Hello everyone its Barry here welcome to my
virgin kitchen I hope you are well erh Mrs Barry is joining me in the back ground there
just comfortably chilling out we are around her parents house because there is so much
drilling going on in our house we are just dong the voiceovers here at the moment. I
have had loads of requests for how to make your very own epic homemade Yorkshire puddings
and today I have decided to fulfil that super easy this recipe is fool proof full fool fol
erh however you want to pronounce it I don�t know whats wrong with me its crazy but they
are stonkingly good indeed and theres even a little twist at the end im giving you a
little horseradish snack. Super gorgeous if you want to give this a go the full recipe
and method is on my website myvirginkitchn.com the link is down below you liked them right
yes they were delicious yeah Mrs Barry approved stamp boom erh this is how you do it. So with
this you can either make an epic one in a big sandwich tin or we are going to use a
muffin tin ok but the first thing you need to do the most important thing s actually
to get your oven to the temperature on your screen right now. Then you are going to get
some sunflower oil and spoon it into the muffin cases so if you are using a cake tin just
enough to cover the bases about half a teaspoon of sunflower oil went into each muffin slots
and then you actually bung that tray into the oven to get your oil hot. So its time
to make the batter which actually doubles up really well as the same batter for toad
in the hole which is essentially a Yorkshire pudding with sausages in which I will probably
do that recipe soon as well a lot of you guys asked me about that too. But into a mixing
bowl dump in your flour you can sieve it if you want but we find generally that doesnt
make much difference but if you are a siever by all means if you want to feel pretty about
it just do that and then dump in your eggs not even one at a time just chuck them all
in there. So whisk this mixture through first it will be thick and stubborn and butch but
keep going and what you are gradually going to do is get those lumps out of it and as
you add the milk in you are going to add the full amount in listed in the ingredients but
just do it a little bit at a time keep whisking youll get like a smooth just slightly thicker
than water like pasty kind of texture and as long as its smooth I love you thats what
I wanted to say. Now I actually seasoned mine with salt and pepper that is optional you
can even put spices in it like paprika I love paprika but the most important thing with
this is to make that batter super quick while your tray in the oven is warming up so get
that tray from the oven it will be super super hot so be very very careful and pour the batter
in to each muffin hole around about half way up no maore than that because trust me these
blow up to be absolutely epic in size. So bung that tray into the oven and the other
tip here is to not open it do not be tempted do not be like oh my god look these are massive
because then they will just flop ok you need to give the full cooking time it deserves.
Take it out of the oven and let them cool on a wire rack just temporarily. Now of course
traditionally here in the UK we have that with a roast dinner with beef but they also
make amazing snacks beef and horseradish goes really well together but if you dont like
horseradish source too much the sharpness of it mix it with 50 percent mayo so 50 50
of mayo and horseradish what I did was put a little bit of beef deli meat from the counter
in the middle of the yorkshire pudding stum stum stuffed some horseradish mayo in the
middle and a little bit of parsley on top looks a little fancy hors doeuvre they tasted
phenomenal right Mrs B yes yes what are you reading a magazine. So there we are folks
a randomly very heavily requested recipe that one so I do hope thats helpful and do give
it a go they are epic in size and absolutely stonking so easy to make just time making
the batter with when your oven and that oil is super hot and youll smash it so easy send
me a picture if you do give it a go dont forget to subscribe for regular recipes and food
phone I will see you again next time.


  1. Hmm. I've never heard of this… guess it's an English thing. Just curious, what would be the American equivalent of this? A popover?

  2. hi Barry did you know if you put vinger in the batter ( molt) it makes it very crispy top.
    plus could you do I mini food toad in the hole 😄

  3. I will do this version- looks yummy. Years ago I made Yorkshire pudding where you cooked a big beef roast, and after you removed it from the pan you poured the batter right into the hot fatty beef drippings and baked. Oh my, what a treat!

  4. I thought this pudding was a real pudding at first, a dessert. Isn't Yorkshire pudding a dessert or is it really something bread like?

  5. After seeing SortedFood cook up some yorkshire pudding on their latest video I was wondering how these were made. Thanks for sating my curiosity !!!

  6. Barry, you or the Mrs. should try your hand at Japanese pancakes/hotcakes. I think you'd get a kick out of them, they're like small individual cakes and served with fruit, fresh whipped cream, and maple syrup.

  7. Hey Barry, thought I would share this story with you.

    Yorkshire puddings were my favorite thing that my grandma would make. She grew up in Dorset and moved to Canada in the late 50s.

    Every time she made the puddings, she claimed they were not right. Either they were burnt, didn't rise, or tasted off. But to me they were always amazing. I would eat them out of the pan without anything on them. I will always miss doing that with her….

    Keep up the great videos. I keep wanting to make some of the recipes you post, but I don't have all the pots/pants/'tools' to make some of the stuff (#BachelorLife)

  8. Have you tried adding Guinness to the batter mix? It takes it to a ridiculous level of delicious. Whatever, Barry, you rock!

  9. I live in the U.S., but I discovered a love for Yorkshire pudding the first time I made one. Even thought that first attempt was pretty much a flop: I didn't know about pre-oiling and pre-heating the container…

  10. I want to make some for lunch tomorrow. I fancy some Tzatziki with it. Thanks for posting. I didn't know I could use a muffin tin.

  11. I like putting things like golden or curried rice in my Yorkshires. I have in the past poured a Pot Noodle into a giant one – I know, I sound like such a chav, but if you dont make the Pot Noodle too wet the sauce soaks into the pudding. You have to eat it before the sides and bottom get too soggy though.

  12. Thanks so much for this video Barry I've definitely wanted to make Yorkshire pudding for years and have tried a couple times but they haven't turned out for me and I think it's because (from what I've noticed ) I don't have an old pan . Every time I see a good Yorkshire pudding it's been made in an old dented pan. I didn't know they could be made in muffin tins.

  13. love your blog. can you tell me ware you got the wall decal that you have on your kitchen wall. The one that says my cooking is fabulous even the smoke alarms cheer me on I love it. I have tried to find it but it is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. thanks for the intertainment you and your family always make me smile.

  14. I've put fresh or dried herbs in mine and its amazing!

    fond memories of Nana making these with roast beef dinner hers would always be so huge ❤

  15. Okay so I'm Aussie so I'm sorry for my ignorance but… what exactly is a Yorkshire pudding? Like, I know it's a pastry but exactly what is it?

  16. I've sometimes put ice cream in them (mint chocolate chip) and had as a dessert, because frozen Yorkshire puddings don't take long to cook in oven, so make a quick dessert (or meal as I once had it as my dinner, I think it was)..

  17. We have Yorkshire puddings with our roast dinner and then have more for pudding. The dinner ones are full of gravy and dipped in horseradish sauce. The pudding ones are full of golden syrup! Yum!

  18. I usually find it's better to make the batter a few hours in advance and get as much air into the mix as possible then leave it to rest for an hour or so, whisk it again then pour it into the heated oiled trays (the oil should be almost smoking!) Don't transfer it into a jug or you'll take all the air out

  19. My dad makes the best Yorkshire pudding. We're not Brits… but he makes it in a big pan and adds mushrooms, and he always adds the drippings from the prime rib – we always have prime rib and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas. It's so amazing and savory – and we all fight for the corners

  20. I wondered how these were made.. I'm in Texas, and I'm fortunate enough to live close to an authentic British restaurant..He serves Sunday Beef roast with Yorkshire pudding.. so delicious!

  21. That looks like a popover muffin that I like to make for special occasions. I just add a little sugar to the batter and serve with jam. Yum! Now I want to make popovers.

  22. These remind me of popovers. Before my grandma got diagnosed with dementia, one of her specialties was popovers, and she always made them for my dad. She just passed away yesterday, and this made me smile a bit. I think she would have liked these.

  23. We made these according to your recipe and noticed you had said one thing and written another… could you be a bit more consistent please? Your recipe says 350F and your video said 450F for the temp.. and you used half a tsp of oil but your recipe said 1 tsp per pan.

    Also, we used whole wheat flour so anyone who doesn't have plain flour or would prefer whole wheat it worked just fine with the whole wheat. They were really good though!

  24. I love Yorkshire puddings. however my recipe we've used for 20 years has sugar and salt in it. I personally like a little doughyer but I also fill mine full of gravy. it's definitely paired with a cheat day meal. all that oil and gravy. Mmmmm. thanks now I want to make a batch just to have them smothered in gravy

  25. Barry! The temp on the recipie on your website and the temp on this video are different!!! 375 and 450 respectively. Which is the correct temp!?!?

  26. know how to make em, however watched for the want of watching!

    Tip. For giant yorkshire puddings – use an old (but cleaned) fray bentos pie tin! Gives you an excuse to have a fray bentos pie as well!

  27. Just followed this substituting soy milk and they came out great. They work really well as a dessert too! My gran used to serve them with treacle 🙂

  28. Halleluja! Finally someone sees that sieving the flour doesn't make a difference! Even if you do that, when you start mixing it, all the lumps come back – no difference. At. All.

  29. I am binge watching your videos Barry! Just discovered you at the beginning of the year or so. Yorkshire pudding have been surprisingly difficult to master- believe it or not. The only time it had worked beautifully- I had forgotten what I did… 🙁 Does it matter whether the eggs and milk are at room temperature; or at least the eggs? Warm or cold milk??- eek- help

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