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  1. Pretty much every question:
    – Everyone answers with the same question
    – Rose answers with the exact opposite answer, with scientific explanation and ending it once and for all.

  2. Breakfast burger

    – English muffin
    – Standard burger
    – Fried egg, over easy
    – Cheese (duh)
    – jelly/jam (seriously, it sounds weird but try it!)
    – bacon (optional but why would you not add it?)


  3. My first impression of Lorenzo (back in 2018) was that he was kinda snooty. I still think he is but he doesn’t seem so in this video.

  4. WRONG Aïloli isnt fancy mayo (coming from a guy who live in the aïloli origin country), it must be only be garlic and olive oil, it's not a garlic-flavored mayo. There is no eggs in it

  5. Maybe the alioli imitation you ppl make with egg is fancy mayo. Real alioli however doesn't have egg and is quite distinct from mayonnaise.

  6. I'd prefer the food I eat to be from animals that have been given appropriate medication and not allowed to become sick and carry diseases. Thanks…

  7. What condiment goes good on a burger? Pastrami or andouille sausage – or both…😬. (Yes, meat is my idea of a condiment…)

  8. Honestly, these are my five favs from Epicurious but this whole concept seems so similar to Bon Appetit's Test Kitchen Talks… not gonna lie…

  9. where are all the chef's social media? I mean, who wouldn't like to follow Lorenzo or the pink shirt guy, they are really cool

  10. Five guys is nasty with the burgers and meats… But I cannot disagree with the scientist about the amount of fries from there. Still overall come on scientist!

  11. Breakfast burger, ingredients listed from bottom to top, served on a toasted brioche bun.

    Easy on the mayo, lettuce, tomato, hash brown patty, the burger itself, extra old cheddar, peameal bacon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peameal_bacon), HP sauce, over-medium fried egg.

  12. " Nothing makes a good veggie burger I don't like veggie burgers goodbye"

    Vegans would like to know your location

  13. 13mins in.
    Why are they still talking about burgers?
    Reads the title of the video.
    Autoplay and smoking can lead you into videos you ha no need to watch lol.

  14. Try putting mango chutney on your burgers, guys. I don't do it all the time (sometimes I use mayo, sometimes BBQ sauce), but it is really nice.

    I also like putting on red onion chutney. I only use stuff I make myself. I usually go with something like this: 8 red onions, 150 ml red wine vinegar, 150 ml balsamic vinegar, about 150-250 g brown sugar but do it to your taste, garlic, bay leaves, salt, black pepper, chipotle pepper paste (not sure what it's actually called, but it comes in small jars and is very hot so half a teaspoon is plenty for this). Make sure the onions are well caramelised before adding the vinegar, then reduce until there's almost no liquid left.

  15. im shocked at their disregard for food safety. no it IS NOT safe to eat a pink burger unless you grind the meat yourself or unless you know the butcher, buy a fresh cut and have it freshly ground for you. any pathogens on the outside are killed during cooking if its not ground, but once you grind it up, the pathogens go throughout the patty. a bit of salmonella on the outside of your steak? no problem, its killed during searing. a bit of salmonella inside your beef patty, still pink in the middle when you eat it? hello live salmonella in your digestive tract, hello hospital. especially if it has been in the supermarket for more than a few hours, that stuff multiplies exponentially. epicurious, you really should be ashamed and to be honest i think you should retract this video and edit this bad advice.

  16. How to make a pizza!

    1. Get sauce!

    2. Get pepperoni!

    3. Get cheese!

    4. Make dough!

    5. Make the pizza!

    6. Burn your home down trying to cook the pizza!

    This is the guide on how to make the best pizza!

  17. Great idea, putting a sharp straightup pin right next to the bell you are going to hit with your flat hand…..
    (and the director saying you should keep looking at the camera (in my mind at least, ha ha ha))

  18. Who are you kidding? Frank forges his own pan, after mining his own iron and supplementing with just the right amount of carbon to create a special steel.

  19. I think I can speak for Frank when I say the only thing impossible about any impossible burger is the possibility of consuming it.

  20. I think we are all forgetting the awesome line that Anna threw at us near the end: "I actually love burger for breakfast… Ummm Brunch… Specially from hungover"
    God what a response.

  21. Epicurious, please consider resubmitting this video with proper food safety precautions. I am deeply concerned that your advice will result in large amounts of people with food poisoning. https://oureverydaylife.com/can-eat-hamburger-pink-inside-31979.html

  22. UK food standards agency advises to not eat pink burgers unless you are in a high class restaurant with strict controls. Please be safe everyone. https://www.food.gov.uk/safety-hygiene/burgers

  23. For my burgers. I go thick, probably a 1/2lb of 80/20 chuck. Grill to rare or medium-rare. Place on a lightly toasted Big Marty's sesame seed bun, season with salt and pepper and then top with fry sauce (Ketchup and mayo). Also a good amount of bacon if I have any.

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