Yogurt & Cucumber Soup – Easy Bulgarian Recipe

Today I’m really excited because we’re going
to make one of my favorites Bulgarian summertime recipes, but if we’re going to do it right
we need a Bulgarian food authority, my wife. Hey, Dessi come to the kitchen! Woah, where
did you come from? Tell the lovely people what we’re making today.
We’re making Tarator. What is that?
It’s a yogurt and cucumber soup. There’s no cooking involved. It’s so refreshing. It’s
perfect for the summer. It’s even more fun because you’re doing all
the cooking today and I’m just looking pretty. Before we continue on I’m really excited because
this video is a collaboration with Emmy made in Japan. She’s not only a friend of ours
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In the bowl I have a cup of Greek style yogurt. You want it to be Greek because it’s tangy,
and thick, and it’s perfect for this soup. Next, one clove of garlic.
I love using the micro plane zester for this. Yeah, it’s perfect because that way you’re
not going to bite into a big chunk of garlic when you’re eating the soup.
This soup, like you said, is perfect for the summer. It pretty much saved my life and probably
yours because we went to Bulgaria 2 summers ago, and it was 100 degrees heat everyday
for 2 weeks, no air conditioning. Nobody wanted to cook. We were eating this pretty much breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. This pretty much got me through the summer of heat.
A little bit of salt. What I love about this recipe is that it’s
so quick, there’s no cooking, just dump, stir, season, taste.
I just added a little bit of olive oil. Okay, about 1 tablespoon?
About 1 tablespoon. Okay, what’s next?
Now it’s a good time to mix everything together. Alright. What’s the history of this dish because
I know it goes back a long way. That’s a dish that has been passed on to Bulgaria
from Turkish cuisine. Cool. If you don’t know, Greek yogurt is a
staple on the Bulgarian table. The Greek yogurt that everybody loves across the word has a
bacteria that’s from Bulgaria. When you’re spooning that Greek yogurt in your pie hole
in the morning, it’s from Bulgaria. Next, we want to add a cup of cold water.
It’s important that it’s cold because we want the soup to be cold as well. You want a soup
like consistency. You may or may not need more water.
How sweet is this? I’m just sitting here talking, you’re stirring, you’re whisking.
Well, I’m going to put you to work now. Why don’t you start peeling this cucumber. We
only need half of cucumber. Excellent. I’m using an English style cucumber,
so there’s no seeds in there. That saves us some time.
You need to cut the cucumber in very small cubes.
Now, if you want to be lazy, couldn’t you take a box grater and grate it and make it
go a lot quicker here? You could, absolutely grate the cucumber,
but you’re going to end up with a mushy consistency and it’s not going to be very pleasant when
you’re eating the soup. Gotcha. So, if you want to be super lazy on
a super hot day, grate it, but if you want that extra pop, that crunch is what your saying,
cut it into fine pieces. Take a few extra minutes and don’t be a lazy but. I never seen
a finer manicure dicing cucumbers like that before.
The cucumber is a great summer vegetable. It’s so refreshing. It’s moist.
Cucumbers are moist and refreshing. You can use the peel to put some on your skin.
Oh man, I can feel the antioxidants. They’re so nice. Do I look 10 years younger?
The yogurt soup is almost ready. How easy was that?
We’re not quite done yet. What’s next babe? They’re just a few more ingredients.
Okay, how much Dill? Just a tablespoon will do.
That’s about 2 tablespoon but nobody’s going to get hurt and while I’m doing that what
are you going to do? I’m going to chop up some walnuts. They’re
also very traditional in this soup and they give the soup that much needed texture.
Ah, texture is key as you been learning young Jedi.
Yes. You just need a handful of walnuts, that’s it. We got the dill and the walnuts in.
Okay. Just stir it and the soup is done.
Let’s check for seasoning first. So cold and refreshing, but I’m going to hit it with a
little pinch of salt. I think that brings the total to about a teaspoon of salt, kosher
salt. It’s one of those dishes where less is more. It’s the flavors of everything you
put in just shines so much. Dessi is going to pour us up a couple of portions here. Got
a cold drink to go with it. Check out the recipes below. Pin it, eat it, like it, share
it. Make sure you click and check out Emmy’s channel. She’s eating some delicious Bulgarian
delights, courtesy of the beautiful Dessi. We’ll see you in a week with another brand
new cooking video. Stay cool my friends. Thanks babe. C-ya.

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