiny. Any Moana fans out there. Nice, melted chocolate. We’re just gonna let it
cool down while we work on creaming together the
icing sugar and butter. I’m literally gonna push
in blocks of the butter. Come on, now. Don’t be shy. I’m going to start to
open the icing sugar bag, but first, though, we will beat the butter to get it nice and softened. (mixer whirs) That’ll do. And now I’m going to gradually
add in the icing sugar, trying not to create a huge
vortex of snowy icing sugar. I don’t even know if that makes sense. So, maybe like a quarter
at a time, 250 grammes. This could go everywhere. Hopefully it won’t. (mixer whirs) Nearly there, now. Remember to scrape the sides as well. Woo! All right, last little batch. We got a little bit of icing sugar, and I think there’s a cover
I could have gotten as well. (mixer whirs) So, I’m actually stood over
by the living room right now. I’m just letting that whiz
away and really cream it up. I just gave that a heck of a blast to get it nice and smooth. Now, we chuck in the chocolate. I don’t wanna say this is optional, but if you just wanted a
standard buttercream… Oh, my gosh. All the chocolate. Down this goes, boom. Nice, low setting. (mixer whirs) Oh. Just a little scrapey-scrapey of the bowl. Do this a couple of times. It is already looking absolutely gorgeous. I’m loving that chocolate shine. Can you see? You bring it up right from the bottom, and you’re getting this marble-y effect, which is pretty cool, but no. We want it all whipped through. Austin is lurking in the background. (mixer whirs) I could do that all day. Unfortunately, well, actually fortunately, it’s going on my cake. As I stand here observing
that amazing buttercream, I actually mixed it
through four times, okay, ’cause there was still
butter hiding at the bottom. Make sure you do that. It’s so smooth and spreadable now. It wouldn’t be a Barry birthday cake without a little surprise. Now, here’s a little thing
you didn’t know about me. When it comes to chocolate
cake, I like a little bit of jam in between the layers of the sponge. It just gives it a little bit of mm. I’m going for strawberry jam. So this is some strawberry jam, and I’ve got about one and
a half tablespoons of water. Oh my gosh, I nearly missed. I’m gonna bang that in the microwave for about 30 sections… 30 seconds, just to loosen up, and I’ll spread every
layer with a pastry brush. What did you just say? – It’s amazing. – [Barry] That’s amazing. – The kids aren’t here, so someone’s gotta lick the spoon. – [Barry] You should be making
my birthday cake for me. It is your day off work, though. – I am. But the girls really wanna make you one. – [Barry] Yeah, this is my
on-screen birthday cake, but the kids are making
me a pub one, I hope. I say that. It will just be like a sponge,
but hey, it’s all good. 30 seconds in there,
just to warm the fruit, and then we’ll build this thing. We’ve just been having a whirl of a time behind the scenes on the
Snapchat and the Instagram story, but anyhow, I’m gonna use this cake stand. We’re just gonna build it and
see how it goes, all right? We’ll set this sponge
on there, and hopefully, that will grip it. After a bit of the glue, all the cakes have been levelled off. I haven’t got a cake levelling gadget yet. I think I’m being sent one, which is cool, but I just did it with a knife. So, there’s me jam on me pastry brush, and we’re not gonna soak it in this. It’s literally just a small layer. All right, that’ll do. And now, buttercream. In that goes. Oh, my gosh. I’m not gonna go too thick with it, ’cause I think the weight is probably going to try
and squish a lot of it out. So the less of it there is, if it’s just quite a finished layer, hopefully it won’t droop and spill out. But we could always go
for that look, I suppose. Now I can just spread it
around the sides and go, oh, yeah, I meant to do that. Down goes tier number two. (Barry laughs) I’m just gonna repeat these layers. And the buttercream. And that’s it. I’m going to keep going like
this and see how we get on. ♫ Woo, we’re halfway there! Asterisk, might actually stop in a minute just in case it gets too heavy. Oh, my God. (Barry laughs) Oh, my gosh. One more to go. It’s the last layer. And this one, I’m not
rounding off the top, ’cause I wanna kind of get
that dome-y look like that. Oh, my gosh. Are you all right? Are you okay? It looks stable. It doesn’t look like
you wanna like shove it on some sort of Turkish
kebab-cooker thing, but wow. So a little bit of jam on top to finish. I’m being really gently
’cause it’s so wobbly, and some more of that buttercream. I’m gonna pile this up
a little bit, actually. Do you know what? This looks so good now, I’m
half-tempted to just coat… I’ve got so much buttercream left. I am tempted to just decorate
the whole of it with it. Ah, dunno, dunno. Sort of just lifting it up like that, giving it some meringue-y spikes. You know what? I am actually gonna leave it like that. I was gonna coat it, but
then it wouldn’t give you the effect of all the different layers. I’m gonna just finish it with some sprinkles and a birthday candle. Some people say why? I say why not? I am pleasantly surprised
that this hasn’t broken. The buttercream will firm
up a little bit as well, as the chocolate sets a little bit there. But let’s get the sprinkles on. We’re going all out. (Barry laughs) Oh, man. Yes.
(Barry laughs) Wee!
(Barry laughs) All right. We’ve gotta tidy up a bottom, ’cause it’s a bit messy down there. ♫ Happy birthday to me! Just one candle, ’cause
I’m like 56 this year. Amazing. You know what? I ain’t gonna put it on a cake stand. That will 100% fall over. Let’s try and take some
sort of slice out of it. A cake this big needs a
chopping board for a plate. To be fair, that cut
through really, really well. Always keep your knife sharp, folks. You know, if this works, it’s gonna inspire some
sort of, oh my gosh, it’s Barry and the
10-layer cake challenge. Don’t do that, all right? You’re better than that. For safety, I’m going to
use a spatula to lift it. Oh my gosh. Come on. (Barry laughs) Yes! Ah. Oops. Oh. Ah. Ah, wow! Look at that! All right, it’s kind of gone a bit uneven, but in case you’re wondering, I’m going to share this with
at least one other person. All right, just taking a
little wedge in the end. Oh, my word. That was absolutely stonkin’. Such simplicity. I know you’re probably thinking, Barry, your favourite cake should
be something bonkers. Banoffee pie is quite close to that, but I just love a classic cake. Super easy buttercream, the jam running through it as well. So I’ve got two birthday wishes. Well, apart from preordering
the book, if you want. One is that you try this cake. You don’t have to go as high as that. Maybe two stories high and tag it, maybe like, #barrysbirthdaycake
if you want. It’s up to you. I love to see all your attempts. You send me loads on Twitter on Instagram. It’s really cool to see. My second birthday wish is fingers crossed that I don’t have actually have to work on my actual birthday doing some of the kitchen
renovations for the new studio, which I’m so, so excited about. Livestreams, cookalongs. You’re gonna love it. So, cheers, guys. Happy birthday to me, and you,
whenever your birthday is. There’s a one in 365
chance of hitting that, unless you’re the Queen. – Oi, someone say the Queen? Happy birthday, Barry. I’m allowed to have two birthdays. I wear cool hats.


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