– Moms, have you made
your resolutions yet? Mine is to get healthy. (upbeat music) I’m here with my longtime
friend, Nicole Sciacca. – Hey girl.
– Hey. Nicole lives in L.A.,
she’s a yoga teacher, professional dancer and has
some killer breakdance moves at the club.
– And I’m a mom. – But a much cooler mom
because you do yoga, right? – Oh, that’s so gross. – I actually like yoga, I used to do it, before I ever had kids. (chuckles) But it’s been a while and
I really just don’t think I’ve got the time, or the
money, or the right clothes. Can we talk about yoga clothes for a minute?
– Yeah, let’s talk about yoga clothes.
– Why are they so expensive? – Well here’s the first problem. The minute they made pants for this sport, (bleep) went downhill. – She can’t just wear pants,
you have to have yoga pants. At $90 a pair. – There’s this place called Old Navy. – ‘Kay, great, Old Navy. – #notsponsored. – But here’s my thing. I feel like I can’t
lose weight doing yoga. And if I only had an hour to exercise, I feel like I need to go jog and burn fat. – Yeah, so here’s the problem. At our age, because we’re 29, we need to be building strength. So the things that you need to be doing are not just cardiovascularly driven, they need to be incorporating
balance, breath, and you need, I’m just assuming, but I think you need to de-stress. You have three humans and a husband. – Maybe.
– I mean. So if you show up for 10
minutes and you’re focused and you wanna work hard
and you build up a sweat, and then you take time
to breathe and be still, that will be 10 times more beneficial than an hour on the treadmill
watching Maury Povich, is that a show even? Is he still alive? Let’s just start where we are. Let your ankles just stack in
front of each other like this instead of on top of each other. This is a variation of Sukhasana, it means comfortable seat. – San-sah-ska-nah. – Su-kah-sah-nah. – Sukhasana. Havasana. The Sanskrit’s not important. You finding a comfortable
seat is important. – Am I supposed to be closin’ my eyes now? – I’m getting there, can I do my job? I don’t know if you guys know this, but she was the dance team
captain in high school and so she has a little
bit of bossiness in her that just never lets up, even in moments when I’m the leader. Close your eyes now. – I’m always like this. – Are you peekin’? – Yes I’m a peeker.
(laughs) And then take a big belly breath and fill up your entire belly,
let it be an ugly inhale. – Do you breathe in through your nose? – Yes ma’am. And then exhale out of your mouth. And just continue to (laughs). How long do we have for this? I would love if you
could just stop talking. (laughing) Take a big breath in. This part, stick your tongue out, ha. – Oh no, I’m not doing that. – Yeah no, we’re doing that. Big breath in. Okay, watch me. – I can’t, I have an ugly tongue. – You don’t have a tongue? – I have an ugly tongue. – Big breath in. Open mouth, exhale tongue out–
– Do I still keep my eyes closed? (laughs) Ha. – It is really effective
if you bug your eyes out. – Here’s the thing, you know, I’m not gonna get skinny meditating. – Oh my God. Are you wanting me to show you something that you can do to get skinny? – Yes.
– Okay. I can’t believe I just
said that out loud on film. In yoga we call this cat cow. Think of our dance team when
you had to really milk it. – She was a much better dancer than I was. – That’s not important. Uh, take it to the house, what. (cheers) Now this is gonna be fun. I’m gonna put this here. Now you’re gonna take your right hand and pick up that block. – Now I’m gonna fall on my face. – No, no, no, let’s try. And then you’re gonna set the
block down onto your face, and then pick it up with your left hand and put it back on your back. (block thuds)
(giggles) Good. – Hey! – She a professional. – She so good. Do this all day. – Oh, fantastic. Okay, come on down. Well, and that’s the end of this show. You’re going to shift
forward into plank pose, and zipper up your belly. You’re gonna draw your
frontal hip points– – Zippering up of the
belly is what’s really hard after three kids. – For sure. – Three C-sections.
– Okay go ahead. – Bless you. Now you’re gonna take this
block and put it right here, and you’re gonna reach back
and grab it with your hands, and you’re gonna squeeze these
shoulder blades together, mama, and don’t bear claw
it, so have blade hands. That’s a reference to dance team. Blade hands. So you’re gonna squeeze
the shoulder blades. Squeeze ’em! See, she’s shaking! – This is good for the butt? – It sure is and it’s
nice for your triceps. – Great. It’s hard. – It is very hard. – Y’all, this is a good exercise. Oh that helps the love handles too. – I like that. (laughs) (upbeat music) How’s it feel? – Great. Just wish you could be here
everyday to do this with me. – We can do this online together. Or in the app. – Y’all she has an app. – I don’t have it, I’m on an app. – She’s on an app. What’s the app? – It’s called Aaptive, it’s the number one audio fitness app. – Will I hear you talk? – Yeah, you put your earbuds
in and then I’m talking. – And you’ll walk me through it? – Yeah, it’s a class. Meditation, stretching, yoga. – Gyms don’t have a yoga
class until like, 10. – You have a house right?
– I guess when I’m at work. I do have a house. – So you can do this in your house. – I could do it at six a.m. – Yeah, anytime.
– Here’s the deal. We need yoga, everyone needs
a little yoga in their life. We are moms, we have to
take time for ourselves. – The more you move in a
smart and educated way, the better you’re gonna feel, which is gonna allow you to train harder and get rid of love handles. – Yeah! – Namaste. Do you know what namaste means? – Go out and be peaceful
or something like that? – Mm-mm. So one of the definitions
for namaste means, the love, light, teacher
and student within me, sees and honors, respects
the love, light, teacher and student within you. – That’s so sweet. – It’s cool. – Namaste, Nicole. – Namaste, Nica. – All right Nicole.
– What? – [Man] Now it’s your
turn to teach a class. (laughs) – You people are gettin’
on my damn nerves. Why are you all sitting down? I didn’t say we start sitting down. Stop I don’t know what is happening. (laughs) Did I learn anything? – Breathing.
– Okay, breathe. Okay. Everyone you have to close your eyes, and no peekers, take a deep breath in, oh, oh I got it. And exhale out. Now this time, do it two more times, on the last time breathe in, and then stick your
tongue out, like a fire. (laughing) Like that, that’s what you have to do. Yeah, see I got to do it. Okay now, open your eyes. See how you have to talk calmly. We’re gonna get on all
fours, y’all can copy me. ‘Cause I know exactly
what I’m doin’, okay, and you’re gonna curl
your back up like a cat. And then one vertebrae at a
time, you have 23 vertebraes– – 24.
– 24. And then you’re gonna exhale into the cow. And if you wanna know what
to do you can follow her. I keep wantin’ to put my
leg out like a hydrant. – [Nicole] Sure you can do that. – What’s that called? – [Nicole] Um, nothing really but you can. (laughs) – Okay, so from here, we’re
gonna put your right leg in, bring it up through your hands. And I’ll do my left leg
’cause I’m gonna be like a dance teacher, where we mirror you. (laughs) Okay, we’re gonna come
all the way up like this. And now. – Our left hand is gonna go down. – So your left hand goes down. – The other left hand. – My other left hand is down. And you’re gonna be like
this, what is this called? – [Nicole] It’s a twisting crescent. – I’m a great yoga teacher. Okay now come back to the
center, I even know this, put your leg back out to plank, and lower all the way down. Go up into cobra. This is cobra, this is not cobra. Okay so now we come into? – [Nicole] Downward dog. – Downward dog. Step up into your hands. And flat back and come all the way up. How long of this class do
we have to do for real? So you just have to do what I do, we don’t have names for these okay? You lift your foot up to
your knee, kick it out, oh yeah, we can pray the whole time. See how y’all don’t move and I do? – Oh, oh.
(laughs) – Is this a thing?
– Sure, yeah. – And we come up, so this is
like what you see in the shows, is this a thing?
– That’s beautiful, yes, the thing. – And we’ll just do it again. (laughing) – She’s doing great. – I’ve forgotten all the moves that I did. – She needs to have more
self confidence though. – Thank you for joining me. Y’all know what namaste means? – [Nicole] Tell ’em. – Because the light in me. (laughs) Because I respect the
teacher, the learners, and light of you. That the love light learner in you, is also in me. (laughs) – The love and light in me sees and honors the love and light in you. – Namaste. – Namaste.
– Namaste here and get a beer.
(laughing) Well that was fun. I haven’t had a surprise
challenge in a while, so here I am just thinkin’
I’m gettin’ some class, and now I gotta teach
class, that was mean. Maybe I would have paid better attention if I knew I was gonna have
to teach it, I’m sayin’. I just thought you will always be here. – I will in your heart. – Thank you. For some very entertaining posts
and great yoga instruction, don’t forget to follow this girl, @nicolesciacca on Instagram, her website is nicolesciaccayoga.com. And we’ll put all those links down below. Hopefully you’re already following me, but don’t forget to like, share, comment, and click the bell, see ya next time. – Namaste. (upbeat music) I still can’t get the Fortnite thing. – Like this? (laughing)

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